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Until Him

Until Him

By eloise2006

i wasted my first kiss

wasted my first boyfriend

never been on a real date though

yet he got me flowers

and he was my valatine

i always felt like no one had a crush on me

and yet he did

although i pretned like i dont care and im not over it, we never finsihed what we started. it just stopped.

it's not really a big deal anyway

but it is, i can't pretned i dont think about the time we spent togehter every day

every second of everyday

i've been alive for 16 years, and only he has made me feel worthy

he made me feel pretty

i wasted my first love

he didnt want to hug me, kiss me

did he even liek me like he said he did?

did he just want me because he was bored?

no boy has ever got to know me

no boy has ever wanted to hold me and kiss me goodnight

no boy has ever posted me

no boy has called me pretty

instead they called me hot

that was until him...

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About This Story
13 Dec, 2022
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<1 min
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