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Awoken grouchy as police sirens went whooing through a quiet city night and a cold draft entered my old, victorian style apartment as I forgot to close the window. This sucks. I gotta get up out of my warm comfy bed and close a window when it’s cold outside and try to fall back asleep. After trying to fall back asleep, it just bothered me that the window was open as the city night is getting louder. Forcing myself up with my arms doing all the effort. I turn my warm uncovered body towards the window on the bed and groan as I get up right on the bed. The cold wooden floor is making this worse now. My feet are freezing to the touch. I walk on my heels and skitter my way to the window and push down the cold aluminum frame. The last rush of cold air pours in and blows against my body as the sounds of the city are muffled away.

As I walk janky like on my heels back to my warm bed I am grieving that I have to try to fall back asleep. I spin on the heels and flop down on my giant blue queen bed quilt and stare at the ceiling. I tried multiple positions to fall asleep, on the stomach, pillow over head, curling into a ball, none of them worked. I gave up and just did some office work that needs to be done for a later date. Grab the laptop, some papers and head to work on the warm bed.

In the midst of working without stopping, a sound just broke in my mind. A cracking sound. I thought it was my laptop or a piece of paper being crinkled. No, it didn’t come from them. Could it be the floor or my apartment neighbors? But no ruckus was being made from them. Whatever it was, it stopped. As I got back in the groove of typing, it happened again. The cracking sound. Now I am curious to find out where this sound is coming from. I look all over seeking to find a potential suspect in the disturbance. As I searched and searched and searched, I got nothing. Not a trace, until some dust particles fell on me. I look up. There is a crack on the ceiling. I know the apartment building is pretty old, but I never noticed a crack up above, besides the fact that it is long. The quick jagging crack runs all along the ceiling. From the kitchen ceiling light to my bed. It makes right angles like it was maneuvering around the apartment layout. I retrace it again with my head tilted at the crack as I follow the path with slow steps.

With every step, I study it intensely. As reaching the end my eyes were blinded by the kitchen light. Putting a hand up to block the light, I see that some more of the white ceiling dust is chipping away. Krk,krk. I take a step back from the shock of the sound. The crack has bolted from the kitchen ceiling to the hallway wall where my closet is. I follow it with caution. “Is the ceiling gonna collapse?” I thought to myself. After reaching the closet, I open the door, slap! My heart skipped a beat when a broom fell in front of me. Recollecting my wits, I turn the light on. Taking a gander inside, the crack goes from the door following along to the back of the closet. Wanting to see what it looks like, I pushed clothes from the middle to opposite sides as my eyes followed the crack down to the bottom, a decorative vent grille. Nothing really special. Sounds like air is coming through, but not in a good way, it is low pitched and has a rattling sound to it like it is clogged with something. Beginning to walk back out I trip on the broom and fall. On the ground I grab the broom in frustration from it and look back. I didn’t know what I saw. There were a pair of big bloodshot eyes looking at me through the metal vent grille. And it’s fingers came through the openings and wiggled them in delight as if it wanted me.

Author Notes: Please rank and comment on what was good, bad, right or wrong with this story. Much Love. Keep on Rockin'!

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19 Apr, 2020
Read Time
3 mins

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