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VANS (off the wall)

VANS (off the wall)

By morgan8456

Today was the day I am finally going to get new shoes! My dad is always coming up with lame excuses to put off geting me new shoes. Today, though, is very special. Imy new shoes we are going to church to watch videos for a program I am in.

After we arive at the store I picked out my favorite pair. They were beautiful! They were called Vans. They had a white lacing rim and blue inside and middle.

When we finished, We headed on to the church. The video me and my group watched was about how a pair of shoes could change a persons life. even though I loved my new shoes very much, I had so many more that I wanted to donate that pair.

The next day they were shipped off to a kid over seas, along with my address and phone number. A few days later I recieved a letter from the kid who got my shoes! The letter changed my life!

She had told me how those shoes were the same exact shoes her sister had on when she last saw her. Her sister was sent away and she became a slave. She said that was the last piece she had of her and she thanked me for my gift.

Iit is amazing how one pair of shoes can change a persons life!

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24 May, 2013
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