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By knowwhodoyou

The heavens are dark and stormy. The crescent moon is about to capsize on the crashing waves and blubbering froth. Lightning flashes its upmost brilliance and raindrops race each other as they plummet from the sky onto the land , dividing into smaller specks as the hits the hard uninviting ground. The smell of ozone is strong.

Let's imagine that every raindrop is held by an invisible spider thread from the cloud.
The scene is frozen in time like a painting. Like a snippet of that video you want to watch again.
Pick a raindrop from the threads of the sky and take a snip with Nature's perfecting scissors.

The raindrop falls gently towards to the ground. It's scared. Would happen to it? Finally, it touches town on a soft surface. On the blue tenderness of the petal, the little raindrop rests and camouflages, thankful that its landing was soft.

Gloria Solar begins her journey and rises high over the countryside with its neat grid-paddocks. Her light flickers slowly but steadily, illuminating the tiny dewy grass blades as the birds sing to signify the dawn in their high ethereal voices. The farmer is deep in the well of his dreams as he snores and blows popping bubbles of saliva on his bedsheets.

The little raindrop glitters a star in the trumpet of the morning glory. Unsure of where it would belong it squirms on the petal. It edges to the edge of the petal and considers for a moment. Would it take the risk?

It falls. The little raindrop falls.
And becomes a whole.
The little creek giggles at a new member has joined the crew. Merged.

Rain is plummeting down to the ground. A single rain drop makes its own journey to belong on earth. I do not need to continue, because you know what will happen.

(C)knowwhodoyou 2011

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30 Mar, 2011
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1 min
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