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Wouldn't it be too imperative for people to stop throwing their unapologetic comments on others to authorize themselves completely! But, this idea may not let 'themselves' live in a good fettle. We humans, never fail to make mistakes which ultimately turn into blunders , full of dreadful regrets with complicated satisfactions in the end. Blunders,like boasting judgemental criticisms especially on girls, encouraging the uneducated to cross limits and hurt females on the basis of their perkiness and stepping back to look at such crimes blaming unlikely 'generation gap' that causes humanity to perish away everyday, every where. Even if we start with a single step to overcome such situations of unhealthy mental stress along with unsuitable settlements with dignity,it may develop a gigantic turnover in the lives of people. I believe,we are just a thought away to encounter various issues related to injustice that can vex humanity too to its inevitable core. The only setback now we are in is the clumsy area of bizzare mess of hurtful viewpoints. Our motivations towards negative and unacceptable framework of thoughts for the young generation ultimately cracks all the walls of inhuman activities. So at least now, this should act as a wake-up call for all those existing with quaint mindsets even now. Empowering little mistakes that can make one, more perceptive and gentle is way greater than blunders that can make one rough and guilty all their life! All we are here to do is- make a choice to experience a newer version of ourselves.

Author Notes: Thank you so much for reading this!❤️ I hope you liked it. If you did, pls don't forget to review and recommend it further.

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11 Oct, 2020
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