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TheDeckerEdgeMatt Decker

Spinning someplace in the blackness of space
A peculiar world hosts an unhuman race

Rethink reality, abandon earthly notions
Here, cerulean seas;
There, prismatic oceans

Macro quantum motion
Instantaneous locomotion

No need for roads
Teleport to go
No streetlight, no lamppost
The trees, you see, they glow

"Action rules the day" -
That's what we say
Yet far away
They've found a better way

Telepathic speech
Telekinetic reach
Lovely thoughts no less essential
Than the air they breathe

Nothing remains the same there
'Tis a world in constant flux
No looping patterns
Newness always interrupts

No doctors can be found
Hospitals not around
Sickness doesn't exist
Dis-ease relegated to myth

Millions o' years in antiquity past
An epic discovery was cast

A cure unveiled, a panacea revealed
Reverberating across the cosmic field

On every world
In each dimension
Lurks this secret
Of terrestrial ascension

Uncovered by few, coveted by all
Grasp it to rise
Miss it and fall

Mind over matter?
Mind is the only matter
All else - secondary factors

Perplexed is UnEarth that we earthlings
Have yet to understand one thing...
"Mind is King"

©️ Matt Decker

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About The Author
Matt Decker
About This Story
30 Oct, 2017
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<1 min
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