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Violet Eyes #4

Violet Eyes #4

By Bitter

One week after the incident, Elizabeth and Daniel were driving there son Eli to a local high school. 
"Is it going to be some cool vampire-only school?" Eli asked. 
"No, not even close. You're going to RightRyng Secondary school!" Daniel chuckled. 
They pulled up in front of a cheap looking school, and Eli and his parents got out. 
Daniel quickly applied a fake mustache. 
"Dad, why?" Eli asked.  
"You never know." Daniel responded while looking around suspiciously. 
They walked into the head office to talk to the principal. 
"Welcome! You must be Eli," the secretary looked down at her papers, "Smith. You must be Eli Smith."
Eli looked at his dad, who smiled as if he did something clever. 
Eli couldn't even remember his last name. But out of all last names, his dad chose the most obviously fake one? He might as well had done 'Eli FakeName'. "Here are your classes, and here's a school map." the overweight secretary handed Eli a stack of papers. 
"Why thank you kind lady. Now we Smiths must return to our home to... Rustle up some cattle!" Daniel said in the worst fake country accent that Eli had EVER heard. 
Eli's parents walked out and Eli went the other direction to get to his first class.
"Bye Bye!" they both shouted to Eli. 
Eli didn't turn around. 
He made it to his first class, and sat down at the back. 
This was history. 
The remaining students shuffled into seats, chatting away. Two bleach-blonde girls walked up to Eli's desk. 
"Hey," one said while chewing gum fairly loudly. 
"These are our seats. Move." 
Eli didn't respond. He looked up and smiled smugly. 
He wasn't going to move. 
"Hey! Gothy McGothPants, Move!" the other girl said. 
"Good one Cath." the other one giggled. 
Goth? Eli looked down. He was wearing all black. 
Oh yeah, his parents took him shopping on the weekend. They wanted him to fit in to the 'scene'.
"How 'bout this Eli?" Daniel yelled as he held up a sweater vest and woman's blouse. 
"Um, Daniel. Eli doesn't want to get beaten up on the first day, so we'll get him this!" Elizabeth said as she held up a tight leather jacket. 
Eli sighed and said that nowadays, kids try to stand out. So for the next hour and a half, Daniel and Elizabeth, watched teenagers walk in and out of the store, and bought the opposite of what they were wearing, so Eli could be 'DIFFERENT'.
"Class, take your seats!" the small, fat teacher who just walked in said. 
The girls looked at Eli, and practically hissed before sitting down in different seats. 
"Before I start this lesson, I would like to introduce a new student, Eli Smith!" The teacher said. 
"Eli, stand up!" the pumpkin-like teacher said. 
Eli stood up. The room went silent. People just stared. 
Eli sat back down. 
"Okay, let's get this lesson started!" Mr. Pumpkin said. Eli didn't know his real name, but, he looked like a jack-o-lantern. 
After history, and then science, Eli walked to his assigned locker. He was putting his books in when he heard, 
"Yo! Vampire Boy!" 
Eli froze. Did someone know. He turned and saw a beefy looking guy, with the two girls who's seat Eli supposedly 'stole' on his arms. 
"Yeah you!" The jock took a step forward. 
"You been mean to ma girls?" He asked. 
"No, I sat in a seat, and five minutes later, they walked in claiming it was their seat." Eli calmly responded. 
The jock looked confused. Eli turned back to his locker and finished putting his books in. He felt a quick shove and the locker door slam. 
The dumb jock put him in a locker! Eli could easily break out, but there were people watching.
Wow. Dumb jocks. Fake blonde girls. Being shoved in lockers. Was this cliché high school or what?
The bell rang and students left for class, banging on Eli's locker as they walked by. Eli was about to smash the locker, but realized that a couple of stoner kids were hanging around outside his door. 
Eli frowned. Then, the locker door opened. Eli searched for the person who let him out to thank them, but all he saw was a short boy running down the hall with his back to Eli. Must not want to be caught helping the new kid, Eli thought. 
Eli realized he was late for class and ran down the hallway. 
He made it RIGHT before the second bell rang and got a seat near the front. 

After school, Eli walked home. When he got to his house, his mom and dad were waiting on the front porch with giant smiles on there faces. 
"How was school?!" They asked at the same time. 
"3 people hate me, I was almost in detention for being late for class, and I was shoved into a locker." Eli responded in a monotone voice. 
"Well, why didn't you just break out. I mean, you're a vampire! You can use your-" his dad said. 
"Dad, there were people around." Eli responded. 
"So? Just rip them-" his dad started until his mother whispered something in his dad's ear.
"Oh." his dad said. 
Eli walked to his room. He didn't have too much homework, and he could finish it faster than a human, so Eli decided to sleep a little bit before starting. 
The next morning, Eli woke up with the sun. School starts in an hour! Eli still hadn't done his homework. Eli was a good student when he was alive, and he was NOT going to let his grades drop. He did all the work and got dressed fast enough to catch the bus. 
He ran onto the bus and found a seat. The next bus stop, the beefy guy and his two arm candies got on and sat in front of Eli, without knowing he was there. Eli shrunk back into his seat, because the beefy guy ACTUALLY smelled like beef!
Eli almost laughed, but held it back so he wouldn't make any noise. 
The jock whispered something into one of the girls' ears and they immediately began kissing. 
Eli rolled his eyes. But then, the bus jerked to a stop, and Eli flew forward, hitting his head on the girl's face. The girls yelped in surprise and she and the jock turned to see Eli. 
They both glowered at him. Eli ran and zipped off the bus before the jock could get his chubby fingers on him. 
Eli ran and grabbed the books from his locker, and dashed to history. 
Eli sat in a different seat this time, to avoid conflict. Eli didn't know why he was so frightened of this guy. He was a vampire, he could easily rip the jock to shreds. 
But wait, Eli thought, he can't use his vampiric abilities in front of anybody. 
He'll just have to avoid him as much as possible. 
The bell rang and students walked into the classroom. The two girls immediately went to Eli's old spot. 
Eli decided, he's not going to try and make enemies. He'll focus on his school work. He came here to get his mind off of his old enemies, not make new ones. 
Besides, he was good at all the subjects he had. 
An hour and a half passed, and Eli quickly rushed out of the room right after the bell. 
Whenever lunch time came, Eli just hung out by his locker instead of the cafeteria. 
He pulled out a book from his bag that his mom packed. 
Hmm, he thought, I'll read this. 
Eli got really into the book when suddenly it was flying to his face. The beefy guy was standing above him. 
"Oh what? I'm busy." Eli complained. 
"I just like messin' with yo!" the beefy guy responded. 
"I didn't even do anything to you. I gave those girls 'their' seat and I don't even talk to them." Eli explained very slowly. 
"That's exactly why I'm here. Ma girl said that yo don't even look at her. She real offended. It makes her feel ugly if a weirdo like yo doesn't wanna look at her." Beef responded. 
Eli became annoyed. 
"That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard-" 
Eli said before Beef punched him in the eye. 
Eli yelled out in pain. He opened his right eye and saw that Beef was wearing a class ring. With onyx right in the middle. 
Eli's eyes turned a deep shade of violet. 
"Wuss." Beef spat. 
He left Eli there on the ground. Eli sat up. If he were still human, he might've been crying. He walked into the bathroom to look in the mirror. Vampires don't bruise, but there was a mark right beside his left eye where the ring made contact. 
He decided to do the right thing. It would probably get him punched again, but Eli walked straight to the principal's office and told the secretary. She gave him some ice -even though that wouldn't help the searing pain of the onyx at all- and gave him a hall pass to skip the next class if the injury affected his vision. 
Eli sat outside his locker. He decided to finish the book he started before Beef walked over. 
Eli couldn't focus on the words. He was bothered by Beef. He didn't want him near those girls but Eli was in his bad-books when he didn't stare at them. 
That doesn't even make sense.
Before Eli knew it, the bell rang for the next period. Eli didn't even realize how long he was sitting there for. He got his books and went to class. 

After school, Eli trudged home. He was once again greeted by his parents, but this time they weren't smiling. 
"We got a call from the school saying you got in a fight with another boy." Elizabeth said. 
Eli turned to face them, revealing the onyx mark beside his eye. 
"Ouch." his dad said. His mother hit him and said he should be more sympathetic. 
"But one question. Did you show any clue that you were a vampire? 'Cause we both know that you could kill that guy in two seconds." his dad asked. 
"No I didn't. And THATS why he keeps hurting me. It's because I don't fight back." Eli said. 
His parents looked at each other. 
"We know you're having a bad time, but we'll take you out of school at the end of the year. You already missed the first semester so it'll only be a little while." his mom said. 
"But, you by all means CANNOT use your vampire powers. He can't even hurt you. So just let him."
Eli looked at his mom with a sad look on his face. 
"He has a class ring made of onyx." Eli said. 
"Then avoid him or ignore him." his dad suggested. 
"If he talks, don't listen. But if he lays a hand on you, walk away. No, run away. Just be safe."
His mother said. 

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7 Oct, 2011
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