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TheDeckerEdgeMatt Decker

What if I told you

Beneath the sensory stream

Verily and merrily it's

More magical than it seems?


The current of reality

You are currently within

'Tis not the same flow

As when your day began.


Beyond the finite hope

Of our present attention

Stretches an infinite scope

Of alternative dimensions.


[ Behold a prediction

Stranger than fiction ]


By the time dark descends

And the mind becomes unclothed

A gallery of actualities will have

Invisibly opened and then closed.


Mortal meets portal

Moment by minute --

Possibilities are vortices

Tho' no eye sees the spinning.


It won't be seen

Like a scene from sci-fi.

The shift is swift

Subtle and ever so slight.


Hour by hour

We're all in a spiral.



A snap decision.

The Universe splits

Into divisions.


Sure you can take that road.

Just watch for the wormholes.


God is found in the details

And hell is the parallel.


Would opposites exist

If this alone is it?


Can a fettered mentality

Open a better reality?


Clear the hurdle

Through the swirl

Enter the portal

To a new world.


[ The cortex is your v.o.rt.ex. ]


Breathe in the ambiance of nuance --

Welcome to the multitudinous

Versions Of RealiTy EXperienced.


Šī¸ Matt Decker

Author Notes: Mortal Meets Portal

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About The Author
Matt Decker
About This Story
28 Oct, 2022
Read Time
1 min
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