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Violet Eyes #2

Violet Eyes #2

By Bitter

Eli was laughing his ass off. He had just finished shaving a line of fur off of every wolf- except Angie, because she frightened Eli- and was up in one of the poles at a playground that you throw a ball into and it comes out of a chute. He didn't remember, or even care about the name though. 
It was 1:00 AM and the wolves were trying to get at Eli, but couldn't reach. The wolves failed attempts were possibly the funniest things that Eli had ever seen, but laughing made them angrier. 
The wolves stopped jumping up for a while, and Eli looked down to see if they left. 
But to Eli's dismay, they were all now in human form and were climbing on each other's backs to reach Eli. Over the years, Eli grew to find more fun in the werewolves, and the werewolves found Eli even more annoying and kill-worthy. 
Eli made some faces at the wolf-humans, and took off. He levitated four stories high and flew away. 
Well, not so much flew. Vampire flying was kind of like parachuting (when you fell, you fell slowly like you had a parachute) except Eli had practiced levitating, and now knew how to go higher and stay up longer. He landed about 200 yards away. 
He started waving at the wolf-humans who STILL haven't realized that Eli was no longer up in that pole-thing. The wolves looked over to see their prey all the way across the park. 
They were in wolf form faster than Eli had ever seen. And they were tearing down the grass. Towards him. 
And there were eight of them. 
Eli stood still as the first wolf ran right at him. As soon as it was about to get him, he jumped out of range and landed in front of another wolf. The second wolf- Jacob- snarled at Eli and snapped his jaws at the spot Eli was standing in before he dove to the side. For the following three minutes, Eli made complete fools of the wolves and the wolves only got angrier. Eli dove left and right avoiding claws and jaws of the wolves. Eli jumped to the left to avoid being eaten by Jacob (whom was foaming at the mouth) but landed right in the jaws of Angie, the blond wolf-human. 
Still trying to taunt the werewolves he said,
"Hey Angie. My, you've gotten dog-ish!" and jumped out of her reach before she could react. 
Eli sprinted down to the grocery store that was closed due too much snow. 
That wasn't a problem for Eli. He just ran right through the snow. Being a vampire didn't mean you were invincible, but he didn't feel temperatures, knives, bullets, or any other weapon. But just because he didn't feel it didn't mean that the werewolves' teeth could rip him apart. THAT he would feel. 
The werewolves usually caught him, but he always broke free before they caused any harm. 
The last few times, he had JUST barely made it out. 
He must be off his game. 
Eli made it into the grocery store with no time to spare. The wolf pack was right behind him!
Eli ducked into a storage room to hide. 
"Where is he?!" Jacob growled. "Sniff him out!"
The pack broke into the grocery store and split up. 
"Why isn't he scared of us?" Angie asked. 
"He does gutsy things like it's some sort of GAME."
Jacob looked at Angie. 
"We'll find him. And we'll make him pay. For EVERYTHING he's done."
In the closet, Eli made himself comfortable. He could stay here for DAYS on end. When he was a newborn, his parents taught him how to survive, drinking blood only once a month. 
Then, a random thought popped into Eli's head. 
What are the neighboring houses by the grocery store going to think when they saw a boy being chased by a pack of wolves into a supermarket?
Eli peeked outside of the closet. There, he saw two of the wolves. Nathan and Jeremy were walking around right outside the closet door. 
"Does this shaved line make me look tough? Maybe I should shave the rest off and look like 'Vin Diesel',
Jeremy said. 
Eli swallowed. They would surely sniff him out. 
At that moment, Nathan sniffed the air. He let out a low growl. Eli stayed still. 
Suddenly, Nathan took off running in the away from the closet. Eli looked and saw a small stray cat running for it's life. It must've snuck in through a hole in the wall. 
Jeremy took off after Nathan yelling something about being cliché. 
Eli took that moment to slip from the closet and make it to the front door unnoticed. To his dismay, he wouldn't be able to open the door without making noise, so he would have to slip out the hole in the window that the wolves made when they broke in. 
As Eli was slowly making it through the glass, he looked down the snowy streets to see several "ANIMAL CONTROL" trucks racing towards the store.
Oh, Eli thought. The neighbors did see. 
Eli made it out of the store and ran at top speed, making it home in ten seconds. 
Back at the store, the wolves finally gave up. 
"Jacob, I don't think he ran in here. We don't smell him." Angie said. 
"Well, then we need to-" Jacob fell to the ground. 
Then, the Angie's right, Jeremy, Nathan, and Josh all fell to the ground. 
Out of no where, a dart hits Angie on the leg and she falls over and drifts to sleep. 

"Where have you been?" Eli's mother asked. 
"Out." he quickly answered. 
Suddenly, his mother zoomed to where he was walking. 
"Were you pulling any...pranks?" she asked. 
Eli glanced around. 
"Nooooooo..." He dragged out.
Quickly, Eli darted up the stairs to his room. When he got there, his mother was already there waiting. 
Oh yeah, she's a vampire too, he thought. 
"You're going to get hurt if you keep doing this." she warned. 
"The wolves are growing tired of your Tomfoolery. Soon they WILL catch you, and they WILL kill you." She continued. 
"Mom, I'm fine. I've gotten away before I get hurt every time." Eli explained. 
"That doesn't mean that you won't get hurt in the future." There was a look of sadness in his mother's eyes. 
"It's gotten to a point that the wolves have attacked you father because of you." She said. 
"Oh. B-but they were just harmless pranks. Why would they attack dad?" Eli asked. 
"They can only put up with so much. It's bad enough that werewolves and vampires have been long time enemies." his mother said. 
" Which happened in that movie you told me about. I decided to check it out-"
"You're babbling."
"Oh. Okay. All I'm saying is that you should lay low for a while. Stay away from pranks and mischief. And ESPECIALLY, stay away from wolves." She finished. 
"Wait. Eli?" She asked. 
"Yeah?" He responded. 
"Did your prank have anything to do with... Animal Control?" She asked. 
"Umm. N-no. No, that wasn't me." Eli thought back. 
"Okay, 'cause apparently, a pack of wolves were tranquilized and taken to the pound today." She said as she left the room. 
Eli chuckled a bit, then broke into full out hysterics.
He climbed onto his mattress and slept. 

Outside the pound, the wolf pack (in human form) were seething. The outrageousness of the 'prank' was making Jacob and the rest of the pack see red. 
"We get so close and he slips away every time!" Jacob screeched. 
"We are going to hunt him down." he concluded. 
"Jacob, listen to yourself! It's one little vampire. If we tried, we could get him." Jeremy said. 
Jacob turned and looked at the pack. 
"All this time, you haven't been TRYING?!" Jacob screamed. 
The pack nervously glanced around. 
"Well, w-we just k-kinda try and y'know, it's g-good to have exercise and-" Jeremy tried to explain. 
"You mean ALL THIS TIME we could've caught this cocky jerk, but you didn't TRY?!" Jacob screamed at the pack. 
Jacob transformed into a wolf and sniffed the air. The wind was going away from Eli's house, and so was his scent. The wolves tracked the smell back to  his house. 
Eli was in the wolves arms before he even woke up. 

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7 Oct, 2011
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7 mins
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