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Violet Eyes #14

Violet Eyes #14

By Bitter

Eli cheered the loudest when Clara Rose finished her final song. Then, as a joke, he started yelling,
"Encore! Encore!"
Clara Rose flipped him off and the crowd laughed. 
Eli walked around the back and slipped past the security guards. He got to Clara Rose's dressing room and silently slipped in.
"Boo." he said in a monotone voice. 
Clara Rose looked up from a paper she was holding. 
"Oh, hey." she said. 
Then, she jumped up from her chair and ran over to Eli. 
"I have amazing news!" she exclaimed. 
"Well, calm down. You don't want to explode before you tell me." Eli said sarcastically. Clara Rose liked that about him. It was cute. 
"Well," she said as she lifted the paper she was holding. 
"They gave me a contract. I'm going to play every week!" she said excitedly. 
Eli raised his eyebrows. 
"Well, I didn't think you were THAT good." he teased. 
Clara Rose punched him on the arm. 
"That's great, Clara Rose." Eli said. 
"I'll come to every show." he added. 
Eli's phone beeped. He looked down and saw that he had a text from his mother. 
It read,
"Come home now. We can't find Scarlet."
Eli gasped. Another text flashed on the screen. 
"PS, I learned how to text. L.O.L."
Eli looked up. 
"I need to go Clara Rose."
Clara Rose looked hurt. 
"But my shows not finished. I have, like, four more songs." she said. 
"It's Scarlet." he said. "She's missing."
Clara Rose's good nature took over. 
"Go! Find her." she said. 
She didn't care that Scarlet didn't like her; she knew that Eli cared about her. 

Eli arrived home in 20 seconds. His mother and father were waiting on the porch with the entire Shungter Coven.
"When did she leave?" Eli asked. 
Scarlet's mother stepped forward. 
"She left around 6:00. She said she was going to visit you." she said. 
Eli thought back. Scarlet was devastated when Eli couldn't go with her to Ellie's memorial. She must have taken off after that. 
Ellie's memorial. 
"I know where she is." Eli said. 
He took off to the spot in the woods where he and Scarlet shared their first kiss. 
Eli looked around. Then, he saw a silhouette of someone. Eli looked closer, and saw more figures standing around. 
Eli ran up to the group. 
He immediately recognized the werewolf pack. 
Eli jumped into his defensive stance. 
"What do you want?" asked Angie. 
Eli looked down and almost fell over. 
Scarlet was lying on the ground. She was split in two; her legs were lying parallel to her torso. 
"What did you do!?" Eli screamed at the pack. 
Jacob stepped forward with a malicious grin on his face. 
"She was trespassing. We told her to leave, but she didn't. We took action." he said smugly. 
He walked up to Scarlet's barely-alive body, and put his foot on her head. 
"Oh." Eli seethed as he squinted his eyes. 
"You did NOT just do that." 
Eli lunged at Jacob so fast, that Jacob had no time to change into wolf form. Eli bit down on Jacob's neck and ripped a large chunk of skin from it. 
He dropped Jacob's body. Nathan and Mark lunged and grabbed Eli and held him back. 
Jacob lay on the ground; blood pouring out of the wound from his neck. 
Mark pulled one way and Nathan peeled the other way, ripping off Eli's arms. 
Eli fell to his knees. Nathan walked up and shoved his ring into Eli's neck. Eli screamed and fell forward. 

Farther behind, the rest of the vampires struggled to locate where Eli had run off to. He took off so fast, he had barely left a scent. 
Then, Elizabeth's ears picked up and all-too-familiar scream. She bolted forward and saw the werewolves standing around two bodies. Eli's and Scarlet's. The vampires ran into a full attack. Daniel jumped on Mark's back and tore at his neck while Elizabeth tackled Angie to the ground. Eli slowly rolled over to his arms and reattached them. He slowly got up and stumbled over to Scarlet. She looked into his violet eyes and faintly smiled. Eli dragged her legs back to her torso, and they slowly latched around each other. Then, Scarlet used Eli for support and stood up. She took a step but fell over. Eli realized that they had tortured her with onyx. Eli forgot that he was the only known vampire who's flesh and eyes turned violet after touching onyx. 
Eli lay Scarlet down. 
"Rest." he whispered. 
Scarlet whimpered and Eli turned around. Jacob was standing above him, drenched in his own blood, with his shirt tied around his neck. Jacob swung his arm down to hit Eli with his ring, but only hit air. 
Eli jumped up and threw Jacob to the ground with a sickening crunch. Eli moved on to the next sorry wolf. He spotted Nathan and ran full speed into him, breaking many ribs in the process. Nathan lay there. Eli didn't kill him though. 
Eli stood in the middle of the fight and yelled,
The wolves and vamps all turned and looked at Eli. He ran and scooped up Scarlet and took off with the rest of the vampires.  

Scarlet lay on the couch in Eli's living room. She was in pain from the onyx and her legs still hurt. Eli walked into the room to check on her. 
He sat down beside Scarlet and she opened her eyes. 
"Hey. Are you awake?" he asked. 
"Hey! Are you awake!?" he asked even louder. 
Scarlet opened her eyes and glared at Eli. 
"Now I am." she complained. 
Eli got up and walked to the other side of the room. 
"Why don't you want me?" Scarlet whispered. 
Eli closed his eyes. There was a long pause until Eli finally answered. 
"It's not that I don't want you, I am seeing someone else." he said. 
Scarlet rolled over to her other side. 
"Thats why I left." she said. 
Eli rolled his eyes. 
"That's ridiculous. It doesn't mean I hate-" he started. 
"You were my everything!" Scarlet yelled. 
"But you pass me up for a human! Do you know how that makes me feel?" she continued. 
Eli was silent. He stared into Scarlet's cold eyes. "We were going great, but suddenly she comes along and I am NOTHING to you!" she finished. 
Eli frowned. 
"I was seeing Clara Rose before you visited the first time."
"Then why did you kiss me?"
Eli stopped. 
"I shouldn't have."
Scarlet opened her mouth wide in shock. 
"Leave. Now."
Eli stood up and promptly walked away.  

Monday morning, Eli stalked to school alone. He didn't bother to meet up with Clara Rose. In the parking lot, he saw Sebastian, who waved Eli over. 
"Hey dude. I haven't heard from you all weekend. C.R said you had to leave her show early." he said. 
Eli plopped his bag down on the front of Ash's car. 
"I'm fine." Eli snapped.  "
I didn't see you at the show." he accused. 
"Whoa. It just got cold out here." Ash said coolly. 
"Of course, I was at the show. You two are my best friends. I was looking for you, but I didn't see you." he added. 
"Sorry, man. I just... Had a rough night." Eli said. 
Ash smiled. 
"It's all cool with me." he said. 
Then, Ash was shoved forward into the hood of his car and Eli was in the air. 
"Hey, loser." Beef said, still holding Eli. Ash got up and frowned. 
"Chester, I'm not in the mood for this." Eli said. 
"Yeah, just put him down." Ash said. 
Beef looked at Ash. He spat in his direction. 
"Nah, this is fun." Beef said as he brought Eli to the jock's famous 'duct-taping tree'. He held Eli up and Eli warned him once more. 
"Beef, put me down. Now." he said. 
Beef frowned. 
"Wha did yo call me?" he growled. He wound up to clock Eli, but Eli ripped from his grasp. He spun around and gave Beef a hard punch in the chest, knocking him backwards. Eli stood in front of Beef, and hit him again in the stomach. Beef doubled over and finally collapsed. Eli walked over top of him and said,
"I warned you." as he turned around and walked away with a grin on his face. 
He high-fived an awe-struck Ash and walked to class. 

In history, Mackenzie and Cathy sat behind Eli. They repeatedly kicked his chair and threw wads of paper at his head. Finally, he turned around and gave them both an equally cold death-glare. 
At lunch, Eli found Clara Rose in the cafeteria and sat down. 
Clara Rose looked into his stormy eyes. 
"What's with you?" she asked while biting into her sandwich. Eli looked down. 
"Did you guys find Sydney?" Clara Rose asked. Then she frowned. 
"Wait, or was it Samantha?"
"It was Scarlet!" Eli exclaimed. He stood up and trudged out of the cafeteria. 
Waiting outside the doors, Cathy and Mackenzie raised an eyebrow as Eli walked right by them. 
"Hey, Mr.Mysterious." Cathy said. She and Mackenzie high-fived without looking at each other.
"What?" Eli snapped. 
"Roar. Did you eat a bowl of angry this morning?" Mackenzie teased. 
Eli scowled. 
"What do you want?" 
Cathy stepped up first. 
"Well, we were wondering..." she paused. 
Mackenzie sighed and stepped in front of her. 
"We were wondering if we could come to your house this weekend. It's our birthday- we, like, share the same birthday- and we wanted to see the hottest guy in school's house." she said. 
Eli rolled his eyes. Were they serious?
Just as Eli was about to say "Hell no", Beef came up and put his arm around Mackenzie.
Beef gave Eli an evil grin. 
"I heard about their plans." he said. "Sounds great."
Then, Beef quickly punched Eli on the arm with his newly replaced onyx ring. Eli hid the his reaction from the scorching pain. 
"You'll do it right?" Beef said as he punched him a few more times. 
"Chessy, stop. We need him alive." Cathy said. 
Beef stopped and Eli got up. 
"Yeah." he choked. "Sure."
Cathy and Mackenzie jumped up and down excitedly. 
"Yay! Best birthday ever!" they squealed. The three of them left to go bug some grade 9, and Eli headed in the other direction. Why did they want to see his house? he wondered. 
When he passed the cafeteria, he saw Clara Rose still sitting in the same spot, not moving.

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1 Nov, 2011
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