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Violet Eyes #12

Violet Eyes #12

By Bitter

Eli came to school that Friday with a smug smile on his face. He met up with Clara Rose and Ash in the parking lot. They discussed their plan as they walked. 
Mackenzie and Cathy noticed them walking in their direction. 
"What is this? The loser group?" Cathy called. 
"Oh snap, girl! You are on a roll." Mackenzie said. 
Then, they both threw Eli a flirtatious wave. 
Clara Rose frowned. 
"That was odd."
Eli sighed. "I know. They've been doing that all week for some reason. One day they hate me, the next they want to-"
"Make out?" Ash cut in. 
Eli sighed. 
"Sure. Let's go with that." he said.  

At lunch, Eli met Clara Rose by his locker. Just on time, Beef made his way to his daily locker-stuffing. Eli stood with his back to Beef, purposely reeling him in. 
"Hi, Beef." Eli said smugly without turning around. 
Beef glared at Eli and shoved him as hard as he could into Eli's locker. He slammed the door and spat,
"Don't called me that. I'll kill yo." 
Eli smiled to himself. 
"Chester, I'm sorry. Please stop shoving me in my locker. It hurts so badly." he said with fake sadness. 
Beef laughed out loud. Then, Clara Rose hopped up from behind a locker door and froze Beef. She ran over to the locker to unlock it, but stopped. 
"What'll you give me this time?" she teased. 
"I hate you." Eli said. 
She let him out and Eli gave her a kiss on the cheek.
"There. Happy?" he asked. 
"Let's just do this." Clara Rose complained. 
The two took Beef to the girls bathroom and undressed him. Not all of him though. 
They left him in just his underwear. Clara Rose pulled out a tube of lipstick and wrote,
On his cheek and forehead. 
Then, Clara Rose checked if anyone was outside in the hall, and her and Eli dragged Beef's still frozen body outside to the middle of the hallway. 
Eli took a picture. 
Clara Rose was about to unfreeze Beef, when she said,
"Eli? You should move. If he sees you when he's dressed like this, he'll KILL you."
Eli stepped into his locker but didn't close the door all the way. He left it open enough so he could see. 
Clara Rose unfroze him while sitting safely behind a trash can. 
The bell rang and Beef came to his senses. 
"Wha…?" he said. 
Students streamed into the hall. Immediately, people took out their cell-phones and captured Chester, the biggest and scariest kid in school, in his underwear. 
Beef yelled in rage. 
"I know Eli did this!" then he looked around. 
He ran off while kids pointed and laughed. 
Eli fell out of his locker because he was laughing so hard. He rolled around on the ground, with a few of the many other kids that Beef bullied. This was SO worth putting up with him everyday. 
Everything was fine until school ended. 
Eli had to stay a little later because he had a test to do that he had missed the other day. By the time he finished, Beef had rounded up all of his football friends. 
Eli walked out of the building with his headphones on. He had the music on so loud that he hadn't heard the approaching gang. 
Eli hit the ground with such force, that if he were a human, his back would've shattered. 
The football team started punching Eli. 
Eli didn't expect it to hurt, but he was seriously wrong. 
Everyone on the football team was wearing a class ring.  
Eli screamed in pain and shock as the onyx hit his skin with heavy force. The football team didn't let up until Beef finally said,
"That's enough!"
Eli lay one the ground in a crumpled heap, pain still shooting through his mangled body. 
Beef walked up beside Eli and crouched down. 
"Don't EVER mess with me again, or next time, I won't tell these guys to stop." he warned. 
Beef raised his fist and punched Eli in the back one last time. 
The football team left, each of them stopping to insult Eli or even kick him again. 
In the distance, Eli heard sirens. 
"Oh crap! He somehow called the police!" someone said. 
Eli heard a slap. 
"No yo idiot! Someone else saw us and called! Run!" Eli heard the team run off. 
The pain from the onyx rings hurt more than when the werewolves captured Eli and tortured him. 
Eli drifted into a painful sleep. 
Some time later, eli woke up.   
Eli couldn't move a muscle; every time he did, it shot a course of pain through his body. 
He heard footsteps from across the parking lot.
Clara Rose? Eli thought. 
A woman in her mid-forties came over and rolled Eli over. When she saw the purple marking all over Eli's skin, she let out a blood-curdling scream. 
Suddenly, she stopped screaming. In fact, she stopped moving altogether. 
Clara Rose! Eli thought. 
Clara Rose ran over and moved the woman behind a bush while she was frozen, then ran over to Eli. 
Eli opened his eyes slightly, revealing that his pupils had turned an almost neon purple. 
"Oh my God! Eli are you okay?" she leaned down and hugged him. 
A tremor went through Eli's body, signaling to Clara Rose that any movement hurt him. 
Clara Rose got a sad look on her face. 
"What am I going to do?" she asked herself. 
"I can't take you to the hospital, and I can't lift you without knocking you unconscious from the pain." she asked Eli. 
She took out her cellphone. She dialed Eli's house number and his mother picked up in the middle of the first ring. 
"Eli? Is that you?" she asked. 
"No. It's me, Clara Rose. Eli is hurt." Clara Rose said. 
"Oh gosh. Where are you?" Elizabeth asked. 
"We're at the school. In the far parking lot. I heard screaming so I ran over here. I found Eli on the ground." Clara Rose looked around. 
"I'm not sure who did it, but I have a good guess."
Elizabeth was quiet on the other end of the line. 
"I didn't know that he was staying late, but I just assumed. How long has he been lying there?" she finally said. 
Clara Rose kneeled over Eli. 
"Eli?" she asked softly. 
"How long have you been here?"
Eli thought back. He might've been unconscious. Eli didn't know; it was all a blur. 
"What time is it?" he choked out. 
Clara Rose looked at her cellphone. It was 7:30. School had let out almost 4 hours ago!
"It's 7:30." Clara Rose told Eli. 
Eli thought back. He finished his test at about 4:00, then headed outside and met by the football team at about ten minutes later. 
"What do we do? We can't call an ambulance, and I can't lift him!" Clara Rose said. 
"I'll be there in a second." Elizabeth said. 
About 5 seconds later, Clara Rose heard feet running across the pavement. 
Elizabeth was by Eli's side immediately. 
"Oh my. It's worse than I thought." she said. 
Almost all of Eli's skin was purple, his eyes were blindingly violet, and he was shivering. 
Then Elizabeth realized that he wasn't shivering; his body shook when he moved because of the pain. 
Clara Rose lit up. She knew what to do. 
"We need blood!" she exclaimed. 
"When Eli had his crushing headache, he drank cow blood and felt better."
Elizabeth stood up. 
"I'll be right back." she said. 

10 minutes later, Elizabeth returned with a cow on the end of a long, rope leash. 
For some reason, Clara Rose was not surprised at the sight. 
Elizabeth hit the cow over the head with her fist and dragged the body over. 
Elizabeth cut open it's side and Clara Rose looked away. 
She heard slurping noises as Eli drained the cow. 
Then, miraculously, Eli started to shift sideways. 
"Thank you." his voice was still a bit raspy. 
The purple in his skin faded to a light lilac. It was still detectable, so Eli would need to put on a hood if he wanted to leave. 
"Did Beef do this to you?" Clara Rose asked. 
Eli nodded very slowly. 
"Him and his football team." he responded. 
"Oh my God, Eli. You were beaten up by an entire football team?" Elizabeth said in shock. 
"By the way. Who's Beef? That's an odd name for a child."
Clara Rose giggled. 
About ten minutes later, Elizabeth got up. 
"Eli, can you try standing up?" she asked. 
Eli shifted onto his feet and grunted in pain. 
Then, very shakily, he rose to his feet. Pain shot through his upper body as he steadied himself. 
Eli collapsed to the ground and screamed in pain. 
In the distance, Elizabeth and Clara Rose heard shouting. 
"What was that?" someone yelled. 
Then, they heard footsteps running towards them.

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17 Oct, 2011
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7 mins
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