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Violet Eyes #15

Violet Eyes #15

By Bitter - 2 Reviews

Clara Rose got up from the table she was sitting at, still dumbfounded by Eli's outburst. She shook it off and walked out of the cafeteria. She didn't even notice Eli standing silently behind the door. 

Eli walked down the hall to his locker at the end of the day. He didn't even look at Mackenzie and Cathy who were flirtatiously waving at him. 
Eli got his things from his locker and walked outside. It was about to rain, so Eli had full strength incase Beef decided to do anything. Eli walked behind a large truck parked near a tree so that he was completely out of view. He then ran full-speed home. He was going so fast, that no one could have seen him. 
When he got to his porch, he headed inside. He went straight to his room, without even acknowledging his parents. 
He threw his bag down, spilling it's contents everywhere. He picked up a picture of him and Scarlet by the memorial. It was in a small glass frame.
 Eli threw it as hard as he could at the wall. The wall cracked as the picture frame smashed against it. Glass flew everywhere. 
Eli yelled in frustration. He fell to his knees. He loved Clara Rose, but him and Scarlet had some sort of special bond. He loved her too. Eli yelled again. His mother was in his room in a second. 
"What is it?" she asked. Then she gasped as she saw the wall and the glass shattered everywhere. 
"Eli, what's going on?" Elizabeth asked very seriously. 
"I tore somebody's heart out." Eli said coldly as he lunged out the window. 

Scarlet was still upset with Eli. She loved him, and she was placed second to a human. A human! 
Scarlet couldn't help it, but something inside of her still longed for his touch. 
Scarlet picked up a glass plate and raised her arm. She wound back to throw it, but stopped herself. 
She wouldn't do it. She will not let Eli ruin her. She was better than that. 
Scarlet sat down. She closed her eyes and thought back. She thought about what it's like from Eli's point of view. He can't control his emotions, and he loved that girl. Scarlet opened her eyes. 
Vampire or not, Eli loved that girl. 
Then Scarlet thought about what they could be doing right now if they didn't fight. It was the human's fault that she wasn't with Eli. 
Well, Scarlet thought, it's her or me. 
Vampire or not, she was going down. 

Eli felt the cool breeze running through his dark hair. He ran full speed to Scarlet's house. Eli ran to the yard, jumped and pushed off a tree and swung into her open window. 
Scarlet wasn't there. Eli ran down the stairs and looked around her house. He couldn't find her anywhere!
Eli ran out of the house and back to his house. She was probably there. When he got there, he didn't see her. She wasn't there! Eli became frantic. 
Eli checked one last place. He ran to Ellie's memorial. In the distance, he saw a figure. He ran towards it. 
"Hello?! Scarlet?!" he yelled. 
He got close enough and realized that it was just two kids trying to get some privacy. Eli muttered his apologies and left. 

Scarlet reached Eli's house and stomped up the steps. She slipped up the railing of the porch and into his window. She tore every book off the shelf and quickly looked through them. One of them had to have Clara Rose's address. 
Scarlet came across an address book and skimmed through it. 
There was one page that had Scarlet's address, some kid name Ash's address and phone number, and the last bit of the page was torn off. Scarlet grunted in frustration. Then, out of the corner of her eye, she saw something stuck on Eli's mirror. She quickly put all the books back and ran over to the mirror. Scarlet smiled. It has Clara Rose's address and phone number. Scarlet took it and shoved it in her back pocket. She took out her phone and texted Eli. 

Eli decided to start walking home. He would have to find Scarlet in the morning. Suddenly, his phone vibrated in his pocket. It was a text from Scarlet. It said,
"It's her, or me." 
Eli knew exactly what that meant. He needed to warn Clara Rose. Eli broke into a run and whipped past the tall trees. Branches scratched at his arms, but left no mark on his perfect skin. 
In the distance, he could see Clara Rose's house by the mouth of the forest. Eli ran even faster. He saw something fast and blurry dart into the house. 
Something shot out in front of Eli and sent him flying. Then, something large was one his back. "Well, well, well. What do we have here?" mocked Jacob. 
"Jeremy, Mark. Pick him up." Jacob ordered. 
The wolf on top of him stepped off for a split second and bit down on his arm while another wolf from the other side of the group grabbed his other arm. Eli struggled, but failed to get out of their jaws. 
"Wait! I need to go!" Eli cried desperately. 
Jacob walked up in front of Eli. 
"Well, I don't care. You shouldn't have been sneaking around in these parts." he said. 
Then he got close to Eli's face. 
"I'm not letting you go."
Eli used all his strength and kicked Jacob in the groin. The two wolves restraining him dropped him and ran to Jacob. 
"You… idiots." Jacob gasped. 
"You let… him… go." 
Eli was almost at the house by the time the wolves realized what was going on. 
He ducked out of view and climbed into the house, watching the wolves (while carrying Jacob) run by the window.
Then, Eli ran around the house, trying to find Scarlet or Clara Rose. 

Scarlet jumped on Clara Rose's back. Clara Rose threw some spells up but narrowly missed Scarlet. They were fighting outside by the alley behind Clara Rose's house.
 Scarlet had run in and yelled at Clara Rose. Somehow it led to them both using their powers to kill each other. 
 Clara Rose shot a flame-spell at Scarlet, hitting her square in the chest. Scarlet flew back and bit her tongue, trying not to cry out. Vampires can still suffer pain from attacks from other 'mystical creatures'. Scarlet quickly regained herself and grabbed Clara Rose by her wrist. Scarlet used all her strength and threw her in the air. Clara Rose just kept sailing. 
Scarlet let out a breath. She had no idea that Clara Rose was a witch. She found that out the hard way. 
Scarlet turned to walk away, when suddenly, she was pinned to the ground. Clara Rose levitated above Scarlet, while holding her down with flame spell. Scarlet reached out and grabbed a large rock and threw it at Clara Rose. 
The rock smashed into Clara Rose's stomach and she stopped the flame spell. She gasped for breath. If she hadn't been using a strength spell on herself, she would be doubled-over. 
Clara Rose returned with a powerful freeze spell; the same one she used on Beef. Scarlet stood frozen on the spot. Clara Rose smiled. Then, Scarlet slowly started to move. It looked like she was running in slow motion. 
Finally, Scarlet was back to regular speed. 
"You know a witch's spell doesn't last on a vampire!" Scarlet laughed. 
Scarlet tackled Clara Rose with all of her strength. Clara Rose went flying across the alley. She landed with a grunt and stopped moving. Scarlet walked up to her as the strength spell wore off. Clara Rose opened her eyes. Scarlet put her foot on Clara Rose's neck. 
"Nothing personal. He's mine." Scarlet said as she started to push down. 
Then, Scarlet and Clara Rose heard a sound that jolted them both. 
They heard Eli scream.

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7 Nov, 2011
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