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Undying Nostalgia

Undying Nostalgia

By ColdHandsKenneth

Another summer night, spent lying down on the grassy hill in front of my place. Quiet and calm, the night started tainting the sky. With the cosmos on display and a comforting breeze bringing life to the trees around me, my mind was free to wander off in any direction it chose. Nights like these reminded me of the times spent with one of my best friends. They also took me back to those memorable bike rides around town which were mostly spent attempting to gaze into my near future. Would she love me back? Yes. Things worked out great with that.

Memories of the past seize my mind in not only my most calm instances, but especially in my particularly busy ones. A case of undying nostalgia is an interesting one indeed. If I had to estimate, I'd have to say I've been ill with it for no more than a couple of years. It's not exactly much, and with it's rapid expansion for those couple of years in my short time spent being, I believe that my condition will not die out, but persist and swell up into something of immense proportions. How? By feeding on more memories.

This ailment isn't one that bothers me. In fact I hope others contract it as well. I think it softens us out in ways that living the moments we long to re-experience did. It makes us vulnerable in the best of ways, susceptible to fondness for great times spent however long ago. I'm hoping anyone reading this embraces nostalgia and takes a little while to let go and let it kick in. It's as close as we'll ever come to being back in the moments we hold dearest in our hearts.

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5 Oct, 2012
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