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upwalker part 2

upwalker part 2

By tiger

. Looking at this guy I was surprised to see I no longer saw any wings I gave him a confused look.
“What happened to your wings? You did have wings right I was not just imagining things?”
“I don’t have to have my wings out all the time there angel. Now the true question here is why you’re here?”
“Excuse me?”
“Well you are not suppose to be here and how you got here is another story and why you where on rock Island? Especially if you were afraid of the water that is why you screamed?”
“Who are you?”
“How rude of me your right my name is Eqan and your name?”
“Tiana and my dad brought me here if you have to know. And I was planning on leaving but I don’t quite no how yet.”
“Well it’s a good thing you found me then because I know how to leave we just need to find Dawn. Which shouldn’t be to hard really I just wish I knew where she had gotten to. Oh don’t you worry Dawn likes to wonder off a lot it’s nothing new. She enjoys it she thinks it is the best game she hides and we have to find her the truth is it makes her feel special.”
He whistled and the bushes behind me moved I didn’t have the strength to move or turn and look to see who this Dawn was. The next thing I know this fuzzy thing is rubbing me and purring I squeak and moved away. Eqan was bent over laughing and I looked around to see an angry looking cat staring at me. It was a smoky color and had green eyes like mine though it didn’t have patterns on it like regular cats. Instead in a dark black, purple tribal looking marks on it and one white ear. “Well I was just trying to be nice to you young lady and you squeal like a mouse Eqan stop that laughter you sound like your dying. What or who” The cats eyes turned back to me “wanted me and for what at this hour. It had better be good I was sleeping having a very pleasant dream about eating this young girl she looked a lot like you young lady.”
“Now Dawn we just needed some help finding our way out of here think you can do that? I mean It’s not like you have any thing better to do…though you do look a little over weight I suppose you could exercise a little more.” Eqan said with a sly smile he looked down at me and helped me get up.
“Well how rude you wake me up from a nap and insult me? I’ll just leave you then we can see how you find your way home. But then you’ll probably…No, sorry you would get you both killed. Besides you got here find you’re…”
Her voice trailed off and those big green eyes of hers had gotten bigger when she finally looked at me. Her tail started twitching and her whiskers as well.
“Well, well Eqan when were you going to tell me that this girl is the princess everyone has been talking about.”
“What?” Eqan looked at me with a stupid surprised look on his face. Then to the cat again at least three more times till I said
“How did you know?”
“Oh….” Dawn purred “It was only a matter of time before I would have guessed it would have took dip stick” She pointed her tail at Eqan “All day to figure out for himself anyway”
“I doubt that I would have figured it out sooner or later” Eqan crossed his arms in front of him and gave an annoyed look at the cat which it ignored I smiled and laughed they acted like children. But once I looked at them I got dirty looks for laughing which only made me laugh more. Eqan started to laugh to till Dawn gave us dirty looks we both stopped laughing at once.
“Now Eqan please tell me how I can help you both and go back to sleep.”
Eqan looked at me and smiled I was leaning against him and his arms were wrapped around me I was so tired I didn’t even notice.
“Like I said earlier we need to find our way back home care to show us?”
“What do I look like maid severe?” Before we could either answer the cat spoke “Never mind I know your answers. Yes I will show you but it will cost you Eqan.”
Eqan just shock his head and said “Okay Dawn you’ll get your catnip soon just please take us home Angel here is tired.”
“I am not” But they both looked at me as if they could see through my lie.
“Fine, follow me and please try to keep up.”

Double? Chapter 17

I always had trouble helping people I mean why I nobody has ever helped me till a couple days ago. My head was starting to hurt again and I was still in Eqan’s arms. I sighed I never thought once about Avenir I wonder what he’s doing right now. I gasp and I feel Eqan’s arms wrap tighter around me but everything now was starting to go black… I was getting tired of the color black. I open my eyes and I’m standing in my room Avenir is sleeping in my chair. And I’m sleeping in my bed. But I look down at myself I was not sleeping on the bed. I start walking over to the bed and Avenir rolls over opens his eyes looks at me then rubs his eyes and jumps out of the chair. And in a matter of seconds has his sword out. The fake me that was sleeping on the bed now jumps up and screams and grabs for the blankets. I start walking closer towards them but Avenir points his sword from me to fake me I sigh shake my head and finally say
“Will you put that thing down before you hurt somebody like yourself?”
“”Who are you?”
“That’s the stupidest question I have ever heard who do I look like?”
“Her” Avenir pointed his sword at fake me. I was getting annoyed and I really didn’t like getting swords pointed at me when I was tired.
“Avenir I don’t know what’s going on but…” that’s when fake me smiled got out of my bed and came over. And to my annoyance Avenir kept his sword pointed at me.
Fake me finally spoke and when she did she didn’t sound like me.
“I’m shadow I’m sure Avenir has heard about me” She then turned her attention back to me “I was sent here to look and act like the princess because, she was going to be taken away. And when she got taken away I was sent in her place. So please Avenir put that sword down before you hurt yourself.”
She seemed nice but I was looking at Avenir he finally put his sword down and Shadow smiled at me and said
“You have come back early is…” She was giving me a weird look and Avenir was now sitting by the window with his back turned towards us mumbling something to him self. Just then Shadow reached for me but I got pulled backwards strong hands gripped me and dug into my skin. I stopped struggling and Shadow stopped reaching for me because there now was a dragger pointed at my throat. The blade was ice cold and it sent shivers all the way down to my toes. I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding and I could see my breath. The person holding me from behind shock with laughter and then the figure talked.
“Well, well, well…Look who I have here what a surprise two princesses!”
Shadow turned stone face and said “Let her go you troll”
“Couldn’t you have guessed that I would be back because, someone wants to see her so badly and the first time I did not succeed in my task.” He dug the sword deeper into my throat and I knew why everyone had gasped the blood running down my collar bone was blue…It was no longer red.
I spit out the words I’ve been wanting to tell Rhy sense I first saw him “Go to hell.”
“Oh a bit of a potty mouth you got here Avenir.” the blade dug deeper and I felt hot air blow in my ear and Rhys slimy voice say “Only if you come with me.”
The collar of my shirt was stained with blood… blue blood. I closed my eyes wishing that everything could go back to normal I was shaking from the cold I could not focus on anything everything was getting blurry. I started falling in and out at one point I was in my room with a knife to my throat another second I was on the jungle ground with Dawns green eyes staring at me. I was in one place one second and another one the next. Till I finally yelled
“STOP!” I threw open my arms and Rhys knife went flying through the room and stuck in the wall I turned around and bunched him in the face I threw my hands up and when I brought them down and pointed at him a sword of pure silver pierced him right in the heart. He looked up blood cover his shirt in a matter of seconds…but the blood was green. I fell on my knees there was to much blood Rhy looked up at me and smirked and said
“What’s wrong princess didn’t want your hands to get dirty? Can’t handle what all the blood on you” He pointed a figure at me and said “has done? Never thought it would be like this? Well, I forgot to tell you something the first time we met Welcome to hell downworlder” He started coughing up blood I looked around Avenir was starting at me with shock written all over his face. Shadow was shaking her head back and forth saying something it sounded like a prayer. I got up and went for the door only to find Avenir in my way. I was shaking I looked at him and said
“You have to go let me out.”
“I can’t do that you’re more powerful then your father thought-“
“My father” I cut him off my father had left me in the land of dream crap and he was defending him?
‘Yes?” I gasped I was now standing in front of Eqan and Dawn. “Holy-“
“Young girl you better not finish that statement.”
Dawn looked at me and those green orbs looked like they could see everything I’ve been trying so hard to keep hidden. I turn around I wasn’t really standing in front of them I was laying in the sandy dirt. I turn around my heart racing I bring my hand to my throat I pull it away and look at my hand. I couldn’t help it I started crying quite tears. I bring my knees to my stomach and start rocking back and forth singing what my fake mother use to sing to me when things went wrong. I closed my eyes and fell into darkness I didn’t struggle I just accepted it and it slowly engulfed me. When I opened my eyes I was laying in a green valley the sun was shining and birds where singing I didn’t have a clue where I was then I saw him walking towards me I started shaking my head screaming at him to just leave me alone! I fell to my knees I looked up and Rhy was now smiling at me and he said
“Don’t worry little angel I wouldn’t touch you here the place is to dear to my heart-“
I broke into laughter and said in a voice as cold as ice “Heart? You have a heart well you sure surprised me on that one you’re a dirt bag who just needs to die and move on. Yeah where your going I would take my time as well but I know that I’ve done nothing wrong.” I stand up and lean into his face “Your death was not my fault and you know what I wish I had killed you you have only caused me PAIN YOU DIRTY PIECE OF TRASH!”
“Well you do have a bit of a mouth on you know don’t you…Angel isn’t a very good name for you. But I think you knew that all along you play their little games but the truth is you’re the opposite. You could not be more of an opposite your not guilt free you’ve been the one causing the guilt.” He leaned in closer till our foreheads touched cold shot through my body but I wasn’t backing down now.
“I’ve caused the guilt says the person who killed my FATHER! And you think you don’t deserver to go to hell? Your so screwed up you killed my father you were going to kill me-“
“Whoa whoa whoa I wasn’t going to kill you I wasn’t suppose to harm you in anyway…Which in the end happened but I think he would be pleased to know that your now of age…now that your blood has changed to it’s rightful color. How your father was going to keep that from you I have no idea. But I bet it would have been worth it to buy a ticket.” He started laughing but I didn’t get it “buy a ticket?” what was that suppose to mean? Never mind the guy is a creep and he was dead I killed him and now he’s just up and talking to me? I have no idea how that works but I’m going to stop it.
“Wait you said that earlier…who wants me?” It seemed like he was talking before I interrupted because he gave me a look and sighed.
“Well wouldn’t you like to know?”
“Look I just want to know who this guy is can’t you tell me?”
“You have to guess.” He looked so happy for a dead person so I thought about who it could be… I remembered the visions I have been getting so I guessed
“Is it a guy by the name of Ciro?”
Rhy looked confused but he just shock his head so I guessed
“Where are you getting all these big names from? Miss I don’t even know what the word downworlders means.”
“Look is it any of them?”
“No, but do you know them?”
“If I knew them I wouldn’t be asking you if they were after me.” I felt like sticking my tongue out at him. Rhy was more annoying dead then he was alive.
“True the person after you is called-“
I screamed all of the sudden a hand reached out and grabbed Rhy by the throat. Rhy started turning green…but that wasn’t his skin color that was his blood color! Without thinking I grabbed a stick and stabbed the hand. The hand let go of him and smacked me across the face I got throw backwards and slammed my head against the tree. Rhy fell to the ground with a thud and the hand vanished. I started crawling towards Rhy when he turned his head. His face was scratched up and had two gapping holes were his eyes should have been. It looked like his mouth was glued shut. Across his face were lines crossing each other spelling T.I.A.N.A. I stopped dead in my tracks the ground started turning to it side I was falling into the dark just as it about consumed me strong hands pulled me back. A dark shadow leaned over Rhy I looked up at my savior and smiled it had been Eqan who pulled me out he was wrapping his arms around me saying he was so sorry. I looked back at Rhy and said
“And as the light in you went dark…I saw you turn to shadow.”
Rhy turned and looked in my direction and smiled he choked out one word
A tortures scream pierced my ears I fell the ground softened my fall. I saw my dad leaving me that night it was the same scream. It was mine, my heart stopped my armed burned but before I was consumed by the shadows I saw Avenir shaking his head walking towards me. He knelt down and said
“How many more times are you going to pass out on me?”
The world was cold and the ground was black I turned around the trees were coal black smoke was rising like mist from the ground. I started walking away when I saw something move behind the tree nearest to me. I saw two green eyes staring at me I smiled it was Dawn.
“Dawn is that you?”
Laughter as cold as winter was the only sound that came as a reply.
“Wow you sure are getting around you’ve met Avenir, Eqan, Dawn, And you even turned Rhy good in the end because of your stupid blood. If you asked me the dragon queen should have given me her blood. I would have done something intelligent with it. But no, she wasted it on a stupid little Yankee.”
I couldn’t see who was talking I only saw green eyes the color of ever green trees. I was tired and done playing games and getting pulled into weird places. And I was not going to put up with this piece of trash right now.
“Look at least I’m not scared to show my face.”
More laughter and with it the figure came out from behind the tree. Tall, muscular, shaggy coal black hair, and blood red eyes. I started to step back but something inside me made me stay put. The boy well I say that but he looks to be 18 maybe 19. Smiles a cold smirk and says
“What scared ya?”
I straighten up and square my shoulders and smirk back and reply
“Scared of what you? Now why would I be scared…Is that how you start every conversation? I suppose it’s better than Do you have six fingers on your right hand.”
“Well, well, well, look here she knows how to crack a joke. Well darling I just thought I would have a nice chat with you. You see you think you know everything but, well you see you know nothing. I hate to break you this news but nobody else would so I volunteered. Because I was the one who was there to watch you grow up. I knew you from the very beginning. But I wouldn’t expect you to notice me.”
I really looked at him this time the way his shoulders were all squared up like mine the way his left ear was pierced with a tiny topaz stone. But then I saw his wings not white but, not black with the red tips they were all black. I smiled I remembered this guy No, I never saw him but the six black feathers in on my dresser top say otherwise.
“No,” I shake my head seeing his eyes look confused for a moment. “I knew you No, I never saw you but I have seen your wings.”
He smiles at me a walks up to me and offers his arm to me I take it and we walk into a garden. The trees here rich with life the tops as green as his eyes…
“Wait before you had green eyes now there red?”
“Come and sit much to go over” was all he said. There were tropical looking plants, normal plants, and just plain weird plants. One I thought smiled at me as we pasted but when I tried to turn around he wouldn’t let me go. He lead us to this wooden deck and a stone table carved to look like intertwined tree branches. The chairs where the same way I sat down after He did he poured some steaming drink in my cup. I leaned back in my chair and just looked at him till he finally set down his cup and started talking I held up and hand and said
“Wait. One I don’t know your name and two I know about my blood I know it came from the Blue blooded dragon. I know that there was one other guy who had her blood before I also know it almost killed him. So he was going to kill the dragon the Elders said okay ad blah blah…I have all her blood in me. I see visions of things that have yet to come true, I change people. Also my real mother died at birth well that’s what people say really she gave her life for me.”
“Do you know why your mother gave her life to you?”
“Whoa whoa I still don’t know your name and yes, I was dying.”
“My name is Blaze and you have it all wrong Darling.”
“Oh my father told me this himself.”
“And was this the first or sixth time that he has kept things from you and lied to you? You see you think you know everything but you don’t your father is still trying to keep you safe so he is still lying. You want to hear the truth Darling? Can you handle the truth?”
I laughed in spite of myself could he be telling the truth? Why should I trust him…but what could it hurt to hear what he has to say.
“Fine let’s say my father has been lying to me then what makes your story better?”
“It’s the truth, Now relax you look dead Darling” he moves the cup closer towards me I look at it…It looks like there is tea in it. It smells citrusy I lean back I still don’t trust him I fold my arms in front of my chest and look at him.
“Fine…But it will get cold soon. Now I’ll show you from the beginning.” He leans back and whispers something while swirling his hand in the air. I ask
“What are you doing?” I only get a smirk then he puts his hand down and the black smoke comes fast and thicker up off the ground swirling around together like a whirl pool. Then I see my mother and father sitting at a table talking. I lean closer to see if I can hear them.
“I think we should tell her how else is she going to grow up in life?” said my real mother
“Look Teigra this is the only way that will keep her safe.”
My mother was just shaking her head
“No, you’re wrong nothing will stop her from knowing this world. It’s not your choice to make it’s not mine it’s our daughters. She is the no that is suppose to save people the Oracle told me so herself and that she will have help along the way. She will grow up strong and brave yes she will need our help along the way but..It’s her choice you can’t take away her choice that’s not yours to make. So that’s that lets go we have a meeting to attend.”
The swirling whirl pool started swirling faster and my parents disappeared and I saw my mother on an Island just like the one I was on not too long ago when Eqan saw me. Only mom was leaning over the water talking to the same mermaid that told me what the oracle said.
* Will finish promise

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