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Violet Eyes #1

Violet Eyes #1

By Bitter

Eli was just your typical teenage jokester. He pulled harmless pranks on people he liked; and he pulled extreme pranks on people he DIDN'T like. 
But, in his case, the people who received harmless pranks were his vampire coven, and people he did the extreme pranks on were mostly werewolves; the vampire's main enemy. 
As you can tell now, Eli IS a vampire. 
But the vampires nowadays had evolved. 
They were stronger than ever before. They were faster than ever before. And the vamps of today had gained the ability to levitate three stories into the sky and fly around a bit, before falling back to the ground. Yet Eli spent most of his time outside perfecting his levitating. He would need that to make a getaway from the victimized werewolves o his next prank. 
Many of times Eli was caught by the werewolves. 
He would insult a few, complain about the chains he was dangling from upside down were to tight, and then break free from the chains with his vampire strength. The werewolves ALWAYS forget about the strength. They're too busy chasing after him, while usually covered with shaving cream, or tar and feathers. 
Pulling all the pranks usually got him in trouble with his coven/parents. Not because he pulled the prank, but because he would get caught and almost killed. 
Eli didn't care. 

The first time Eli ever crossed with the werewolves was when he was a newborn vampire. He had done something stupid like put some bear traps near the cave where the werewolves met, sit behind a bush and watch the werewolves (in wolf form) run right into the bear traps. 
There was only one problem. He was quickly sniffed out by the only wolf not in wolf form. She was his age, had long wavy blonde hair, and the temper of a bull. 
They had chained him down in there cave. All of the wolves (in human form) were growling and glaring at him. Yet they didn't do anything. In rage, Eli threw some insults, and even spit on some wolves. Even though vampire spit should've felt like dry ice rubbing on their skin, they didn't do anything to Eli. 
At that point, the pack leader walked in. 
Eli couldn't hold the laughter in. He looked exactly like the werewolf from those movies that was released and all the girls loved, but he couldn't remember the name of the movie. 
"Are you-" Eli chuckled, "Is your name Sam?"
The pack leader glared at him. 
"No, no, wait", Eli took a big breath and stopped laughing. 
"Is it... Jacob?" Eli couldn't contain himself. He burst out laughing.  
Eli learned about his speed that day. Turns out, his name actually WAS Jacob. 
After, he was let down from the chains and the werewolves closed in on him. 
But, as it was his first night as a vampire, he didn't know that he could run FASTER than a werewolf. He only thought he was a LITTLE faster. 
The werewolves were on top of him in two seconds flat. 
As they lifted him off the ground, they noticed the still fresh puncture wounds in his neck. 
"He's just a newborn. Don't kill him." The girl who sniffed him out said. 
Wow, Eli was starting to like her. 
"But, if he EVER crosses us again, I'll kill him myself." She finished. 
Never mind, Eli thought. 
They returned him to the abandoned museum where the coven met, but not before warning his parents. 
"We found him outside our cave. We didn't kill him this time. But don't think that we won't rip him to shreds and devour him if we see him again." Jacob told his father, the coven leader. 
"Don't think WE won't rip YOU apart. Vampires are stronger and faster and clearly smarter than werewolves-" Eli's dad said as the newest wolf of the pack- a 14 year old with a short temper- launched himself at Eli's dad. The wolf brought him down and as it's jaws were tightening around Eli's dad's stomach, he ripped the wolf's head clean off in one swift move. The wolf that lay dead on the floor, head not in tact, was the pack's least favorite wolf. This is the reason they didn't fight back. 
"This isn't over." Jacob said as the pack turned and left. 
Eli's parents turned and looked at him, along with the rest of the coven. 
"You know that guy's name is Jacob right? From, like, the movie-" Eli was cut off. 
"They could have killed you Eli. When I bit you the other day, it was because I saw a young, sixteen year old boy, lying in a bloody heap in the dumpster, and I thought, 'this boy was supposed to have a life, and grow up,' so I saved you. I didn't know that you would be such a troublemaker."
His mother said. 
"Yeah, you did save me. Funny story actually. You are exactly like that dad from the same movie I was talking about. The dad saved a couple kids who were dying by biting-" Eli said. 
"Eli!" his parents said in unison. 
The parents left Eli there so they could go talk. 
When they returned, they decided that they would teach him how to use his abilities to stay out of danger. They also said that they thought it was hilarious about the bear trap and that he should do more pranks. BUT, as long as he knew how to get out safely. 
Obviously, no one in the coven had ever pulled a prank on the wolves before. 
When Eli's dad left, Eli sat down with his mom and she decided to talk heart-to-heart. 
"Eli, you're an amazing kid. You're funny, smart, and handsome, and I don't want this to happen to you", his mother said as she lift her shirt just above the belly button to reveal a long scar that weaved around her stomach a few times. 
Eli stared in horror. The scar  had bits of pink around the edges and was downright disgusting. 
"This is what happened to me when I messed with the wolves back in 1790 when-" she said. 
"Mom, put that thing away." Eli choked. 
"When I was a young vampire I thought it would be funny to-" She continued. 
"Mom, that's disgusting. I get the point. Just put your shirt down", Eli said. 
His mother put her shirt back the way it was. 
"It's just, when I saw you lying there in the dumpster, I thought of my own son who passed away, and I couldn't bear to see it happen again." She finished as she walked away. 

It's true. Eli was found by his 'mother' in a dumpster, bleeding to death from multiple wounds. 
Eli was friends with a boy named Alec. Alec was in one of the city gangs, but Eli didn't know that. 
Eli didn't really like Alec after a while, because he cheated off his papers and stole his stuff, and used Eli. 
The day before he was found in the dumpster, he had a falling out with Alec. Eli had finally snapped on him for taking his stuff and Alec told him the Eli would regret fighting with him. 
The next day, after school, Eli was walking out of the parking lot when he was suddenly surrounded by several intimidating looking guys. 
Alec then stepped forward. 
"Eli. You made a mistake." he said. 
Then out of nowhere, one of the guys shoved Eli into another guy, who shoved him into another guy, who continues the pattern with five other guys. 
Eventually, Eli is pushed to the ground. The men close in on him and feet come from all directions. Eli could barely hear his own screaming over the enraged shouts of the men. 
Before Eli knew it, he was being held in a standing position and one guy had pulled a knife. 
The guy gave it to Alec and he brought it to Eli's cheek. A long minute later, Alec finishes on Eli's face and quickly jabs him in the stomach a few times before they through him in the nearest dumpster, thinking he was dead. 
Before Eli finally let go, the lock placed on the dumpster door was smashed and a woman opened the lid and jumped in. 
Eli, with blood in his eyes and still hazy from the attack, thought it was another gang member and started quietly weeping to himself. 
"It's going to be okay." The woman said as she leaned down to bite Eli. 

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3 Oct, 2011
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7 mins
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