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Violet Eyes #10

Violet Eyes #10

By Bitter

When Scarlet returned home that night, she was full of glee. 
Eli kissed her! Her vampiric mind STILL couldn't process that! He KISSED her!
Scarlet was a good student when she was in school. Just like Eli, Scarlet was 17 when she was turned into a vampire. Now, she would be 45 in human years.
 She wasn't bitten because she was dying, she was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Her and Ellie were invited to a party one night, and the party was invaded by a small group of vampires. Her and Ellie were the only two that weren't completely drained of blood, and lived long enough to complete the transformation. They were separated into different Covens, but reunited every once in a while, when special meetings were called. 
Now, Ellie was gone. 
They had both really liked Eli, hearing stories of his pranks, and sometimes seeing him at the Coven meetings hosted by his father. 
Now Scarlet would make her move. 
Ellie would want her to do that. 

Eli walked to school to see that Clara Rose wasn't there. But Beef was. 
"Oh look! Dracula got down!" Beef mocked. 
Eli rolled his eyes and walked past. 
His temple still hurt from the onyx ring last night. Nobody could see the mark because Eli's hair covered it. 
He went to the bathroom to check in the mirror if it was still there.       
He got to the sink and put down his bag. He looked in the mirror at his head. The purple had completely faded from his eyes and was mostly faded from his skin. 
"Dude, that's a NASTY bruise." said a tall blond boy coming out of one of the stalls. 
He walked up to the sink beside Eli's and turned it on. 
"How'd you get it?" he asked. 
Eli faced him and the boy's eyes lit up. 
"Oh! You're Eli! The kid that Chester hates. Did you get in another fight or something?" he asked. 
Eli turned back to the mirror. He fixed his hair in front of the 'bruise' and his silver streak fell right in front of his eyes. 
"Yeah, we were fighting and his ring hit my temple and…um…bruised me." Eli said. 
"Cool." the boy said. 
"By the way, I'm Sebastian. People call me Ash for short though." he added. 
"Cool." Eli said. 
"See you around?" he asked. 
"Cool." Ash said as he walked out of the bathroom. 

Eli got out of the bathroom to find Beef waiting for him. 
"Yo, vampire boy!" Beef called. 
Eli looked up with an unamused look on his face. 
Then, two guys from Beef's football team rounded both corners, both holding a large bucket of red paint. 
"No! Wait!" Eli yelled as he covered himself. Beef's beatings didn't hurt, but red paint would take forever to get out, so this was real fear in Eli's voice. 
The two guys dumped the large containers over Eli's head as spectators around them laughed at Eli's expense. 
"Look! Vampire boy is covered in blood!" Beef taunted. 
Down the hall, Clara Rose was putting things in her locker after arriving late, and heard loud laughter down the hall. She jogged around the corner to see Eli standing in the middle of a group. 
Clara Rose gasped. 
Eli was covered in blood. 
Oh God, Clara Rose thought. He might've killed someone!
"This paint stinks!" someone called from the crowd. 
Paint. Clara Rose felt relieved. 
Eli just stood there. Then, without saying anything, he walked away. Everyone stared as he left a long red trail behind him. 
Clara Rose slipped from the crowd and caught up with him. 
"Hey." she said. "Are you okay?"
Eli didn't look up. 
"Yeah. It's just paint." he responded in a monotone voice. 
He turned into the bathroom and left Clara Rose standing there. 
Then, she just walked right in. 
Eli wasn't surprised to see her walk in. 
As Eli held his head under the sink, Clara Rose lifted her hand. 
Suddenly, the paint lifted off of Eli's clothing and hair and ran down the drain. 
Eli stared wide-eyed at Clara Rose. 
"You didn't tell me you could do THAT." he laughed. 
He kissed Clara Rose. Then, a burly 12th grader walked in. 
"Get a room." he complained. 
Eli shrugged and him and Clara Rose left. 

At lunch, the two sat by Clara Rose's locker because Eli's locker was still being cleaned up. 
"Why weren't you at school yesterday, or the day before?" Eli asked. It must've been some sort of meeting for all the witches, like meetings for vampires. 
"I was sick." Clara Rose answered. 
"Oh. Okay." Eli said disappointedly. 
Clara Rose laughed. 
"What? Did you think it was some sort of meeting for witches like the meetings that you have for vampires?" she joked. 
Eli looked away. 
"No." he said quietly. 
Down the hall, Eli saw Beef and his buddies turn the corner. 
Eli grabbed Clara Rose's arm and dragged her off. 
"There he is!" yelled one of the jocks. 
Eli ran around the corner, and Clara Rose came to her senses and jogged beside him. 
"Not now. I don't need this." Eli mumbled. 
He heard the guys break into a run, so Eli ran around the corner and dove into a large trash can. 
Clara Rose sat down right beside it. 
"Clara Rose!" Eli whispered. 
"Tell them you don't know where I am."
Then, Beef and his friends rounded the corner. 
"I don't know where he is!" Clara Rose announced. 
There was a loud slap as Eli's hand made contact with his forehead. 
The face-palm was too loud, because Beef and his friends picked up the trash can, and walked away. 
Clara Rose swallowed. 
Beef got to the top of the grass hill leading to the front of the school, and put the can down on it's side. 
"Have fun!" he called as he kicked the trash can down the hill. The can picked up speed and crashed into a tree by the school doors. 
Eli crawled out of the trash can, and stumbled around a bit. If he had any food in his body, he would've thrown it up. 
"Jesus. What the hell?" someone said as they caught Eli before he fell. 
Eli lost consciousness

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7 Oct, 2011
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5 mins
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