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Unshed Tears

Unshed Tears

By adhie12

Ours was an untold Love story.. An almost fairy tale thing that nobody noticed.. It started in 'Once upon a time.. " that I dreamed to end in " And they live happily ever after.." but destiny made its intervention... I almost died when you left..

AS the deafening silence of the night came to over shadow me.. another side of me came out.. Screaming for peace as the memories of you started to keep replaying on my mind.. Part of me that I'm trying to bury.. that I wanted to forget.. Happy memories that kept haunting me.. The pain was so intense that I can't even breathe.. Still asking myself what went wrong..

Remember the first time we met..? How could I forgot that day.. As our eyes met.. I just knew back then that you'll be one of the best part of my life.. And you did.. I didn't know who loves whom first... all I know is that the love that we had was almost perfect.. that you were really destined for me.. That you were made to be a part of me.. You became my world then.. You made my life as colorful as it seems.. The sun of my day.. The air that I breathe..You became my Life.. It is almost perfect that even I was deceived..

Things happened so fast.. I didn't know they were already planning things against us. Against the relationship that was built in pure love.. in my belief.. It's like being in a situation of "you and me against the world" ..A scene I only imagined to see in movies.. I no longer want to remember who to blame why we end up like this.. I love you too much to even think of how I happen to be as miserable as this..

God knows I didn't want to give up "Us".. Ours was one of the best thing that ever happened in my life.. One of the most precious thing I could and I am willing to die for.. But baby I had to do it.. I had to do it.. You didn't know how much I'm suffering right now.. How much I long to be with you again.. How much I missed my life.. How much I missed you.. cause you know you are my life.. If only I could freeze the hands of time.. Turn it around and turn back the days that we were so happy having each other..

Now, seeing you making your way up.. Without me by your side..I don't know what to feel.. I know I should be happy cause you're moving forward with your life without me.. Just like what I told you to do.. But I just can't be happy for myself.. For I know I'll forever be like this.. Holding on until my cloud decides to let go..

Somebody I knew once said.." You can not ignore pain.. You have to get used to it.. If you want the memories to stay.. then be ready to suffer..." Suffer indeed.. is what is happening to me.. I don't want to let go yet.. I want the memories to stay.. I want you to stay.. I want the memories of Us to stay.. even if it's only in my own mind... in my heart.. in my memory.. your smile..your face your lips that I missed.. Let me please just suffer.... And maybe... Just maybe.. When all the hurt subside.. when all that is left are happy memories.. one day.. I'll decide to move forward..

AS the breaking of the dawn started to take a glimpse in the horizon.. Rays of hope came out.. Maybe this fairy tale has to end.. Our story needs to be told.. SO that the suffering would also subside... I'm not gonna cry.. No.. I will not... Break down... not this time.. not now.. But I can't take it anymore... I'm still drowning with my own emotion... But still.. I know I will make it.. I already have my wings.. It's just that I need time to be stronger.. I'm still afraid to fall... For now.. Let me dry away all the unshed tears in my eyes.. I know.. There is still hope in this new tomorrow.. And maybe.. just maybe.. I'll let you go.. All the things that made me hurt..

I want to welcome the dawn with a sincere smile.. Saying.. " Thank you Lord for all the memories... For sharing one of Your greatest Creation with me ... him....

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About This Story
12 Nov, 2010
Read Time
3 mins
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