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Violet Eyes #11

Violet Eyes #11

By Bitter

Eli woke up in his room. His head felt like someone was holding a shard of onyx against it. 
He collapsed back onto his pillow. 
Someone entered his room. They sat down at the end of his bed. 
"Hey. Are you okay?" Clara Rose asked. 
"Super. My head feels like I'm wearing an onyx studded hat." Eli responded. 
The door opened again and someone else stepped in. 
"Ouch dude. That must've killed!" Ash said. 
"Oh, Eli. This is my friend Sebastian, I call him Ash though." Clara Rose said. 
Eli shut his eyes. 
"Yes. We've met. Now can you tell me what's going on?" he snapped. 
"Well, after Beef picked up your can, I saw Ash and told him to follow me. We ran outside to see you smash into the tree. Ash ran over right when you lost consciousness. I couldn't lift you myself, so Ash helped. We didn't take you to the hospital because… well, you know." Eli got what she was saying. Eli could never go to the school nurse, because when they take his pulse, well, Eli had none. 
"What? Why didn't we take him to the hospital?" Ash asked. 
"Um because…" Eli started. 
"I didn't have my car and it was too far away!" Clara Rose covered. 
"Oh. Makes sense." Ash shrugged. 
Clara Rose clicked a button on her phone (which was in her pocket) that speed dialed Ash. He heard his phone downstairs and left the room. 
"I need some animal blood to dull the pain." Eli said. 
He hadn't gone hunting in a while. He had gotten good at living without blood. But now, he needs it. 
Clara Rose reached into her purse and pulled out a water bottle full of red liquid. 
"You're parents filled me in." she said. 
Eli looked suspiciously at it. 
"Cow blood?" 
"Newborn cattle. Room temperature."
Eli smiled. 
"They know me so well."
He took a large gulp and it spilled down his chin. Then, Ash walked in. 
No one moved. Suddenly, Clara Rose jerked her hand upward and Ash froze. 
"Clean up. I'll handle him." she said as she pushed Ash's frozen body to the door. 
"You're a devious little one." he chuckled. 
Clara Rose sighed. 
"Shut up."

Eli's head felt a lot better when he walked downstairs. Clara Rose was sitting on the couch
and a wide-eyed Ash was talking to her. 
"I had the weirdest déjà vu. You were there," he pointed to Clara Rose. 
"And you were there too." 
"That's great Ash. Now, Eli. How's your head?" she asked. 
"Better. That pain killer really worked!" he said. 
"I have a question though."
Eli jumped over the back of the couch and landed beside Clara Rose. 
"Where's Beef?"
Clara Rose smiled. 
"He was caught by the principal. Ash and I made bets. He thinks he's getting expulsion, and I think he's getting a weeks suspension." she said. 
Eli laughed. 
"One or the other, I think he'll stop bugging me afterwards."
Later one, Ash and Clara Rose left, and Eli decided to go to bed early. His head still hurt a bit. 

Eli woke up at 8:50 that next morning. He had ten minutes to get to school. He got dressed and groomed by 8:52 and walked to school. Eli got to his locker. The smell of paint and bleach still lingered. Nobody else could smell it though. Only his vampire nose could pick it up. 
Then, for the third time in his entire existence- alive or dead- Eli was shoved into his locker. It slammed shut and Beef laughed. 
"Too easy!" 
Eli fumed. Why was Beef at school? Better yet, why was he allowed within 50 feet of Eli? He was about to punch the locker door open when he heard a familiar voice. 
"Need some help?" Clara Rose teased. 
"Just get me out before I tear myself out." Eli said.
Clara Rose smiled. 
"Why should I?" she playfully asked as the bell rang. 
"Oh. Look at that. You're going to be late for class!" she said with fake surprise. 
Eli gritted his fangs. 
"Fine. What do you want?" he asked. 
Clara Rose looked around at the emptying hallway. 
"Hhhmmm. 1 lunch date with Eli Smith. How's that?" she said. 
"Fine. Just get me out." Eli complained. 
Eli heard a few clicks and the locker door swung open. 
"Are you going to do that every time?" Eli asked. 
Clara Rose laughed. 
Eli dramatically exhaled. 
"You're a jerk." he joked. 
Before Clara Rose could respond, Eli was gone. 

At lunch, Clara Rose walked into the cafeteria. Eli wasn't there. Clara Rose frowned. 
She checked by her locker and by his locker. 
She sighed. Why would Eli cheap her out like that? Disgruntled, Clara Rose left to go home for lunch. 
She walked out the front door and saw Eli on top of her car. He was holding a sandwich and a pop. 
Clara Rose smiled and climbed on top of the car. 
"Sorry. I had, like, $3 and I got as much as I could."
Clara Rose sat down beside Eli and smiled. 
"I don't care. Great spot by the way." she complimented. 
"Thanks. It took me weeks to get reservations. It was packed!" he joked. 
Clara Rose and Eli ate lunch. Technically, only Clara Rose ate, but Eli was there. 
Eli leaned in near Clara Rose. 
"I have a plan." he said. 
Clara Rose smiled. 
"Go on."
"Okay, I'll need your help though. If the principal isn't going to punish Beef, we will." he explained. 
Eli hadn't pulled a prank in months. If Beef got away with almost killing Eli (if he was human), then Eli could get away with one little prank. 
He brushed his dark hair out of his eyes as he explained.

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10 Oct, 2011
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5 mins
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