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By boomman17

-Unreal…Do we really know what unreal is;
Well if you don’t, I’ll give you my view on it. It goes like this.
-As far as hip-hop goes, most of it ain’t true;
A few of the artist out here are worth listening to.
-Unreal is making people suffer for no reason;
Then they wanna be fake & change their mood, like the 4 seasons.
-Unreal is showing me what your true colors are;
Then expect me to be nice to you, “who you think you are?”
-There’s a lot of what we think unreal is;
Aw, ya’ll thought I was done, I’m not, so allow me to finish.
-Unreal is tempting me & testing my anger;
You need to stop, ‘cause you fina be in danger.
-I almost lost my cool a number of times;
I said forget the bullshit & started this rhyme.
-Unreal is these visions I’ve been having;
One of ’em was so bad, it left me crying.
- Also, unreal is making promises you can’t keep;
If you don’t keep your word, it lets people down & hurts them deep.
-Unreal is making the love of my life wait for 4 years;
Losing her is one of my biggest fears.
-In a twisted way, life is unreal;
Depending on what you feel.
-Long story short, check yourself before you check another person;
‘Cause if you don’t, you just might find yourself the one hurting.

• People, stop saying stuff is unreal if you not real yourself. And if you not, it’s your own damn fault.

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9 Feb, 2012
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1 min
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