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Violet Eyes #5

Violet Eyes #5

By Bitter

Eli walked to school the next day. As he walked by Beef, he called Eli some names. 
But Eli just ignored it. 
In history, one of the girls started flirting with him. He didn't even look at her. She got angry and stormed away. 
But at lunch, Beef found Eli outside behind a tree. 
"Oh! So vampire boy CAN go outside!" he taunted. 
Eli continued to ignore him. 
Beef looked confused. Even more than his regular confused look. 
Beef walked over to where Eli was sitting and picked him up by his arm. Eli was about to snap Beef's arm and walk away, but realized that he couldn't use his powers. So, to humor Beef, he struggled a bit. 
Before he knew it, he was in the bathroom being held above the toilet. 
"Let's see how long you can hold your breath." Beef said. 
Eli frowned. He wasn't going to take THIS. He used half his strength and punch Beef in the jaw. Not quite hard enough to break it though. Eli grabbed a chuck of Beef's hair a plunged his head into the toilet. Eli held him there, but realized that humans need to breath, so he tugged Beef's head out of the bowl. 
Eli quickly scurried away while Beef just sat there, dazed and confused. 
Everything finally sank in. Eli smiled. He just stopped the school bully from giving him one of his famous 'swirlies'. 
Everything was great until AFTER school. Beef and his gang of jocks (who's names Eli assumed were Brock or Kent) cornered Eli. They picked him up and hung him by his shirt collar onto the fence. 
Eli let them. They may get suspicious if Eli beat up an entire football team. 
As soon as they left, Eli hoisted himself up and dropped down from the fence. 
He cut through a couple backyards to get home. 
He expected to see his parents waiting by the door, getting ready to scold him for fighting. 
But no. They weren't there. Eli walked inside and his parents were in the living room, watching the television. 
"Hey Eli. How was your day?" Elizabeth asked. 
"Did you get in any fights?" Daniel added. 
Eli plopped down on the couch. 
"Today was fine. I avoided him as much as I could." Eli responded. 
Eli didn't like lying to his parents. But today, he had to. He headed up to his room to finish his homework. 

In the cave, the werewolves were dumbstruck. Eli hadn't pulled a prank on them in a month. Jacob didn't mind. Maybe they scared the little runt off. 
Recently, the wolves constructed rings and bracelets containing onyx to use against the vampires. If they ever had a problem with some of the vamps, they could just poke 'em with the ring/bracelet. Jacob was happy. He could finally sleep without worrying about waking up with hair missing or covered in paint. 
Although, they wanted Eli to come back. His father was the leader of the most powerful vampire coven in the world. Getting Eli back would mean using him against his father. 
Jacob chuckled to himself. 

Eli showed up to school on Friday feeling nervous. He kept looking out for Beef. He saw the two girls, Cathy and Mackenzie, walking out of the girl's bathroom. Out of no where, a foot appeared in front of where Eli was walking. Eli stumbled, but didn't trip. When he looked around, he saw Beef behind him. Beef was laughing. Eli didn't know why. Beef stopped laughing and held up one of Eli's books. Eli looked confused. Then it hit him. Eli took off running to his locker. He whipped around the corner and saw the scene. His locker had been broken into, and his stuff was strewn all over the hall. Eli's clothing lay everywhere and his other belongings were either taped or stapled to the walls. Eli's journal (which he wrote down what he observed in people; not a stupid diary) was in the hands of Beef, who went around the other entrance and beat Eli to the mess. 
"What's this? A diary?" Beef taunted. 
This is exactly why Eli tried to keep this under wraps. EVERYONE thought it was a diary. 
Eli zoomed over and snatched it from Beef before he even opened it. Eli shoved Beef to the ground. Beef got up, and punched Eli, but with the hand that didn't have the ring, so no harm was done. Without missing a beat, Eli grabbed Beef's arm and twisted it around behind him. Beef screamed and called Eli some names. Beef's other arm swung around and caught Eli in the cheek. This hand had the ring. Eli immediately let go of Beef and fell to the ground. Eli started screaming. Beef turned around and yelled, "wimp!" as Eli lay screaming. Eli gathered himself and stood up. His eyes had changed to violet, then to dark red. Eli tackled Beef and rolled on the ground. Eli held his hand at Beef's throat and told him, "Leave me alone." and walked away. 
As he turned the corner, a small girl, about his human age ran up to him holding some of his belongings. 
"These are yours." she said quietly. 
Eli looked at her. She had large green eyes, and a short pixie cut. Eli realized that she was the one who let him out of the locker. 
"Thanks." Eli responded. "What's your name?"
She looked up.
"Clara Rose. Yours?"
"Eli. Thank you again."
She smiled, and then became serious again. 
"I have a question." She said. 
"I saw your eyes. They were purple, but now they're grey. Do you wear contacts?"
Eli thought back. Oh crap. 
"Um, y-yes. I do wear contacts." Eli lied. 
Eli realized that the onyx turned his eyes purple. 
"Okay. That's all I needed." Clare Rose said and turned to walk away. 

During lunch, Eli returned to his locker and cleaned up the mess. The lock on the door was destroyed, so Eli crumpled a piece of steel and hooked it through the door. It felt good to use his abilities. 
At least it was Friday. No school tomorrow. 
The next few periods went by, and Eli felt better and better as time passed. Eli grabbed his bag, and headed out the door, just as the bell rang. Eli walked out to the parking lot, and just before he hopped the fence, a familiar group of people stopped him. Beef stepped up and pushed Eli. 
"Oh hey boys. Back again? Are we really going to do this everyday?" Eli regained his cockiness and was really going at it. 
Beef shoved him again. 
"My, My. Quite a temper on this one!" Eli mocked. 
Beef shoved him a third time and Eli fell to the ground. The boys started kicking him. Eli faked a reaction to make it look like they're hurting him. 
Suddenly, Beef was jerked out of the way and the kicking stopped. Eli looked and saw the werewolf gang standing above him. They shoved the jocks out of the way and stepped towards Eli. 
Beef stood up. "Hey! He's ours!" he shouted at the wolves. Jacob turned around and kicked Beef in the groin. Beef lay unmoving. The rest of the jocks backed off. Beef got back up and signaled for the rest of the jocks to attack. All the wolves except for Jacob started fighting the jocks. Jacob grabbed Eli and lifted him off the ground. Eli was allowed to use his strength on Jacob. He ripped out of his grasp, and let loose a snarl. Eli never snarled, but natural instincts told him to. Jacob grabbed Eli's arm and used his other hand to dig the onyx ring into his skin. Eli screamed and went limp. Jacob signaled to the rest of the wolves that they can stop beating the crap out of the jocks, and they ran away with Eli. 

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7 Oct, 2011
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6 mins
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