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By tiger

Tides of change Chapter 1

The day was nothing new it was a typical day in Ashoak City. But there was something off Tiana didn’t like. It could have been the way the wind whipped through the trees like it was trying to tear them up from the roots. Or the way the oceans waves crashed into the sandy beach spitting foam and ocean water on anyone brave enough to come close. The only problem was Tiana was the brave one. But would she be brave enough to go through what everyone had in store for her? Could she stand her ground when it would be crumbling under her feet? She didn’t even have a choice in this mater because, they were coming for her and all she had time for now was to run…but how far is she willing to run?
“Tiana what are you doing up so early?” “Nothing, mom don’t worry okay I’m going back to bed anyway. Sorry if I woke you up. Lets just both go back to bed okay?!” I know I was giving her a sheepish smile. But like my father I don’t show emotion well. At least that’s what I tell people. I learned growing up that showing emotion can not only kill you but, the people you love as well.
Looking down at mom now I realize how fragile she really is. Dad told me to watch over the family if anything was to happen to him. Sad that night that “something” did. I think back to that night often and I think dad knew what was going to happen to him. As well as I did. I sometimes get the feeling that something terrible is going to happen. I remember on a cool fall evening the sun was setting and dad was taking me home. Just as the sun was setting into the swirling pink, purple, and orange sunset. I got this “feeling” and I started to walk faster telling dad we had to hurry home he had pulled me back and said what’s the rush princess? But then he really looked at me and something on my face must have made him realize something was up. We then both picked up are paces leaving the park behind us.
When we finally got home dad basically ran up the steps and through open the door. Only then did he seem to remember me. I always had trouble getting up the steps they were monstrous and I had lost count of how many times I had fallen on them. But the thing about that night was as dad had momentarily forgotten about me a feather fell down and landed in my hair I had looked around to see where it might have come from. But I didn’t have much time because then dad had remembered me.
We ran into the house and mom was on the floor crying and crying I had never seen someone cry so much. Dad looked from me to mom and he said to go up stairs and into my room it was time to go to bed. I remember walking up the stairs but seeing mom crying so much I just had to find out why. Then I heard daddy say
“Aleka is everything okay?” Mom’s response I couldn’t hear from how far up I had climbed the stairs so I climbed back down and sat on the fifth step. Then I heard daddy again “Aleka you have got to talk to me. Please what is wrong? What has happened are you hurt?”
“No, Ivor I’m fine I...I…I…” and she started to cry again. I could not stand just sitting on the steps listening to mommy cry so I went out to talk to her. I don’t know how it happened but the next thing I knew I was talking to mommy.
“Mommy its okay the bad guy is gone and he won’t come back anytime soon. He just wanted to talk about…Mommy what did he want to talk about anyway?”At this point mom had stopped crying she was staring at me in horror and daddy was just staring at me no emotion on his face then he said
“Tiana told you to go to bed you have disobeyed me” But before he could say anything mommy had looked at him and said “Yes, your father is right go to bed but, If your to wide awake you can go and take a bubble bath.” There was a smile on her face and I felt like I had done my job I stared walking upstairs till I heard them talking again.
“What happened?”
“Well, everything Tiana told you a guy had come in and he wanted to talk.”
“What did he want to talk about?”
After that night Dad woke me up and asked if I wanted to go shopping I ran to go get dressed. When I hopped in the car dad turned and asked me “Tiana how did you know something was wrong at home?”
“Well I kind of get this feeling and when ever I get it bad things happen. But nothing bad happened to mommy right?”
“Well…she had gotten a little scratched up but, that’s all. You don’t need to worry about mommy to much she is a very strong person just like her daughter.”
I could tell there was something more he wanted to know but all he said was “Don’t tell anyone about this princess it’s going to be our little secret.”
“Okay daddy promise.”

Secret's and Promises Chapter 2

But that was a long time ago I still keep it a secret only dad and I knew. But now dad is gone and it’s my burden to carry. That night I got that feeling but, dad was going into his office and nobody was supposed to bug him. But I couldn’t leave him in their when I had this “feeling”. I open the doors and walked in the office was clean a neat, tidy, nothing out of place. There was a big desk at the far end of the room and dad was sitting in his chair. He was wearing his usual black suit jacket matching pants and an aqua blue tie. I could tell by the look he was surprised to see me but, not angry me and dad had a tight bond. Nothing was going to break that or that’s what I thought.
“Tiana is something the matter because, your not suppose to be in here.”
“Yeah…I have this feeling again dad and I’m scared.” I knew I shouldn’t have said I was scared that was a sign of weakness. Dad had taught me not to show emotion. And I was blushing by the time I finished my sentence. But dad was just smiling now and he motioned me to come and sit beside him in his chair.
“I promise everything will be okay but, if it doesn’t it’s your job to watch over the family.”
“I know that you tell me everyday.” I felt like sticking my tongue out at him but right then my stomach did a flip and I felt sicker then I’ve ever felt in my life. I tugged forwards and there was a knock at the door. I tried looking at dad and tell him not to open it but I couldn’t find him.
“Tiana is everything okay? Do you feel alright?” At that moment the knocking stopped and both dad and I looked. What I heard next will forever haught my nightmares. A scream came from the other side of the door a scream filled with fear and torture. The next thing I knew strong hands grabbed me from behind and locked me in closet then I heard dad. My stomach was doing more then flipping and I knew something terrible was behind the door.
“Okay daddy….but wait…DAD... DAD PLAESE DON’T ANWSER THAT KNOCKING DADDY!!!!” He never came back for me and my scream for him to stay echoed in my head till somebody came in. I heard a soft shuffling noise. I didn’t think, I thought it was dad I ran out of the closet and up to dad.
“Daddy…I thought you were gone.” Only then did I realize this person was not my father I heard shuffling again and looked up at the person in my grip who went tight all over when I touched him. He had golden curly hair that was just hanging in his face. He looked to be around 6.2” He wore a fitted blue T-shirt and ripped up jeans. His eyes were like a raging sea before a thunder storm. He made a noise and I let go of him.
“Umm….sorry I thought you were someone else.” He looked down on me because I was only 5.2” and that was even pushing it.
“And who might you be looking for” His voice sounded sweet with an accent. But just then the door to dad’s office flew open and guys with skin the color of dad tie came in. And all eyes were looking at me. There were at least five of them. And all there eyes were on me their eyes looked like cat eyes yellow with a tiny slit in the middle. There skin the color of aqua there hair two of them had hair the color of coral one was a guy and he was 6ft tops the other one was a girl and she was just as tall as the boy. The other three had hair the color of sunshine yellow. But there was nothing sunny about them the guy and girl with coral hair looked at me then back at each other. Then the guy spoke and he said
“Ah so he did had a daughter how sweet. Girls get her” The coral hair girl took a step towards me but, the guy behind me stepped in front of me.
“I don’t think you want to do that. Because you see this girl has me’” I could tell by the way he spoke he had a devilish grin on his face.
“Oh and why wouldn’t we do that? That gives an excuse to pick a fight with the upwalkers.” The coral hair boy said and it looked like he was about to laugh. There voices were scratchy and slimy. The other guy’s voice sounded rich but held a dangerous edge to it. As if he was challenging this guy who called me his girl.
“Okay you had you fun here maybe you should go now I’m really not in the mood right now Rhys. So back off she is with me.”
“You’re always hanging around all the wrong people. But now when I want a good person you’re hanging out with her. Can’t you just pick sides and stay on one I’m getting tried of playing these games.”
“Only because every time you lose” I could see some of his face now and he was definitely smirking.
“Just watch your back upwalker.”
He spit the word out of his mouth like it didn’t taste right and he needed to get it out but, couldn’t get it out fast enough. As they turned to go the boys whose name was Rhy turned back around and was looking me straight in the face and hissed
“Pretty boy won’t be there all the time to look after you Princess and when he’s not I promise I will be.”

Pretty boy Chapter 2

Without another look he disappeared, I started to shiver for it had gotten really cold in the room all of the sudden. The guy took off his jacket and handed it to me with a sad smile.
“I know its cold now but that’s only because the heat is off.”
I slipped on his jacket and it smelled amazing but unlike anything I had ever smelled before. He turned and went to my dads’ desk and that’s when I remembered he never came back for me. I started looking around I had just turned around when a gust of wind swung open the double doors to dad’s office. And there on the floor laid his body. I tried running over to him. But my legs wouldn’t work I had fallen to the ground and hit my head. And everything started going black but, I heard him say
“Ah poor Tiana you have no idea what you have gotten your self into do you?”
I was still looking at mom thinking it was up to me to watch over her wrapping his jacket closer around me. I remember waking up and running down stairs to mom crying she had found out about dad and ever sense then she’s been have trouble sleeping. But the thing that I still don’t get is how I was in my bed in my bedroom and, why I was still wearing his jacket? Mom doesn’t remember me ever going to dads work. She says I was home working in my room. I let her believe what she wants to believe. But I guess the only people who really know were I was were the aqua people, dad, and that guy.
“Mom I’m tired do you mind If we just go back to sleep?” She had a look on her face I gave a groan inside and added “Is it okay if I sleep with you tonight?” She always slept better when I would sleep with her I guess she misses dad’s presence like I did. I followed mom upstairs. Mom was a little smaller then me she was around 5 feet, she had Sunshine blond hair. And sea blue eyes. I looked nothing like her or father. I was the odd ball in the family. I had fire red hair, Green eyes and I’m 5.2” Dad was 6.3” and he had sandy blonde hair and crystal blue eyes. I climbed up the last of the stairs and walked into mom’s room. It was clean but, everything about mom is clean the walls are the color of a sunset. There was a big widow on the right wall complete with a bench seat. Mom’s dresser and mirror were on the opposite wall. And to the wall the opposite of me there was the queen bed, just seeing it made me ten times tiered. I flopped on the bed on dad’s side and fell into a peaceful sleep.
Until I heard a knock at the door I woke up with a start and rolled out of bed realizing it was 9:30 in the morning and knowing mom slept through the knocking. I grabbed his jacket and walked down stairs I went to the front door and opened it only to slam it in the face on the guy outside. The knocking picked up again and I didn’t want to wake up mom. So I opened the door and stepped outside and gave him a hostile glare.
“Oh that’s very scary right now but, I don’t have the time for that can I come in…WAIT...Are you wearing my jacket?” I pulled the jacket tighter around me and nodded my head I still couldn’t tell were the accent came from.
“Well…It looks huge on you but it’s terribly cold out here so you can hold on to it a little bit longer if you want.”
“Look you said you wanted to come inside but, my moms finally asleep so…”
“So you don’t want to wake her up? What are you the parent or the daughter? And then there’s the problem that you’re still in your pajamas.” I looked down completely forgetting I was in my pajama’s I looked up at him with a sigh.
“No, I’m the daughter who was their when her dad died and nobody remembers. I saw some weird aqua people and you were there. I thought it was all just a bad dream and I was going to wake up soon. Guess not sense you’re here. Let’s get inside.”
She really didn’t sound happy about any of this, but it’s not like it’s that big of a deal. I mean you didn’t have your jacket stolen from this girl even though I had given it to her the other night. She looked so weak and helpless but now she looks like if she could get her hands on the “Aqus” she would kill then all. I suppose I could have come back another day she looks almost dead. But things where getting crazy at the gates. So I didn’t really have a choice…choices...Were all lacking that more and more. She really didn’t have to invite me in that would have made less of a mess of things. I wish it didn’t have to be her it could have been anybody…but this girl. What she looked barley older then 15 but, then again there was something about her that you felt drawn too.
I turned around to tell him to make himself comfortable but he was just staring at me. Those eyes I could not look away they looked so…confused and yet you could tell he was thinking about something almost important. But then he looked away and like a love struck teenager I was sad he broke away first.
“Umm….I’m heading to go take a shower because I just woke up and I need something other then coffee right now. So make yourself comfortable.”
“Avenir that’s my name”
“How..?Never mind. Well Avenir I’m going to take a shower.”
“I never said anything offence so you can calm it down a little. Theirs no need to give me that tone. I’m just here to help.” It sounded like he was mumbling under his breath after that about girls. But like he said I was acting weird but, he had no right treating me like a little kid my 17th birthday is only two days away.
“Well then I’m going to shower.”
She didn’t look to happy in fact it was very hard to read her. It seemed as if someone switched the off switch on her emotions. It was to be accepted but, this there really was something wrong. I mean I’ve seen several teenagers they just hang on to my every word but this well. It’s weird if she thinks she can get to me by locking up her emotions then she’s wrong.
I don’t know what I was trying to prove but as I climbed up the stairs and opened up the door to my room I heard weird noises inside. Thumping and then heavy breathing I twisted the door handle and poked my head in. But there was nothing I shrugged it off as loss of sleep and walked across my floor. My room was always clean I couldn’t stand it dirty my bed was on the east wall and beside it was my bookcase. I loved books it seems like I get a new one everyday and because of that I have two of my walls blocked by floor to ceiling bookcases. On the west side I have my desk and on it my lab top. Between my bookcases I have double door opening into my bathroom. Mom and dad said they gave me the master bed room. My brothers never liked that Trey was a year older then me blonde curly hair and 5.9” with the prettiest blue eyes ever. They seemed to sparkle in sunshine or on darkest days. Jay had sandy brown hair with brown eyes and he was 6 feet. Jay liked to keep thinks simple he was 14 but he always acts older.
I give a sigh and open up my dresser draw and pull out a white shirt a blue and green tank top and blue jeans with a hole in the right knee. I looked down at then thinking of the time I had fallen you could see a streak of dried blood that had stained my jeans. It was not much blood but my stomach gave a tug. I couldn’t breath I was getting a feeling again and they hurt like the dickens I looked down I had dropped my clothes in a heap on the floor. I closed my eyes forcing the pain to go away. But it wasn’t leaving without a fight. If it’s a fight it wanted a fight it was going to get, I grabbed a hold of my dresser for support to stand up. But it felt like the whole room was shaking I let go with a startled yelp. Looking down at my hand I had put on the dresser it was cut open and slimy, sticky, itchy crimson blood was dripping down my wrists it was too much. I could no longer breath the air had stopped coming my throat was on fire. My eyes started to tear up around the edge. That was when I heard a smash outside my door but I didn’t have the strength to turn around I closed my eyes and waited. Nothing came all I could hear was the sound of my blood dripping onto the hard wood floor. Then I heard a shuffling noise like the night at my dad’s office and then a shadow crept over me.

Dark, Alone, Free? Chapter 3

“Tiana are you okay? Can you hear me? Wake up. Please wake up.”
I never thought dying would be sad until now. Avenir he seemed so hateful now all he seemed was weak. Ha-ha dad told me emotion was weakness and theirs my proof. But was that proof, I mean dad cared about me wasn’t that emotion…No, that was love I guess he had it all wrong then love is what kills people. Emotion doesn’t matter if dad hadn’t of loved me he would be here. But here I am wasting that about to die anyway. Sorry dad I guess it was a waste of your time. A waste of your life you should have done better. And with that last thought everything went black. I couldn’t hear anything but there was a bright light I almost laughed but I thought better of it. What was I suppose to do just wait till the light consumed me? I think not I start walking towards it till I heard it say my name.
“Tiana…what are you doing here this place is not ready for you yet and you are not ready for it. So I guess it’s up to me to tell you now. I’ve been selfish all those years I should have know they would have figured it out but what a fool I was thinking…that’s the problem I was only thinking about myself. Well I guess I better start talking.”
“Start that’s all you’ve been doing I thought you were dead but your not and then what have you then been doing all these years?” I know I shouldn’t have been yelling but, I couldn’t help it he was standing right in front of me like nothing had happened?
“Look I know what you’re thinking and its nothing like that I loved you very much and that’s why I did what I did. Otherwise you would be here right now. And I knew they would take car of you. They didn’t have to send you a perfect looking guy but, I guess you get what you ask for. I hope you know I only wanted to keep you safe and here you are. I’m going to have to talk to them about that he should have been watching your every move no matter what…”
“I WAS ABOUT TO TAKE A SHOWER HOLY COW I DIDN’T WANT THE GUY FOLLOWING ME IN THERE!”For sometime it seemed my father didn’t know what to say and I swear his cheeks turned a light pink there.
“Ummm…Well then he should have at least…Never mind I need to talk to you before our time is cut short. You are a fragile thing and I’ve been trying to keep you safe but it seems I can’t do that anymore. They really don’t want me to tell you this but, you’re almost of age. What your birthday is two days away so they can’t be that mad they should have known I would have told you sooner or later. They should just be glad I haven’t gotten a hold of you sooner”
He kept talking but I didn’t know if I wanted to here it all he keeps saying they as if there are all these other people. I finally decide to look at him I mean the last time I saw him he had blood stains all over his body. As I gave him a look over I realized how much I had missed him I didn’t know what he was saying or how close he had come to me till his hand wiped away a tear a traitor tear telling how I was feeling I wanted to go home I wanted to wake up and walk into mom and dads room when I had a bad dream and they would both tell me it would be okay. But life wasn’t like that now I had to learn to grow up. I straightened my back and walked away from dad. He looked like an angle it was too much. His sandy hair was now shiny like gold his eyes shown like crystal in the sunlight I couldn’t look away from him. His outfit was changed into a long white gown with aqua blue trim around the collar and ends. But the thing I couldn’t’ stop staring at were the giant white clean, fresh, fluffy, looking wings unfolding from dad’s back and beating fast but yet at a slow rate. I then heard a weird noise and looked dad square in the face.
“There are several things I need to tell you but, they need to be told to you in a certain order. I wish I hadn’t of died so I could tell you myself but you where in safe hands. I have to send you back now but know that I have never left you and your mother and brothers. I will always be there you just need to open your eyes a little bit wider there baby.”
“Daddy… You have wings? How do you have wings? Are we in heaven? I looked down at my wrist the bleeding had stopped and the cut were now gone.
‘”Yes I have wings and no we are not in heaven yet. But there was something else you wanted to ask?”
“Yes…That night you died there were theses blue aqua people and they sounded surprised that you had a daughter. And they said when Avenir isn’t looking there going to get me and take me to him. Do you know…?”
Dad’s face seemed to be loosing color the second I said aqua people and just got paler as all the color drained from his face. Only making him look more terrifying then I have ever seen him.
“I’m sending you back now Avenir will watch over you every second he will be there. Weather you know it or not. I will not let him leave your side princess this I promise…” It seems like he was going to go on but everything was fading. Everything was coming into focus and I was in my room and Avenir was leaning over me whispering something soft.
“I’m so sorry I was…” That was then that he looked at me finally and his eyes widened and then went back to a stormy gray.

My Fault or is it my bad? Chapter 4

What do you think you where doing!” His voice held so much angry like this was my entire fault.
“What do you think I was doing? I was going to go a and take a shower but something came and hit me from behind So if you think this is all my fault have I got a couple of choice words for you!” I couldn’t tell him about my “feeling” that was still a secret. I was so mad I was shaking and my vision started to turn red. That was new I was filled with so much hatred I couldn’t help it I took a swing at him. And I felt good when my hand connected with his face I felt something wet and sticky running down my hand but I was ready for anything my adrenaline was running high and I felt powerful. I was ready for him to come back up and hit me with everything he had but he just laid there on the ground. Slowly my adrenaline was fading and I realized what I had done I was on the ground in a matter of minutes leaning over Avenir. I didn’t know what to do there was so much blood I didn’t even about it I hit him that hard. I reached down to touch him. When I saw something twinkle I didn’t think about it I just reached down and grabbed it I was right it was a sword. Like one I’ve never seen before. The handle was in vines and swirls in the color of green moss. It truly was beautiful the blade of the sword shined like a raging sea. In the blade was carved a couple of words. I grabbed the blade to read what it said when a sharp ringing went through the air. I forgot about everything but those couple words. I leaned in and read what said “In the darkness there will always be light” I dropped the sword and looked around for Avenir but he wasn’t in front of me I turned around with the sword still in my hands to have found out were Avenir had been. He was right in front of me I screamed grabbed the blade tighter and fell to the ground whimpering, the sword clattered to the ground with fresh, sticky, bright blood on the blade my blood. I felt like the room was tipping I tried to stand up but I just couldn’t. I looked up at Avenir and in his eyes I couldn’t stand what I saw in them.
“Tiana what were you thinking if you were thinking anything.” He was shaking his head his blue grey eyes a raging storm he bent down to pick up the sword and jumped back everything was starting to black till I heard him say
“You touched the sword…But that can’t be only I can touch my sword………” I couldn’t hear him any more instead I could see dad.

“Dad...What are you doing here…?”
“I’m giving my daughter her mark. I just want you to know your mom and I are so proud you could not have done a better job.”It looked like he was smiling but everything was still blurry. Then another shape formed beside him and the voice said
“Daughter your father is right we haven’t seen a mark like this till the old ones first came. And now that they have left us for so long we thought we were all on our own then you show up. And when your mark came to us we thought we were dreaming. But it turns out I was wrong about you. The old ones bless you by giving you this mark they have something special planned for you.” The voice sounded like a women’s but not my mothers.
“Wait you don’t sound like my mother…”
“I’m not your house mother no I’m your birth mother”
“Did you die at birth then?”
“No, your life was not enough you wouldn’t have lived if not for me. I wanted to be there for you through all your life but I gave you my life along with the life you already had. I saw you there in my hands and you were barely breathing I didn’t know what to do. Then an oracle came to me and told me you would do incredible things but only if you lived. That was all she said I didn’t give it a second thought I gave you my life. So no I didn’t die I gave away my life to the little beating heart. I looked down at you and it was like you heard the oracle because when I looked at you; you were smiling. I even started to giggle. I didn’t give it a second thought.”
“Wow…you did that all for me? How did you know the oracle was right? I mean what if she was lying about all that and I’m only destined to fail.” I had tears running down my eyes I was trying to blink them away before anyone could see them. I heart felt heavy with this truth all this time my mom wasn’t really my real mom.
“I know what you must be thinking how I could just leave you like that…”
“No I really appreciate what you did and to give it all way like that just trusting in the oracle you had faith in me. Faith that I never thought I would ever see. But willing giving your life away just for me….” I was crying now and I felt stupid I could never tell her how much that really means to me because there are no words for it.
“Thank you.”
“No, daughter you aren’t destined to fail at anything and we do not say thank you it is meaning less to us. Now when you go back your arm will hurt like the dickens I can only hope it will be fast and as painless as possible Now go…”
OUCH!!!!!! Dang that hurts ouch, ouch, ouch…Oh man it hurts I grabbed my arm and started dancing around the room hopping on one foot then the other.

Marks not Tattoo's Marks Chapter 5

“Tiana are you okay?”
“Av…..dang it man this hurts….Stupid mark….gggrrr!”
“Wait… let me see your arm Tiana now!”
Without thinking I let him see it I was wearing a jacket so I quickly took it off and surrender my arm to him. I was trying to think about anything but about the way his body was suddenly very close to mine I had to remember how to breathe. As soon as he touched my arm the pain went way I let out the breath I didn’t know I had been holding and sunk onto my bed when my head hit the pillow that’s when he let out a low whistle.
“It’s been a long time since I’ve seen these marks. Who gave you the marks?”
“Do you have a mark?”He seemed surprised and shrugged off his jacket without taking his hand away from my arm and without braking eye contact. I on the other hand broke the eye contact first and looked at his mark. On his arm was a beautiful pattern of swirls and half squares in the middle was an eye. Everything was in black but the eye the eye was green.
“Wow that is…why is there an eye in the middle?”
“Because I’m the watcher of the gates I am sent to the children of the demon dragons. I am the one who watches over them when things go bad.”
“That’s why….demons dragons! Wait what does that mean?”
“It means…never mind it doesn’t matter to you in any way because you are not one of them. You are one of the rare daft minded.”
“Yes it means mad.” He started smiling and I hit him in the arm.
“I’m not mad!”
“No you came from the blue blooded dragon.” All the sudden his good mood left and he was serious again.
“Okay stop making things up watcher really? Blue dragon blood how stupid do you think I AM!”I started to get up but he grabbed my arm and pulled me back down and looked me straight in the face.
“I had hoped you would have been told this already it’s not really my job to tell you because every ones story is different and yours nobody knows about. Your dad had kept you hidden all these years and nobody had known about it that is not suppose to happen. Then you finally get your mark and It’s one the of the Elders mark some people call them the old ones but there formal name is the Elders. That means something Tiana if anything it means the Elders are still with us and they have blessed you as one of there own that has only happened to one other person and he’s dead because of it.”
“He’s dead because of it? Will that happen to me as well…How did he die?”
“You really don’t need to worry about it because it won’t happen again I promised him that.”
“You where there…when he died and you didn’t do anything to help him live?”
“No, I couldn’t it was not my time to interfere they wouldn’t let me they had put a shield around me and all I could do was watch my friend die.”

Flashback or Flashforward Chapter 6

There really wasn’t much I could say he still hadn’t let go of my arm yet he had a surprising amount of strength but, part of the reason I think he wasn’t letting go was because of what he had just told me. I think he thought that if he let go I might fall. I jerked my arm out of his grip and started for the door his sword was laying on the ground in front of the bathroom door. I picked it up turned it around and handed it back to him. He just looked at it his eyes that stormy gray. I handed it out to him moving it closer to his face and he didn’t even flinch. His eyes were locked on to where my blood now slightly dried was. I sighed set it down in front of him and marched into the bathroom. I was tried I was cut all over but I didn’t want to look in the mirror because of all that. I knew if I looked in the mirror I would see the mark on my arm labeling me different from everyone an “outcast” I sink to the floor wrap my arms around my knees and sing the lullaby my mother use to sing to me. Then I remember that she isn’t even my real mother and my brothers aren’t actual brothers. I rock myself back and fourth thinking about everything everyone has told me today.
I stand up and get into the shower I crank the hot water all the way up. I start humming to myself I get out of the shower and wrap a fresh smelling towel around me. I look around the bathroom and think of the time mom and I painted it. I wanted it to feel as if I was under water so we painted it aqua blue and put pictures of turtles, fish, and dolphins around it. So then we both decided everything in it had to be shades of blue and green. As I wrap the blue towel around my wet hair I close my eyes and relax. I picture that I’m under sea swimming with fish and dolphins I start spinning around the room laughing out loud. But then I open my eyes and reality sinks in I sigh but decide I should probably get dressed I put on a completely different outfit then planned because I hadn’t brought those clothes in. And I didn’t know if he was still in my room or not so I grabbed my emergency clothes I had kept in the towel and washcloth closet.
I pull on dark blue skinny jeans and a long blue shirt under the shirt is a tank top. The pattern on the shirt takes me off guard there are green swirls and it said “in the eyes of the beholder the truth will flow.” I look back at it and it’s just a floral shirt nothing on it. I didn’t stop to think what it meant I slipped on green socks and white boots and headed out the door. My hair I had let fall down I usually always have it up but with it down it cover my shoulders and is curlier. As I walk out the door I notice that my room is strangely silent I walk out of my room and practically run down stairs. I run into something hard and stumble backwards strong hands steady me I immediately get that “feeling “only this time I get an image I gasp I’m standing in a brightly lit room and these people are talking the have wings just like my dad’s but some things off about them they are dusted at the tipped in red. I look around and standing a couple feet away is Avenir and another guy. This guy has white wings like dad and he’s a least 6”2 he has green eyes like me and dark brown hair with a little bit of red to it and reddish brown anyway and he has a sword in his left hand the sword is amazing the hilt is that like a normal sword’s hilt but the blade is engulfed in blue flames He says something and the red winged people laugh at him. He moves closer and says something again this time nobody laughs. He lunges towards the first red winged guy and slices him in half the others start to back up. Them I’m standing in the middle of the ground sitting in a chair with my hands tied behind my back blood dripping down my cheeks, arms, and back. At this he guy seems even more enraged he slashes the next two red winged guys and there as dead as it gets. I see that I start screaming why I don’t know because the image fades but not before I see my eyes rolling into the back of my head and the guy with the fire sword kill the last red winged gu

wooo rewind Chapter 7

I open my eyes and I’m back at home Avenir is still holding on to me but someone is screaming. I look around Avenir and see that mom had been awaken up. She looks at me and says something but my hearing hasn’t come back yet. I look at Avenir and he shakes his head he leans in and whispers
“Princess we can’t stay here it is on longer safe.”
I can feel myself shaking my head I remember what dad had taught me and I shut off all emotions so I don’t give myself away. I look at him and his eyes are a dark gray. I think back to what I had just saw and look around thinking if he knows what I saw. I look and I can finally hear what mom is yelling at she’s yelling at Avenir. I look between Avenir and my mom. I finally say
“Mom shut up!”
“Don’t talk to me like that young lady.”
“No, you’re not my real mother you weren’t supposed to be anyway my real mother gave her life for me.” Behind me I hear Avenir gasps well guess he hadn’t known that. “And you have always known so the true question is when were you going to tell me this mother?” I hiss the last part and turn around and head back up stairs.
“Where do you think your going?”
“I’m leaving this place of lies but before I go. Are my brothers were they ever my true brothers?’ Mom sighs and just shakes her head.
“No” she say’s in a weak voice “they were never your true brothers.” She turns around then and heads into the kitchen I’m shaking all over growing up…everything had been a lie.
“Sla`n leat mother”
She walks away from me I wish I could tell her everything will be okay but I don’t really know what’s going on inside of her. She did that thing again where she switches off her emotions I know she must be dying inside. Most of us grow up strong in a real family are parents are our birth parents but, Tiana has just realized she has grown up with nothing but lies. Her real mother died at birth that we of course have no records over. Her dad died just two nights ago she has gotten her mark. Which most of use are thrilled about but, that could be because they’re normal marks. Tiana has an Elders mark I even knew that Elder he had the strongest powers and could seem to handle anything. Tiana seems the same way she shouldn’t have been able to touch my sword without it killing her. But then Seth couldn’t touch others people’s swords. He had to try once for a test to test his limits and it burned him severely so, then is Tiana stronger? The poor girl she has no idea what’s going to happen. I climbed up the stairs right behind her and came into her room she already has a backpack packed and was looking for something else.
“Tiana what are you doing? And I never knew you knew Irish?”
“I’m leaving I can’t live in this house full of lies! And I’M NOT IRISH!”
“Okay let’s drop the whole Irish thing alright?”
“You brought it up!”
“Fine it’s dropped…Look I know how you feel but you have to stay here there is no were else for you to go.”
“Oh wait you were the one that said it was not safe here anymore and now I can’t leave? Oh I don’t think so I’m leaving!”
“I said it wasn’t safe with your mother here and you brothers you needed to leave but I didn’t mean now!”
“She wasn’t even my real mother and those are not my real brothers I HAVE NOTHING!”
“No, you will always have someone.”
He seemed really tired but I didn’t care It was killing me to have never known that. He won and he knows it I can never be the girl I use to be so then who am I now? I’m always one step behind I turn around and throw my soccer trophy at him. I guess he never saw it coming because it hit him square in the jaw. He rubs it and his eyes turn to a darker stormy gray.

weak link Chapter 8

“You don’t know anything about me! Let’s just face it my dad kept me secret everything about me is either a lie or a secret and YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THAT!”
I’m red faced by the time I stopped yelling and out of breath he knows nothing nobody does. I turn around not wanting him to see me cry so I run into my bathroom but he grabs me and I start kicking him and hitting him yelling at him to let me go. The whole time he just holds me finally I lose it I curl into him and cry he doesn’t know what to do at first then he wraps his arms around me. I can’t help it I just keep crying I cry for the lies, the secrets, and the deaths. Nothing is perfect and it’s far from it. Outside thunder roars through the sky and lightning lights up the darkness. I have nothing left. My strength leaves me and Avenir holds me tighter.
“I’m sorry if I hurt you” I mumble because my face is face first into his shirt. His body gives a lit shake I assume from laughing another round of thunder goes off.
“Oh…I’m tough as nails no daft little girl is going to hurt me. It’s you that’s broken.”
“I’m fine you can let go of me now.”
I look up at him and smile lightning lights up our faces. There inches apart his eyes are as blue as a crystal sea he looks at me and a smile plays across his face. Then I gasp I fall from his grip and onto the floor I try to breath but everything is on fire I look down and there’s a dagger in my chest I try breathing again and I start choking blood. I turn around and spit blood on to the hard wood floor I look around for Avenir but I don’t see him I only see blurry shapes. Then I see glowing red fire come out of nowhere and it’s floating in mid air right in front of me I know I should be scarred but I wasn’t.
“I told you I would be back and what a pleasant surprise you were about to kiss her!” The guy starts laughing and it sounds like somebody is scratching something. I try standing up but my legs feel like rubber and I just fall back down.
“Why are you here Rhy?”Avenir voice was now cold and emotionless giving away nothing.
“Why do you think because of her the whole downworld is talking about the girl with the Elders marks and how she is suppose to be all powerful. You should have known it would be me to come and get her. And be thankful it is me if it were someone else they would have killed you by now.”
“Your not taking her away you can’t she isn’t 17 yet she has the guards on her.”
It seemed to me that Avenir was winning and that Rhy the aqua guy was losing but then…
“Oh is that so? Well I’m sorry then to tell you that that on the sharfer blade was tukoas poison and the only way she can heal is if she comes with me.”
“Your wrong” I can’t stand up but every pair of eyes turn to me as I speak again “I can heal myself Rhy.”
He looks dumb founded that I could even talk. Then he smiled a cold smile that made me shiver.
“Oh well then show us.”

Oh snap Chapter 9

I take the blade out of the my chest and gasp the poison he was talking about is spreading I can feel it entering my blood stream I was going off of what Avenir had said about the Elder and how powerful he was. I take a deep breath and concentrate I can see my red blood and the blood that is tainted by the poison I see the cut in my chest as well. First I think about the cut closing then I look at the bad blood I concentrate and think that it’s only my healthy blood. I gasp I lose my concentration and look around my room. Rhy is staring open mouthed at me and Avenir is giving a sly smile. He leans over to help me up but I have gotten myself up. I walk towards Rhy and say
“Now I think you were just leaving am I right?”
“As you wish princess” he gives a fake bow and leaves the room.
I sigh and fall to the ground I look at my hands there’s still blood on them and on my shirt. Avenir has left the room so he must think all is well with me. I can barley breath everything is on fire again I close my eyes and gasp. I’m back in the brightly lit room but this time it was before I was sitting in the chair. The red winged angles pace the room the tallest one speaks he’s got long blonde hair that’s straight and brown eyes. He has on no shirt I look around the room none of them have on any shirts. They are also all wearing shorts. The tallest one says
“He should have been here by now where is he He’s running late. I told you we shouldn’t have trusted him.”
Another one of them come up and puts his hand on the guys’ shoulders. This one has brown short hair and green eyes.
“Ciro is never late we are just hear too early.”
His voice sounded Russian and The other one British…That was it Avenir had a slight British accent. That was when there came a knock on the door all the guys in the room straightened up and the tallest one opened the door. He bowed and said
“Ciro I told them you would be here soon.”
“Thank you Avel” he looked round him and clapped his hands together and said “Boys were going to go hunting.” The guy named Ciro was tall 6”3 with golden blonde hair and crystal blue eyes. The perfect ladies man any day. I couldn’t hear what they said in response because the vision was fading away.
“Tiana are you okay?”
I opened my eyes and see Avenir leaning over me. He looked worried and I wondered why. I tried sitting up but I gasped instead and fall onto the bed wait how did I get on the bed? I looked at Avenir hands and blood was covering his left and his right had a couple of spots on it. I then realized he had come back into the room after he heard me gasp and had set me on the bed and had been waiting till I “woke up.”
“Yeah….” My voice was scratchy and Avenir left my side and five seconds later came back with a glass of water.
“Go raimh maith agat” I drink all of the water and hand the glass back to him. “Avenir do you know a guy by the name of Ciro?”

Past... Chapter 10

He looked surprised at first then shakes his head “Yeah I knew him he was one of my best friends before I was assigned to you that night I haven’t talked to him senses then. And how do you know that name Tiana?”
“I just…”I stop I just about gave away a secret dad told me to keep. That was the only thing he ever asked me to do that and watch over the family.
“You just what Tiana this in important “He looked worried again I didn’t have a lot of strength left and the bed was so soft I closed my eyes and they never opened. Avenir didn’t ask anymore questions but before I fell to sleep I heard him say
“The one girl in the world I like tries killing her self Lord help us all.”
I look up at him in my sleepy stage and say “So then you like me? And I didn’t try to kill myself.”
Before I fell asleep I heard Avenir say
“I’m still praying”
I fell asleep it had been a long day but it looked like it wasn’t going to let me off easy. I opened my eyes and there my dad was sitting at a long table. When he noticed me come in he smiled and said
“It’s time I started telling about your life.”
I turned around pushed open the wooden doors and headed out into a jungle. The grass seemed as tall as me. I keep going he has waited this long to tell me that everything has be a lie! I storm through the jungle I hear a waterfall a couple feet away I start walking for it. I remember the time that I had taken Tray and jay to the lake in Ashoak City. It was a stormy day and before I left the weather was promising a beautiful day. The sun was shiny bright and the sky was crystal blue. We started walking towards the lake for their first teaching lesson on how to swim. Jay was so excited but trey was scared I told him nothing bad would happen. When we got to the lake the sky had turned dark blue with bits of green in it. I told the boys we might not get to swim and both of them groaned even Trey. I sighed and said that you should never swim during a thunder storm. Trey grabbed my arm and said “please, please, please?” I told them no but they kept at it till finally I told them okay. But that If I said to go home we go straight home and no arguments about it. They agreed and I jumped into the water they jay jumped into the water and Trey walked in slowly looking around frantically I said
“Trey over here” he sighed and came over It took a long time to teach them both but they had finally gotten it.
I told them to come out of the water because it looked as if it was getting worse. I had my clothes back on over my swim suite. I looked around but had only seen Jay I said “Jay where is Trey?” Jay started looking around I started to help him but we couldn’t find Trey. Jay had been screaming his name till his voice had gone horse the storm was almost here. I started heading back to the house thinking maybe he had started home without us. As I started that way Jay screamed my name I turned around in time just to see Trey going back under the water as if something was pulling him under. I ran into the water and dived into the water I started swimming under the water toward the spot I had last seen Trey. But the waters currents were pushing me the opposite direction. I swam against the current fighting it with all of my strength only thinking about Trey the look on his face when he stepped into the water as if he knew something was under the water the whole time. Waiting till someone got left behind before it had made its presence known. I then saw him in the water kicking and hitting at a scaly hand with talons as finger nails. I swam faster and harder towards Trey. When I finally had gotten to him his leg was all scratched up and blood was spilling from the cuts. There was a deep cut on his arm and it looked like teeth marks on his foot. I screamed at Trey under the water. Swallowing water with my scream I grabbed Treys free hand and yanked it away from the scaly hand. I swam towards the surface of the water but got yanked down I shoved Trey towards the surface. He went up a couple feet but when he noticed I was no longer with him he turned around he then came swimming back towards me. I decided then that it was better if I died I had to save my brothers. I took a deep breath and yelled
“Trey you and Jay need to go home!”
Water came rushing into my mouth the second I opened it up. I had no more breath and around my vision I saw a trim of black creping closer towards the middle.
Trey had left and hopeful he took Jay with him. The creator’s nails started digging into my leg and its other hand came up and wrapped around my other leg. I knew I didn’t want to die this way I needed to fight I just couldn’t think of any other way. That’s when I saw its bright red eyes shining like a beckon had come into my view. I thought fast and kicked the thing in what I thought was its face. But the strangest thing happened I had not only kicked it but forcefully pushed it several feet away. It made a horrific noise but its grip loosened around my feet. I started swimming towards the surface. When I heard its cry again I started swimming harder. I had finally made it to the shore and started running home. On my way I slowed down and fell to the ground that’s when dad showed up. He looked me up and down. Where the thing had dug its nails into my flesh you couldn’t even see how deep because it seemed that the blood never stopped running out. My legs were covered in blood my blood I started to get back up but dad was now standing in front of me. His hair looked grey and his eyes dull he bent over my legs and said something so soft I couldn’t hear and I was four inches away from him. He bent closer to me and picked me up I had lost my voice because of all the lake water I swallowed. Dad had helped me up and I had finally found my voice
“Dad is Jay and Trey safe?” He turned to look at me and smiled and said.
“Yes I saw them earlier I fixed Trey all up.”
“Dad what was that thing under the water and why did it want us?” I was shaking again and dad draped his arm around me and said
“It was a she demon I didn’t know they leaved in lakes and… it only wanted you.” His eyes were now a hard blue and his face set in stone his tone had dropped.
“A she demon what did it want with me?”
“It doesn’t matter because nobody is ever going to get it.”

Big girls don't get scared Chapter 11

I was finally at the waterfall it was beautiful here where ever here was. The water was as clear as glass you could see everything that was under it all the colorful fish and even the coral a sea turtle swam by just then and it was huge I jumped back in surprise and hit something hard. I whirled around and looked up dad was standing behind me well now in front of me. I looked up at him and gave him my best annoyed look.
“I know what your thinking how could I have let you grow up without knowing nothing right?”
“No, you didn’t let me grow up with nothing you let me grow up with lies.” I spit the words out with as much venom as I could do without physically hurting him. And as I looked up at him I saw a look of hurt go through his eyes before he hid it.
“Your right now will you let me explain why I have done this?”
“Because you hated me because you found out I was different and you could trust nobody but yourself?” So you lied to everyone even your own daughter your only daughter! I thought you cared about me what happened?”
“Your right I left you and I had no right to do that to you what I had done I’m sorry okay is that what you wanted to hear me say? That I’m sorry for having to lie to you? You want to know why I had lied to everyone even you. Do want to know when the lying all started?”
“YES I’m tried of finding out everything was or had been a lie!”
“Fine you know that night after we where coming back home from the park? When you started to slow down I was wondering why maybe it was because you loved the park so much. But when you told me that you got these feelings when something bad was going to happen. That’s when all of the lies started I was only lying to protect you. You were special and I knew some of those people were going to come for you but your not even 17 yet. I was going to tell you now your birthday I guess I’ll just have to tell you a little early. Because you and Avenir need to leave before you turn 17 or downworlders will be breaking down the door of your mom’s house trying to kill you before you reach your full power. You need to get to the gates.”
“Father, look at me and tell me who I am.”
He looked at me surprised “Who you are? You’re my daughter…What do you want?”
“Avenir said I had some dragon blood in me does that have to do with any of this?” He looked mad but I don’t think it was at me I don’t think he wanted them to know as much about me as they did.
“Yes you have blue dragon blood in you and only one other person had blue dragon blood in him and it drove him crazy. He went to the upwalkers and said he wanted to die that nobody should have to go through what he did. He didn’t have your mark but it was similar. So they said that in order to have no more blue blooded children he had to kill the blue blooded dragon. They never told him that in order to kill it he had to kill himself. When he came to me he said that before the dragon died it gave all its blood to a baby girl and told him the name of the girl. The dragon said that once she is born they will both die him and the dragon. He came to me and said that the baby girl would be mine and it would be beyond powerful. That if he went mad with a little bit in him she would go mad in a couple of days after birth. He laughed and said he told the dragon this and the dragon only laughed. He grabbed me and said not to call the girl Anstice that it would kill her and to call her anything else. I told this to your true mother she said that she was calling you Elpida Anstice Idola I remember that he told me not to call you that I said why don’t we change something she looked at me and smiled and said no. I didn’t know what to do your mother left for a couple of days and when she came back she said I was right we did need to change something about your name. I was so overjoyed till she said that she wanted you called Tiana Anstice Idola. I was worried about you but then your mother took me to the side when she was giving birth to you and said that your name meant Tiana means princess, Anstice means will rise again, and Idola means visions. I asked her over and over again why she only changed your first name and why. And with her last breath she said she went to see the oracle and she said that you would indeed see visions and save many people but that you will rise again and in you the spirit of the blue dragon will live. And finally she said that you are a princess because the blue dragon was the highest ranking dragon we ever had. Her nickname was the queen so in truth you are a princess. After that your mother died and I didn’t get to see her again till I died. I was so sorry that I left you in a mess. I thought I could never help you that you would be on your own. But then my good friend Avenir came to the recues he saved you from Rhy and his group.”
“Wait that is a lot to take in there dad…I mean wow that’s crazy.”
I looked down into the water and a fish came up and looked me in the face and it looked liked it smiled at me. I laughed and then sighed nothing was going to be like it was ever again. I took off my socks and shoes rolled up my jeans took off my jacket and jumped in the water. I swam with the turtle and laughed till it hurt I poked my head out of the water and dad looked at me shaking his head and laughed.

Journey? Messages? Mermaids? Chapter 12

“I have to say you’re taking this very well. I forgot how much you loved water.”
“I haven’t been in the water…” My voice trailed off I never went back into the water sense that day I taught the boys how to swim. And dad always felt like it was his fault. Because after running into the she demon dad had taken me on a surprise car trip I kept asking him were we where going but he never spilled. Finally he told me to hop out of the car and close my eyes I was 15 at the time. He picked me up and carried me until he said now hold your breath when I let go. I did as I was told and plunged into the river. I let out an under water scream and swam towards the shore as fast as lightning I never thought about how fast I got there and how fast I should have gotten there. I turned around and saw dad was staring at me with his mouth hung open. He never talked about it and after that we went straight home. I never swam again but I had to swim here it was just asking for it. And I could see what was in the water. I stuck my head back under water and opened my eyes the water was so clear the fish that had smiled at me earlier was now tickling me I laughed and saw a figure appear in front of me I didn’t move I couldn’t. My fish friend swam in front of me and turned into a dolphin. Now I was even more shocked then before. The figure flicked the dolphin and it made a squeaky noise and turned back into the normal fish it was before and swam to my side. My eyes how ever were locked onto this figure it was a women looking around in her thirties. She had hair so black it looked blue she had green eyes the color of fresh summer grass. She was a mermaid I gasped and started to swim up but she only shocked her head and said
“Daughter of the queen I have a message for you.” Her voice was sweet musical
“W...h...a...t do you want?”
She laughed the sound was both horrifying and lovely I knew this was someone you wanted on your side.
“I came to tell you what the oracle now says about your future. It has changed sense she last spoke to your mother a horrible change a bloody one that can not and should not be forgotten she says.
That the world has gone down in flames many of times but all life has recovered
And that she who was dead will be seen
And the world will go into war for the source of the deaths
Of young and old
Nothing will ever be as it once was unless the one will be bold
And the one that has never been truly mothered
May just be to keen
And have to slay like Seth
Or the past will live again running the red blood of the Dead Sea blue.
The mermaid looked at me as if I knew what she had just said. I had no clue and my head was starting to hurt.
“Daughter of the queen the oracles messages have hidden meanings only you may know about but there are always though that can help you. Don’t give up help for pride.”
“Why do you keep calling me the daughter of the queen?” The mermaid smiled and I almost screamed her teeth were razor sharp and the color of pears.
“Because do you not have her blood in you? You do not have to answer because we both know what blood you have. But the problem is because of that blood. You have many of paths ahead of you so I ask you this which path are you going to follow?”
She laughed that shockingly horrifying and sweet laugh of hers and then just disappeared. Her laughter remained a little while longer bouncing around the water where she once stayed. My fish friend had disappeared but I now knew it could stand its own ground. I poked my head out of the water there was nothing under there for me any more. All the fish and even the turtle had left when the mermaid had. I get out of the water and climb on to a rock tower by the water fall. I thought about everything I had just found out and wondered if this was the end or only the beginning. The sun was shining down on me and the cool summer breeze picked up. It was very peaceful here their where some birds singing off in the distance and with the roar of the water I fell asleep right there. I woke up to a scream I jumped I was still on the rock island thing. The sun was just setting and it reminded me of the time dad first found out about my “feelings”. I looked around the water fall was still roaring but the scream still echoed of the rock walls reminding me of the mermaids laughter I shivered. I looked around and everything looked different in the darkness. On the other side of the jungle a purple moon was rising I did a double take yep it was definitely purple. The birds had stopped singing and the cool summer breeze was gone. It was dead quite almost, I could still hear the roar of the water fall. I looked around one last time the water was no longer crystal clear now it was a black hole showing you everything but, what was under the water. I was surrounded by water I sank down in the middle and curled up in a small ball it was just a bad dream I needed to wake up. I pinched my arm till I drew blood and screamed my blood was no longer red it turned blue. I jumped up and stated pacing I had to get off of this rock pile island.

Cat's don't talk right? Chapter 13

“Do you need some help there?”
I jumped again and turned around I had never heard that voice before. I looked around but I couldn’t see anyone. I stopped looking when I heard a splash of water somebody was out there and now they had to be in the water coming for me. I started to back up because right in front of me a boy no older then I came out of the water. But that was not the weird part the weird part was that he had wings just like my dad. He was tall 6ft midnight black hair that looked like he just got out of bed even though he just came out of the water. His eyes were as purple as the moon. And he wore a white shirt now soaked and pants on that looked all ripped up. I backed up from him with my hands out stretched in front of me. Then my feet slipped up from under me and I fell into the black water. I screamed and started swimming to the shore but something grabbed my ankle I screamed again thinking it was the she demon. Black water came into my mouth I could no longer br

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