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Uriel's Machine Part 10

Uriel's Machine Part 10

By Mitzi Danielson-Kaslik

I reached into my pocket and pulled out the pen Uriel had given me. Uriel, the man who’s imagination had turned into its own terrifying reality. And I began to write. On my left arm. The tale of the girl who slayed The Shadow Master. Uriel’s Bow flaming with the fury of the gods in her hands and the silvery arrows that have the power to kill all in their path. With a single deadly shot, she pulled back the string and released a powerful arrow into the arm which shot the distance and embedded itself directly in The Shadow Master’s heart. He fell to the floor quickly and lay dead. Eternally.

I looked up from my work to find a flaming bow beside me. Uriel’s Bow. Taking it with the fury of the gods in my hands, a pulled back the bow and killed The Shadow Master. He lay dead on the floor of The Garden of Shadows. Eternally. I had killed him. I took the book from his cloak. Suddenly, The Nameless One stopped in their music. Night was over. I had done it. But how could I ever get back? The machine was in the tree and I could never hope to find my way home. Opening the compass, hoping to find answers, I saw that the bronze needle had vanished. I walked back out of the garden through the door into the forest where Gillidore sat. “Dear friend, I did not mean to abandon thou, what of The Shadow Master?” Gillidore sobbed “He is dead, Gillidore. Now I just need to find a way home.” “it’s obviously isn’t it?” he smiled “You write it.”

This I did as I had written so much before. There was one more thing I felt I had to do before I left The Enchanted Forest. I told Gillidore softly that he was an invention of imagination in a book. He at least deserved to know, I thought. His response puzzled me “Dear Friend, thou says those words as if thou art not. This is my world. To me you live in a book, far, far away.” I am still not sure what he meant by this. But it somehow felt true. Those were the last words I ever exchanged with Gillidore. Before long, there was a shining cascade of colour flashed and twinkled in the corners of my eyes with nothing but inky blackness ahead of me accompanied with a strange noise. It was the sound of Uriel’s Machine.

I found myself once again in the library. Perplexed, I stepped out of the room to find Professor Uriel paced anxiously. Overjoyed I shouted “Professor. Professor Uriel, I’ve done it.” “Done what?” he whispered, confused “He’s gone. He’s dead.” He did not understand me. “Do put that book away, I think you ought to go home now, it’s almost five.” I shook my head. Uriel didn’t remember. As I turned to walk into the main library where I had found the blue velveteen book he whispered something “it’s does not do to live within the pages. Goodnight” he then walked away out of sight I and I did likewise. I opened The Enchanted Forest to see perfect text which I began to read. It was a tale of a girl who’d come from a faraway land to save the realms. Funny. I looked at the pictures which were inky and perfect and in no way spoilt. It was wonderful. Inky trees and rivers and a stag with swirling swooping antlers and a dragonfly soaring above the waters, his willowy reflection swimming into view from the facet of the river. It looked for a moment almost as if the inky scene was moving. But that’s not possible. Closing the book, I slipped it into its place, catching a glimpse of the gold lettering on the spine By Professor G. Uriel .he had written the book.

Perhaps I will be a writer one day.

Author Notes: Final Part

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About The Author
Mitzi Danielson-Kaslik
About This Story
9 Jul, 2019
Read Time
3 mins
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