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“Dear diary,

Sorry for being so inconsistent for the last few weeks. My life has gone completely haywire in this coronavirus thing that has been going on.

Anyway, last time I said that Tanisha and I were going to tell our parents that we want to marry each other. So, the next day, I did tell my parents and afterward, they agreed as well. I was so happy that I instantly texted her. But there was no reply. I didn’t take the no reply seriously, thinking she was busy. A complete week had gone by and I still got no reply. I kept going to the roof to see her which is how we met since the lockdown had started. But she wasn’t going their either. I was worried sick. But my mom won't let me go to her house to check on her. I started to believe that her parents had disapproved of our marriage proposal and had barred her from contacting me. But then, a few days back her brother had called me saying that he wanted to meet me at the roof. I honestly thought that he wanted to see me to warn me to stay away from his sister. But it was the opposite. He told me that Tanisha was sick and was admitted to the hospital. He also told that the doctors think that it is coronavirus but they are not sure. I had completely lost my mind. I asked him that why didn’t they tell him before. The question had come out almost like an assault. His reply was silence. I told him to send me the name of the hospital and stormed out of the roof. I told my mom that, I was going to meet her. And then out of nowhere, my parents came in front of me, forcing me to not go. By the time the argument was over, I had lost and had gone to my room. I checked my phone. The address of the hospital was in my hand. I knew right then that I had to go. If she has corona, this might be my last chance to see her. That is why I have decided that tonight I will sneak out and go to the hospital. WISH ME LUCK.

I may be busy for the next few weeks. So, till then, goodbye.”

Tanisha started crying as she finished reading the last page of Fahim’s diary. She couldn’t see him for the last time. How could she? Even his parents who are sitting in front of her couldn’t.

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2 Jun, 2020
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2 mins
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