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Violet Eyes #3

Violet Eyes #3

By Bitter

Eli woke up restrained in a chair with chains. At first, he was still groggy. But he came to his senses soon enough to tell that he was in the wolves' cave. Eli chuckled to himself. Were the wolves still trying to restrain him with only chains? Fail. 
Eli struggled to release himself and felt a dull pain all over his body. He realized that there were razor blades on the insides of the chains that were angled ever so slightly that any movement would cut Eli open. It didn't hurt too much, but it would still cut off limbs. 
Jacob walked into the room, followed by Jeremy, Nathan, Angie, Justin, and Josh.
All of them wore stern faces. 
"Eli." Jacob said. He walked around Eli's seat multiple times while Eli started sweating. 
"We're not going to kill you." he continued. The shaved part of his scalp was already half grown back, because werewolves grow hair quite fast. 
"The pack and I think that instead of letting you take the easy way out, we're going to let you suffer." The words left a ringing sound in Eli's ears. 
Eli, back to his old cocky self, said, "What are you puppies going to do? I'm a vampire. I barely feel pain."
Jacob lowered his eyes in a sinister way. 
"That's what we're going to do. There must be something that causes vampires pain. And THAT'S what we're going to find out." Jacob smiled. 
"Oh. And THEN we'll kill you."
Jeremy and Angie adjusted something position above Eli's head in the low ceiling. 
"First, we start with the stereotypes. The main things like garlic, wooden stakes," Jacob paused, "sunlight."
Just then, the mechanism that Angie and Jeremy were adjusting sprang out and drill a hole through the stone of the ceiling. 
"Witness the power of the burning sun!" Jacob announced as the hole in the ceiling got big enough to see daylight. 
The sunlight hit Eli's forehead and he let out a screech. A smile played on the wolves mouths as Eli bellowed in pain. Then, Eli's neck went limp and his head lay still, dangling forward. 
The group cheered as Eli lay still. Suddenly, his head shot up and he grinned. 
"You guys really thought THAT would kill me? No, I've done this before. Sunlight just tires me out." Eli joked. 
"So you're like one of those flowers that wilts during the day and comes out at night?" Jeremy asked as Jacob smacked him. 
"Or he's like a goth!" Nathan joked. Jacob smacked him harder.  
The wolves went down the list. They tested garlic, holy water, and wooden stakes. Wooden stakes were Eli's least favorite part. They had to test it in his heart, stomach, and legs. 
They had even tried playing a Rihanna CD. But nothing made him crack. 
The CD made him choke a little, but that's it. 
In frustration, Jacob slammed his fist down on the wall. The force shook the entire cave and bits of rock fell down. A piece of something fell from above and landed on Eli's face. Eli didn't react at first but then, it felt as if he were right there, back in the school parking lot as Alec sliced his cheek. All the pain Eli had ever felt was in this little rock. 
Jacob swiped the piece off of Eli's face and looked at it. 
"Whoa, look at his eyes! There violet!" Angie said with wonder. 
"Onyx. This is onyx." Jacob started to laugh. 
"This vampire's weakness was ONYX."
Jacob smacked the wall again, but harder. Debris fell from above and landed all over. A larger piece of onyx landed on Eli's lap. Eli screamed again.
Jacob took the piece of onyx from his lap and put it in his bag. 
Eli, drenched in sweat, was left alone in that room. 
The werewolves left to discuss something. 

Back at home, Eli's mother Elizabeth and his father Daniel had instructed the rest of the coven to go looking for Eli. When the parents woke up that night, Eli was gone. 
Piper, a petite vampire ran up to Daniel. 
"Do you think the werewolves are involved?" She suggested. 
Daniel's head popped up. 
"Of course!" He said. 
"Quick, all vampires to the werewolves' cave. By all means, do NOT go in."

The werewolves returned to the small room. 
Jacob stepped up. 
"Now Eli, we've found your weakness. Now we will retaliate for all those pranks." he said. 
Angie walked up to Eli first. She looked him straight in the eyes, and she slapped him. Twice. 
It didn't hurt, but wow, she was strong. 
Next two wolves carried a big tub of tar, and another werewolf carried a bag of feathers. 
"Oh come on! I know where this is going. And you know, it's really ironic-" Eli started but they poured the tar before he could finish. The other wolf was about to pour the feathers when Jacob stepped in. 
"I'll take care of those." He said. 
Jacob smiled, and promptly poured the feathers on Eli. 
"Wow. Are you guys satisfied? Want me to remind you that this isn't a cartoon. This'll take hours to get out!" Eli said. The wolves just chuckled. 
"Oh wow. Funny!" he said sarcastically. 
"What are you gonna do, put this on you blog?"
They did. 
Eli's hair was still visible from under the tar, and that gave Jacob an idea. 
He ran to another room. A minute later, he returned with the same razor that Eli had used on the wolves. 
"Oh come on! Not my hair! That's my favorite part!" Eli complained. 
Outside the cave, the vampire coven stood waiting. 
"Oh yep. He's in there. I smell him." Piper said. 
The vampire coven waited. They needed to be sure he was in there. Then, they heard screaming. 
Eli, screaming. The vampires busted into that cave to see a group of werewolves surrounding something that looked strangely like a chicken. Then they realized that the chicken was actually Eli. They were holding an electric razor to the side of his head. 
Before even speaking out, Daniel lunged onto Jacob, whom was holding the razor. The rest of the vampires attacked the rest of the werewolves. Eli sat in the middle. The brawl went on for a good five minutes before Daniel jumped and grabbed the entire chair and ran out with the rest of the vampires. The wolves walked out. 
"Next time, we'll kill you all!" Jacob screamed. 
The run home was silent. Mostly because the run was only 10 seconds. 
Daniel and Elizabeth set there son down in the middle of the living room. 
"Eli, you have some explaining to do." Elizabeth said. 
Eli was silent. He looked down. His hair drooped in front of his eyes, shielding him from his parents gazes. 
"Eli." his dad tried. "Why didn't you break free from the chains and leave?"
Eli shifted and revealed the razor blades hidden underneath the chains. 
"Oh. What did they do to you in there?" Elizabeth asked. 
Eli was still silent. 
"Eli. We need you to answer." 
Eli just sat there. 
"Eli. What hap-"
"They hurt me. They actually caused me pain. They found some sort of rock in the cave and used it against me." Eli responded quietly. 
His parents nervously glanced at each other. 
"Was it onyx?" Elizabeth asked. 
"Oh my gosh. Eli it's okay!" Elizabeth gathered him in a tight hug. 
Eli shifted. 
"Mom? Razor blades." he warned. 
"Oh yes. Sorry." she said as she to the chains off one by one. 
Beneath the chains, Eli's skin was cut open in several places. He wasn't bleeding of course, but his arms were close to falling off. 
The chain razors really cut deep. 
He stood up and quietly said, "I'm going to have a shower." and left the room. 
Days passed, and Eli didn't leave the house. 
He just sat in the arm chair in the living room, staring straight ahead. Occasionally, his parents would leave things that Eli could use to prank at the door. Bear traps, tar, feathers, etc. 
But Eli just ignored it. 
Finally his parents gave up. 
One night, his parents were at the kitchen table, Eli walked up behind them. 
"I have an idea." he said. 
His parents looked up. 
"I want to do something that normal teenagers do."
He looked up. 
"Besides drugs."
His parents thought about this for a while. Doing this could really take his mind off of what happened. They both thought, school. 
"How about we send you to school?" Elizabeth suggested. 
Eli looked up. He thought about this for a while. He hadn't been to school in 4 years. 
But then again, the werewolves go to a complete other school, so Eli would never see them. 
"Sure. I'll go to school." Eli smiled. 

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7 Oct, 2011
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