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Vampire Love Story c:

Vampire Love Story c:

By holly32101

As we walked through the valley of death, we sense the presence of a human. My mate and I split up to have a better chance of getting our next meal. As he attacks the human from behind, I quickly sink my fangs into the human's neck. To celebrate the death of the human, yes I mean celebrate, we took a long walk through Terra mortuorum (Land of the Dead), where our past victims rest. As we're walking he grabs my hand. He leans close and whispers in my ear, "Follow me Dark Princess." We began to walk towards a river that looks as if it's filled with blood. As we neared the edge of the bank, the tight grip on my hand disappeared. I slowly reached my hand down to the blood, but before I soaked my hand in the warm, red liquid I stopped to look at him. He looked at me in confusion and asked, "Is there something bothering you?" 
"No, no not at all, it's just I don't see how you did it."
"Did what my dear?"
"This...all of this."
"Don't worry about it and enjoy!"
And that we did. We enjoyed the rest of our night there.We had decided to name the river, we called it River amoris, meaning "River of Love". We could hear the helpless screams of humans and we had the sweet scent of blood, it was AMAZING!

Author Notes: This is a vampire love story.. enjoy c:

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29 Oct, 2014
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