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Violet Eyes #6

Violet Eyes #6

By Bitter

"Attention everybody! Quiet down!" Daniel, the coven leader ordered the other vampires. 
"We need to test your strengths. Eli has gone missing. Know I know what you're all thinking. 
'Oh but if MY son was missing you wouldn't do anything!' and you are correct. But we need to work together to find Eli!" He added. 
Elizabeth stepped up to the mic. 
"Also, if you haven't noticed already, two other vampire covens have joined us tonight. 
Please welcome, the Dargons Coven, and the Shungter Coven." 
A dozen different vampires stood up. 
"Now! We need to test you strengths. Shungter Coven, you're up first."
A couple vampires walked to the front. Piper, a small, yet dangerously strong vampire stepped up to the front. From the Shungter Coven, a large, broad-shouldered vampire stepped forward. He cracked his knuckles. Piper had him on the ground in 10 seconds. She looked like an ancient warrior with her long red hair flowing behind her. 
Piper went through a few vampires, defeating them each time, until one vampire, a dark haired vampire with long arms almost beat Piper. He was the closest so far. The next vampire was a tall girl with black hair in a High ponytail stepped forward. She took off her glasses and set them aside. Piper lunged at her but she quickly dodged the attack. Again Piper tried, but missed. Piper laughed. 
"She's fast." and lunged at her again. 
On Elizabeth's paper she put under fast:
Scarlet / Shungter.
Next up was the Dargon Coven. 
Up first was a small, preppy blonde vampire named Ellie. She was pinned to the ground quickly by Piper. She wasn't that fast or that strong. 
Then, after a few vampires, a boy, who looked to be about 20 when he was bitten, stepped up to Piper. He had her pinned on the ground so fast that the boy with big green eyes became very jealous. 
Piper giggled flirtatiously, and stood up. 
"Nice job, Gregory."
After the last Coven was tested, they brought out a steel box. Daniel carefully opened the box and picked up a piece of onyx about the size of a nickel. Attached to the back was a little handle, so that Daniel could pick it up. 
"Now, to anyone who doesn't know what I'm holding, it is a stone called 'Onyx'. It is the vampires only weakness and is very painful to touch. A rumor got out," Daniel paused, "that the werewolves have made rings and bracelets made of this, so you'll be feeling this a lot."
Elizabeth picked up the onyx.
"To a vampire younger than ten years, this is strong enough to knock you out if used enough. To any vampire over the age of 10, it can still freeze your body with pain if touched for the first time." She looked around. 
"I am going to place it once in everyone's hand. This is for your own good, so you don't pass out during battle."
One by one, Elizabeth walked down the row and put the onyx in the hand of each vampire. One by one, each of them screamed and dropped the onyx. A few passed out. When Elizabeth put the onyx in the hand of Ellie, the amateur vampire. Ellie braced for the worst, but when the onyx was placed in her hand, she opened her eyes. She rolled it around in her hands but still didn't feel anything. Ellie held the onyx between her two fingers and gave it back to Elizabeth. 
"Amazing. You didn't even react!" Elizabeth said in awe. 
"Yeah, I didn't feel a thing! It just felt a little warm, that's it!" Ellie excitedly yelled. 
No Covens had ever seen a vampire not react to onyx. This was good. They would be ready for the wolves soon. 

Eli awoke upside down. He looked up at his feet, and they were encased in cement, and around his ankles were the razor blade chains. Eli's hands were also chained, and Eli had duct tape over his mouth. 
Eli bit through the tape with his fangs, and spit out the remains. 
Eli looked around the dark room. There was an object about the size of a cantaloupe. 
Then, Eli heard a door open and slam. Suddenly, a light was turned on. Eli could see the wolf pack, but he didn't recognize the room he was in. Jacob walked up beside Eli. 
"We're not gonna hurt you this time. We just want your cooperation."
Jacob reached back and was handed a video camera.
"We're gonna video tape you, telling your father and the rest of the Coven that werewolves will get the title and power of 'The Most Powerful Creatures' or else." Jacob said seriously. 
A war that happened years and years ago kinged vampires as the most powerful creatures, and werewolves and other species have been longing for the title. Eli guessed werewolves REALLY wanted it. 
"Why would I do THAT?" Eli asked. 
Jacob moved the cantaloupe-like shape out of the shadows, revealing that it was actually a large piece of... Onyx. 
Jeremy started rolling the camera, but it took several takes, because Jeremy kept changing the angle to make it 'dramatic'.
Finally, Eli recited the lines Jacob wanted him to, and at the end of the video, Jacob stepped in front of the camera and said,
"We mean business. Or else this will happen to poor Eli." 
Jacob took the piece of onyx and pressed it against Eli's cheek. Eli let out a bloodcurdling scream and started thrashing, even though the razor chains cut through his strong skin. 
They shut off the camera and Jacob released the onyx from Eli's cheek. A deep black patch of skin was left. Eli's eyes once again turned violet. 
Eli still screamed as Jacob started talking. 
"We had to dig up our entire left side of the cave to find this!" Jacob held up the stone. 
He smiled like a first grader who just received a cookie. 
"Apparently it was worth it!"
Eli's eyes returned to the regular dark gray. 
Jacob noticed and placed the onyx back on his cheek. Eli shrieked. His eyes changed back to purple. 
"Violet eyes." Jacob said. 
"Wow. Never seen that before."
Jacob snapped back to reality and barked at Nathan to deliver the DVD to the Coven. 
Nathan scurried off. 

Back at the museum, the Covens were getting ready to leave. Daniel looked at Elizabeth with a sad look on his face. They were worried about their son. 
Just then, they heard screaming. They rushed outside and saw a werewolf growling at the vampires. The wolf took two steps forward and dropped a case on the ground. He turned and backed away, but not before Piper jumped onto him and ripped him apart. 
Daniel retrieved the case. There was a DVD inside. 
Daniel and Elizabeth rushed and placed the DVD into the DVD player and stood in front of the television. 
The clip of Eli came on. The vampires noticed that Eli was totally restrained. There was no way he was getting out without help. 
Then, the end of the clip made all the vampires turn away. Except Ellie, and Scarlet. They watched with longing looks on their faces. 
Daniel and Elizabeth turned around and faced the Covens. 
"We need a plan." Daniel said. 

"Nathan hasn't returned yet. What's taking him so long?" Angie complained. 
"It doesn't matter. We need an idea to round up the vampires if they choose not to agree. I mean, if I was Eli's dad, I wouldn't want him back!" Jacob mocked. 
Eli had passed out from all the pain, and was still dangling from the ceiling. The wolves reapplied the duct tape around his mouth, this time wrapping it around his head several times. He would eventually chew through this, but it'll take longer. 
The wolves decided, that if the vampires didn't agree with the werewolves' deal, they would send Eli out telling him that he was okay, but really, he would have a piece of onyx held onto him so he doesn't try to leave. While the vampires think that Eli is okay, the werewolves will attack, catching the vampires by surprise. Jacob liked this plan. 
Outside, two of the wolves yelled to Jacob that the vampires were coming, and they both ran inside to there assigned spots. 
Jacob walked out front in time to meet the vampires as they arrived. 
"Good evening." Jacob said nonchalantly. 
"Give us our son back." Elizabeth said angrily. 
"My, my. Pushy, aren't we?" Jacob teased. 
"You'll get Eli back when you give us the title of 'Most Powerful Creature'." Jacob grew serious. 
Elizabeth pulled Daniel back. 
"Remember our plan." she whispered. 
Daniel returned to the front of the group. 
"No." he said firmly. 
You walked right into my trap, Jacob thought. 
"Fine, take Eli. He's no use to us." Jacob said. 
Jacob walked inside and woke up Eli. 
"Go outside and tell them you're fine. No matter what, you're 'fine'." Jacob ordered as he untied Eli. 
Before completely untying him, Jacob reached and grabbed a small piece of onyx, and some duct tape. Jacob taped the piece of stone to Eli's neck and Eli screamed in agony. Jacob kept a chain around Eli's hands so he wouldn't run away. Eli stopped screaming but still had a pained look on his face. 
"Tell them you're fine, or I get a bigger piece of onyx next time." Jacob threatened. Eli slowly nodded. 
Jacob shoved Eli into the open and immediately, his mother asked if he was okay. 
"I'm fine." Eli responded. Something was off about the way that Eli spoke. Something different. 
Eli swallowed hard to keep from screaming, but once again, his parents asked if he was okay. 
"I'm fine." he responded. 
Daniel studied Eli hard. Something was different. 
Daniel examined the dark colour of his hair, to the light purple colour of his eyes. 
Light purple eyes? His dad finally realized, Eli was the only vampire he knew who's eyes changed to violet when being touched by onyx. 
Eli wasn't alright! Eli was being forced to lie to the Coven. They were using onyx on Eli to get him to say his lines. 
The vampires around Daniel were walking forward to rescue Eli. 
"It's a trap!" Daniel yelled. 
The vampires ran backward just as the wolves attacked. 
One of the vampires- the one who came close to beating Piper -wasn't fast enough, and was brought down by Josh. The vampire struggled, and almost got free, but Josh ripped his head off. 
Scarlet ran forward and dodged all attacks. She was using her speed to zoom by the wolves with them barely noticing. 
When the battle began, Jacob yanked Eli back in the cave. The chains sliced into his hands. 
He was inside the cave before Scarlet could reach him. 
Daniel levitated in the air and flew down to land on a werewolves' back. He ripped the wolf apart in one simple move. 
In the cave, Jacob stood watching Eli. Angie walked in. She came to tell Jacob that they needed backup. 
Jacob looked at Angie, and then back to Eli. 
"Fine, stay here. Watch him." Jacob ordered as he left the room. 
Eli sat on the couch with his eyes closed. 
She walked a little closer, and was startled by his voice. 
"I don't expect you to. But could you take the onyx off of my neck? I think it's burning a hole in there." he asked without opening his eyes. 
Angie walked a little closer. 
"No. You'll run free." she said sternly. 
Eli opened his strikingly violet eyes. 
"I still have these chains, what am I gonna do?" he told her. 
"I go after you, my arms get cut off."
Angie looked worried. Eli used to bother her, but she couldn't stand to see him (or anyone) like this. 
She ripped the tape holding the stone off of the back of his neck. Eli gave a relieved sigh and his eyes turned gray. 
Angie looked amazed. 
"How do your eyes do that?"
"What, change purple?"
Angie nodded. 
"You are the second girl to ask me that. The other girl was human, so I told her they were contacts."
He chuckled. 
Angie let out a laugh and immediately clamped her hand down on her mouth. 
She regained her seriousness in her voice. 
"You didn't answer my question."
Eli looked up. 
"They turn purple if I'm touching onyx." he answered. 
Angie walked around. 
That's how his dad knew he was lying! She thought. He saw his purple eyes. 
"What does the onyx feel like when it touches your skin?" Angie asked. 
Eli was never asked this question. He thought of the best answer. 
"It's like someone cut a hole in your skin, placed a white-hot rock in the hole, and then poured salt on it." Eli said. 
Angie thought about that, and shuddered. Jacob had been using a BIG piece of onyx on Eli. How had he not passed out as soon as it made contact? 
Angie felt something that she had never felt before. 
Angie walked up and untied the chains, picked up a rock from the cave floor and hit herself as hard as she could, causing herself to bleed a little. 
"Don't think that I like you. I just don't want to see someone go through that." she slurred, but it came out as,
"Eh just dun wunt tu seeee sumwon go threw dat." because she hit herself with the rock pretty hard. 
Eli was released, but stopped before he left. 
"Thank you." he said. 
Angie was lying on the floor, kind of delirious, but responded,
"Noooooooo prublom!" and then started laughing. 
Eli ran out of the cave and looked for the first wolf.
He saw Jeremy, and jumped onto his back, ripping off chucks of flesh and fur. 
Jacob saw that Eli had escaped, and ran into the cave to find Angie lying on the floor with blood coming from her head wound. 
"I tried tu stup him but he hut meh wit a ruck." she slurred. 
It took Jacob a minute to realize that she said that Eli hit her with a rock and ran away. 
Jacob helped Angie into a chair but she started giggling, and then vomited on Jacob. He plopped her into the chair and ran outside. 
Jacob located Eli, but as he proceeded forward, Daniel jumped onto his back. Jacob ripped him off his back and Daniel scratched down him chest. The fight went on for a good 2 minutes, and then Jacob ripped Daniel's arms off and threw them away. 
Daniel collapsed. Eli had just finished off Jeremy, and Jacob snuck up behind him. 
Eli was about to run off, when Jacob stuck his ring into Eli's wound on the back of his neck. Eli stopped moving, screamed in pure agony and collapsed in front of Jacob. Jacob rolled him over with his foot. Eli was OUT cold. 

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