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Unpredictable love

Unpredictable love

By marinifernandez

He loves me... He love me not...rnBy: Marini Fernandezrnrn“Erin watch out!” screeched Tye. The next thing I saw was him lying helplessly on the floor. I bent over just before a gun triggered. “You better go, Erin. Finish it” he cried. rn“I’m not going to leave you here.” I told him. rn“Go!” he insisted. rnHe’s right. I have to finish what we’ve started and what we’ve worked for all our lives; so, I sprinted towards a wall, hoping the man, with the Colt M1911 revolver, wouldn't catch up. rnBut before I knew it, he shouted “Come out, come out, Erin Calvin”. Hiding behind a parked car, I saw his reflection. rnBefore I knew it; I saw it. The briefcase, which I had been looking for, is right behind a tall pole across the street.rn Without any hesitation, I quickly ran towards the pole, grabbed the briefcase with all my life and sprinted all the way behind a parked car.rn“Good job, Erin but the game’s not over yet.” the man uttered, when he realized I took the item. The image of his face, which was casted back through a stain glass, frightened me. I had to think of a distraction before I was going to be killed.rnrnSo, I handed the only weapon I had left; it was a ring that makes a holographical copy of myself. Upon clicking it, I threw it under the car and heard his footsteps slowly nearing the item; which gave me time to run towards the nearest deserted store. I sprinted and rolled as quietly as possible towards the open door. rnThe room had a flickering light in the corner and a table across the room. I carefully walked towards it and carefully dropped the briefcase. Immediately, the computer scanned it. “Scanning, scanning.” it said. I waited until it said “Scanning completed”. rnA holographic lady popped up and said “Please put your right thumb on the finger scanner.” it repeated. I did exactly what it told me to do. Then suddenly I heard a ‘Congratulations song’ play. The lady then said “Congratulations Erin Calvin, you have just completed our training drill”.rnYes, I jumped with joy! This was my first time winning a training drill in SASTF (Secret Agents Summer Training Facility). SASTC is a training facility basically for all the teenaged secret agents of the CIA. We are usually the ones who looks out for the Russian terrorists, who are planning to take down schools. Many of us travel across the world in order to protect the world, important people’s children, and do the work the Adult CIA agents cannot do. Most people, especially the innocent citizens of the world, do not know our agency exists. Many people know about the CIA because they reveal it but in our case, we are not supposed to reveal anything about our facility because it highly classified.rnrn I went out the door and noticed my co-team mates, who have ‘died’ in the drill, congratulated me. “Great game.” the man carrying the gun said. It was a tall man with brown eyes and a serious face, Mr Houghton our teacher is his name. rn“Where is Tye?” I asked worriedly. rn“He had a few sprains and bruises but he’ll be alright soon.” Mr. Houghton explained. rnThat night at dinner time, my friends; Kristen Thatcher, a girl about my age, blonde hair and grey eyes and Naomi Carter, a teenage girl about my age, brown hair and brown eyes and I talked about our plans after dinner since it was basically the last day of SASTF rn“I can’t wait for our Girls Last Night Party!” Kristen exclaimed. rn“Me too. After dinner, let’s set things up and play lots games like what normal teenage girls do.” I eagerly said. rnThen we talked about how every summer we would go here in to SASTF then when the school year starts, we enter the real world depending on the critical missions of the CIA. We usually use our cover names. rn“I am going to miss my friends.” I told myself. rnrnAfter dinner, we prepared everything we need to prepare for our ‘Girls Last Night Party’ in our room. We were preparing when suddenly Tye popped out of nowhere. It wasn’t that surprising since all of us are all secret agents of the CIA but it is definitely surprising seeing someone who just got hurt from a training drill because he got shot by the air gun and sprained his ankle. rn“Hey girls. What are you doing?” he asked in awe. I turned around and saw him. His hair was brown like mine, his eyes were brown, his skin was slightly tan, he was tall, and he was wearing a sweat shirt, jeans and docks. rn“We’re just preparing for our Girls Last Night Party, Tye. Do you want to help?” Kristen replied. “Maybe later, I just came to deliver a message from Mr. Houghton. He said you girls need to go to his office right away.” he urged. rn“We’ll be there in a bit.” I managed to say while I was carrying the chips and the drinks. rn“Let me help you with that.” Tye volunteered. He then carried it to our suite’s living room. rn“I thought you didn’t want to help.” Kristen teased. rn“I was just being a gentleman. Now if you’ll excuse me.” he said then kissed my cheek and hurried towards the door. rn“I have to go back to Mr. Houghton.” he hurried. rn“What was that all about?” Naomi asked. rn“Do you guys have something going on?” Kristen teased. rn“Very funny you two.” I blushed. rn“Now we better finish this so we can go to Mr. Houghton. Tye said it was urgent.” I told them. After preparing for our party, we hurried towards Mr. Houghton’s office. rn“I sure hope we’re not in trouble.” Naomi murmured. rn“You sure hope not.” Mr. Houghton from behind said, as he was approaching his office. rn“Come on in” he invited. We came inside and sat on the couch in his office. rn“Girls, there seems to be a slight problem, our other agents, teenagers and adults, have been looking for the hard-drive but they cannot obtain it since it is a highly secured place. The Russian terrorists might have suspected them.” he explained then looked at Naomi and Kristen. “You both have been on this mission for almost 2 years. We do not want anyone’s cover blown in this mission that is Erin will be a part of this. We cannot waste anymore time because we have suspected the Russians have something planned out which we do not know about.” he discussed. rn“So you want us to immediately retrieve it?” I blurted. rn“Well yes, but that’ll require you transferring to Clydesdale Academy. But don’t worry about that, as always we have managed all your papers and identification cards. I also sent another agent to take your place in your other mission.” he explicated.rn“Yes sir.” I saluted. rn“I will give you the blueprints of the school and all you need to know about it.” he told me as he handed out a thick folder filled with papers. “All of you must not hang out with each other because that’ll blow all your covers and ruin everything we’ve worked for. Mingle with other students in the day and do your operations at night.” he instructed. “We have also suspected Mr. Brezhnev, Mr. Zhivago and Ms. Montgomery as the Russian spies but we are not entirely sure about it. They are going to be interrogated as soon as we have proof they had something to do with mission C89842i. We all knew mission C89842i was classified so we didn’t ask any questions. rn“That’s a tragedy, I was very fond of Ms, Montgomery as a teacher.” Kristen broke the silence. “You’re not the only one” Naomi murmured.rn“As I’ve said ladies, we’re not sure but I want you to keep a close eye on them.” he repeated. rn“These are the supplies you will need.” he told us, handing us each a backpack. rnI peeked in and saw tons of things; a watch, spy gear, keys, some money, a bag of M&M’s, an id, etc. “Check your id, Erin.” he instructed. I got it and saw informations with my face as the picture. rnName: Caroline F. BlakernDate of Birth: August 17,1995rnAddress: #183 91st street, Lintonberg Ave, New JerseyrnI guess I’m still going to use the same cover name. rn“Ooh lipstick” Kristen said sarcastically. She grabbed the lipstick then she put it back. I’m sure she knows it’s not just an ordinary lipstick. rn“Follow me ladies.” Mr. Houghton instructed from across the room. He told us to place our right thumbs on the finger scanners. Right after the computer said “Scanning completed”, a holographic tv popped out of nowhere. 
 Mission: Got to Clydesdale Academy. Keep an eye on the following people. Obtain the hard-drive. Do not get caught.rn Agents and cover names: Erin Calvin -------- Caroline Blakern Naomi Carter -------- Nina Fieldsrn Kristen Thatcher -------- Kate Carsonrn Tye Rhodes -------- Lui Thompsonrn“Tye is coming too?” I announced, amazed. rn“What’s so wrong with that?” I heard a voice say. I turned around and say Tye leaning against the door. “Tye” I whispered to myself. rn“Surprise!” he told me. rn“Let’s continue.” Mr. Houghton interrupted. rnWhen he walked towards Mr. Houghton, for a second he held my hand then let go. The whole time I was thinking about our ‘special night’. rnIt was a mid-summer night, we just finished training then he asked me out on a date. We drove using his car to a place I’ve never went to before. It was his parent’s mountain rest house. He took me to the roof deck over looking the city lights. He already had set up a picnic dinner under the moonlight. It was definitely a romantic night. We talked and talked the entire night. He then gave me a necklace. It was engraved ‘T <3 E forever and always’. I still wear it to this day. rn“...Pack your bags right away. We’ll leave first thing in the morning.” Mr Houghton commanded. rnKristen, naomi and I headed to our rooms. We immediately started our annual ‘Girls Last Night Party’ even though it was only the three of us in the party. rnTye barged through the door and joined us. It’s definitely not going to be our Last Night together since we’re going to spend the entire school year together. And it’s definitely not going to be a Girl’s part because Tye is here. I’m definitely glad he’s here. We played the game ‘truth or dare’ using cards the entire night.rn“My turn. I choose truth.” Kristen eagerly said as she picked a card from the ‘Truth deck’.rn“What does it say?” I curiously asked.rn“It says ‘If you would choose one person to be with forever who would it be?’” she continued. “That’s easy. I would pick Aaron, after all he’s my boyfriend” she said.rnAaron is from Clydesdale, who doesn’t know anything about the SASTF. Kristen’s been telling me the whole summer.rnTye was next. He picked a card form the ‘dare deck’. Then as he red it, his expression changed. 
“What does it say?” Naomi, Kristen and I eagerly said it together.rn“It says I have to kiss the person in my right.” he answeredrn“Well what are you waiting for? Kiss Erin.” Kristen commandedrn“Are you sure? Let me see that.” I quickly grabbed the card. He was right. rn“I guess I’m going to have to kiss you” Tye teased.rnI hesitated but Naomi and Kristen insisted. I closed my eyes and sat still. I felt his soft lips touch mine. He then touched my face so gently, he also brushed the hair on my face. From that moment, our love became secret stronger. Not all people know about it but I guess Naomi and Kristen are starting to know. I remembered the first time I’ve met him and the many dates that followed. Finally he let go. He didn’t say a word. The entire night my eyes were locked onto his.rnThe next morning, we immediately carried our bags towards a black van that waited outside the huge SASFC building.rnTye was all ready because I’ve noticed him helping us with our luggage. As soon as everything was in place, we headed inside the van. Kristen and Naomi sat in the back while Tye and I sat in the mid-row of the van. There was also a lady, who introduced herself as Ms. Perry who sat in the same row as us. rn“You’re going to love Clydesdale, Erin” Kristen announced. rn“Everyone is really nice” Tye joined in.rn“Everyone except Michelle.” Naomi murmured. rn“I though we’d talked about this before, Naomi? Never talk about Michelle while we’re undercover.” Kristen argued.rn“Whatever” Naomi murmured.rnAfter the argument, it was very quiet. I began to feel sleepy so I leaned my head against the car window and closed my eyes. I then felt soft hands moving my head. It was Tye’s. H moved my head towards his chest and embraced me. I felt his heartbeat which soothed me for a bit. He then brushed the strands of hair on my face and kissed my forehead. “I will always love you” he whispered. rnWe had a few stops before we reached Clydesdale. One was to eat lunch, the other was to secure the area of any danger and the last one was to separate us. rnTye kiss me good-bye and said “I’ll meet you in school.” even though he knows we cannot go together.rnKristen rode another van while Naomi rode with me. Mr. Houghton told me that Naomi will be my 3rd cousin from my mother’s side. When we arrived in school, we saw many students with luggages. rn“You’ll be staying with me Caroline.” Naomi instructed.rnWe went to room #14 of the girls dorm and found two other people there. The room is big but it’s not as nice as our suite in SASFC. I unpacked my stuff immediately. Two girls then came after a while. One was brown haired and the other red haired. rn“Hey girls!” Naomi said excitedly.rn“Hey Nina, we’ve missed you so much. How are you?” One girl, who had brown hair and tan skin, said.rn“I spent my entire summer with my cousin Caroline” she casually saidrn“Hi I’m Lauren” the brown haired introduced.rn“I’m Andrea but you can call me Andy” the red haired introduced.rn“I’m Caroline Blake. Nina’s 3rd cousin.” I introduced.rnSince it was the first day of school, there were no classes. Instead they gave the time for preparing and unpacking. Naomi and her friends offered me a tour around their school. It really wasn’t necessary since I’ve studied all the blueprints but I was glad they offered. rn“Are you guys hungry? Let’s grab lunch.” Lauren insisted.rnWe went to the dinning area and ate lunch. There were many people around sitting in different tables. I immediately spotted Tye, who was sitting in the table of Kristen. Lauren must’ve seen me staring because she said “That’s the popular table. Michelle is kind of the ‘leader’ of the pack.” she explained.rn“Who’s that over there?” I asked referring to Tye.rn“That’s Lui Thompson. He’s the captain of the football team, Michelle’s boyfriend” Lauren told me.rnI knew it was a dangerous question to ask when they were together because I’m pretty sure Tye and I were first.rn“Here comes Michelle Dansk” Andrea blurted.rnMichelle Dansk? Isn’t she the person who ruined my life before I attended SASFC? I remember her bullying me in grade school back when I used Erin Calvin as my name. I hope she doesn’t recognize me or the whole mission will fail. I saw Michelle kissing Tye, my Tye, on the cheek. I can’t believe this! I wanted to scream my head off but I have to continue the mission. rnWhile I was eating, for a moment I locked eyes with Tye. He had an expression on his face saying “I’ll explain later. I’m really sorry”. I am so going to kill him. I then gave him a “You’re so dead” look. rnThat night, lights out were at 9:30pm. I was already on ‘bed’ when Naomi ‘woke’ me up. rn“Caroline. My mom wants to talk to us” she told me with an expression saying ‘we have to go now’. rn“Okay Nina” I replied pretending to yawn.rnWe hurried outside. rn“You’re not really going to sleep are you?” she asked as we hurried towards the staircase.rn“No, I needed a distraction.” I answeredrnThat night, we met Kristen and Tye all dressed up for the operation. rn“Here’s what we do.” Kristen instructed. “Tye and Erin, you are both in charge of the security systems in the north wing of the building while Naomi and I will take the south.” she instructedrnGreat. I’m going to spend the night with my cheating boyfriend. I’m seriously going to have a great time here. Sarcastically I told myself. 
“You better not argue” Naomi warned.rnAs soon as they left, everything was silent. Until he broke the ice. “So how was your first day?” Tye asked.rn“The fact that I just knew my boyfriend had another girl, really makes my day” I replied sarcastically.rn“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you.” he apologizedrn“Why didn’t you tell me? When were you two together? Why are you dating my childhood enemy?...” I fired all the questions in my head.rn“Woah--- she’s your childhood enemy?” he asked stunned.rn“Yes, way before I joined you know what. Now when did you start--” I furiously asked himrn“--I’m I should’ve told you earlier. I do love you so much. Please don’t give up on me.” he interrupted.rnI didn’t dare talk to him the entire night. rnDay: 001 finish. rnThen I went to bed. I dreamt about my mom. She was on an important mission when she disappeared. I know someday I will find her. rnThe next day, I was the first one to bathe since it was only Naomi and I awake that time. We talked about Lui (Tye) and used our cover names while talking to each other. rnBreakfast felt different since Tye and I fought last night. I saw him on their table. He was laughing, giggling and having a great time while I wasn’t. He looked at me but I looked away.
“Who’s that other girl beside Lui?” I asked point to Kristen.rn“That is Kate Carson. She’s the captain of the cheerleader. She may not look like it but she’s a geek. I mean the girl practically knows everything.” Andrea babbled.rnWell of course she knows everything. She’s a spy. She’s supposed to know every map, currency, capital, language, history and information on most of the countries in the world.rnI went to the bathroom to get some air. On my way there, I felt someone kick and punch me. I couldn’t see his or her’s face. The pain was excruciating. They covered my face with some kind of cloth that had a drug in it. It made me feel nauseous and sickly. Then I saw a blurry figure a tall guy with brown hair and tan skin. 
“Tye?” I murmured, losing my vision but the guy didn’t answer. Instead he had something in his hand and then he hit my head with it. rnI blacked out.rnrn....He loves me.... He loves me not...

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20 Mar, 2012
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