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Untold Truth
Untold Truth

Untold Truth

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How do you tell them what you really feel?

When you lie there late at night debating everything that’s real

Not knowing the different of fear or the excitement and thrill

With your stomach churning and don’t quite know what to say

Since you can’t just go up and say hey

I know this might be strange but I’ve got something to say

You know I’ve been feeling it for a while but never knew the words to sum up

All the times you made me laugh or cry or just feel something

You see it’s not that easy to fully comprehend

That a person you can love can only see you as a friend

No matter how many times you say FOOL don’t let it get you down

You always turn to something else that turns that frown the other way round

You can’t help but notice how the nights have gotten cold

And the feelings that once were numb have started to re-open

As the wounds cut you deep not quite sure what happened

I guess someone else has come a long and slithered right under the ground

Since no matter how high a fence you may build

Try to keep everyone out of the fear that’s instilled

Inside your mind always racing never let anyone in

But there’s always a loophole and someone’s got to win

Many years from now you’ll look back and wonder how

You managed to live your life so freely while always thinking you’d back out

Guess it’s true what they say, true love will conquer all

Just a shame they never mentioned the demons that stayed for the long haul.

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14 Aug, 2017
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