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By Jaayviiii1 - 2 Reviews

So many unfaithful people in this world!!! It's so sad and disappointing . It's not so hard to just have commitment with just ONE PERSON! This is seriously one of the reason our generation sucks. Just like bullying people to the point were they feel that their only way of being happy is to kill themselves and die.

Well let me tell you something being unfaithful to a person may not literally kill them , but they'll be killed mentally and make them feel insecure about themselves... About how they look and who they are as a person etc. putting people in situations they don't deserve to be in is very selfish. You killed their motivation, confidence , heart , and so many other things . Just because you couldn't be truthful.

This pisses me off because this person who was damaged by a person who hurt them so much now isn't able to trust the same now every person who tries to appreciate, love, and care for them they push them away because they're afraid they're going to be the same.

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30 Apr, 2016
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