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Violet Eyes #7

Violet Eyes #7

By Bitter

Eli couldn't take the pain from Jacob's ring in his fresh wound, and immediately collapsed. 
Daniel had finally found his arms and reattached them, and saw what was going on with Eli and Jacob. Everyone stopped fighting. Eli lay unmoving at Jacobs feet, and everyone just stared. 
"Listen to what I have to say, without moving, or Eli gets another round of this." Jacob said as he held up his onyx ring. 
Vampires let go of werewolves and werewolves released vampires from their jaws. 
"Good. Now, poor Eli here has been taking onyx non stop for the past few days, and it's REALLY wearing him down." Jacob said in a mocking voice. 
As Jacob said that, Eli regained consciousness and looked wearily at the large group of werewolves and vampires. 
Daniel came up behind Jacob, and grabbed his neck. Jacob swung around and his ring made contact with Daniel's skin. Daniel hissed but didn't let go. Jacob pushed the ring in farther, and Daniel let go. 
Elizabeth looked a Ellie, and they both got the same idea. Ellie ran full speed at Jacob, and he turned the ring to make contact with her. 
The ring touched her skin, but there was no reaction. Ellie picked Jacob up, and swung him over her head and smashed him on the ground. While he was down, she took the ring from Jacob's finger, and threw it as far as she could. Ellie grabbed Eli, and raced him back to Elizabeth. Elizabeth hugged Ellie, and the rest of the vampires continued to attack. 
This time, they didn't kill any werewolves, they just injured them enough so that they could leave in peace. 
Jacob still lay on the ground; not moving except for his shallow breathing. Ellie ran to every werewolf while they stared at Jacob, and stole all the rings from their fingers. 
She ran to Josh, and as she snatched the ring, he swiped at her and knocked her to the ground. Josh ripped Ellie in half. 
Elizabeth ran up to Ellie's body, and as Ellie died, she whispered, "Thank you." and ran Ellie's body to the edge of the forest, which was close by. 
The werewolves, now ringless, were losing to the vampires. 
Eventually, the werewolves surrendered. 
"We will surrender, if you leave our land." Josh said. 
The vampires though about this, but before they could answer, the wolves dragged Jacobs body into their cave. 
The vampires cheered and went home. 
At home, they set all the injured vampires on the carpet, and began working to fix them. They placed and held limbs back into place and the vampire immune system did it's work, fixing the bone in place.
Eli's arms had been healed already, but the hole in his neck was going to be tricky. They closed the gap, but forever there will be a small scar there. Elizabeth and Piper ran back to the battle ground and collected the vampires' bodies. When they got back, they burned them outside, and all the vampires lowered their heads in respect. 
When the memorial was finished, Eli went to rest in his room. When Eli fell asleep, Scarlet snuck upstairs and peeked her head in the door of his bedroom. Scarlet and Ellie had always talked about Eli. Ellie always said that she was going to marry him, even though they had never met. Scarlet just wanted a peek. Then she would leave. She stuck her head in and looked around. Eli was in his bed, pretending to be asleep. 
"Yes?" he asked without opening his eyes, but by then, Scarlet was gone.

That afternoon, Eli flipped on the television. 
He saw a familiar face. Beef was talking to a reporter. 
Eli frowned and turned it up. 
"So, tell me. When was the last time you saw this Eli Smith?" Asked the reporter. 
"We were hanging out after school, and these guys came 'n took him. We tried to stop em but they was too strong." Beef lied. 
The reporter looked at the camera and said,
"If anyone has any information about Eli Smith, please contact the police immediately."
Then, the screen showed a the description of Eli's height, hair colour, age etc. 
Eli stared at the screen, not really knowing what he was feeling. 
Daniel walked in and dropped the stack of books he was carrying. He stared in shock at the television. 
"You're not 6.4! You're only 5.9!" Daniel exclaimed. 
Eli rolled his eyes. 
Daniel walked over and sat down on the sofa. 
"Dad, what do I do about school tomorrow? They think I'm missing. Should I just not go?" Eli asked. 
Daniel laughed. 
"Oh Eli, do you know how many times that I have gone 'Missing'?" Daniel asked. 
"It's not a big deal. Just go to school tomorrow and no one will care. It's not like you were popular!" he laughed. 
"I don't know dad. Maybe you could... I don't know... 'find me'?" Eli asked. 
Daniel looked confused. 
"What do you mean?"
"You could call the police and tell them that you saw me at the park, and then everyone will know that I'm okay!" Eli explained. 
Daniel became excited. 
"Better yet, I could return you to the police myself!"
"Dad, no that-"
"Oh I'd wear a costume and no one would even know that it was me!"
"I'll go get my fake mustaches!"
"Oh God."

After sitting in the interrogation room for four hours, Eli got home. 
He was now officially 'found'.
He went to bed early. 
The next day, he woke up late and rushed to school. He walked in the door of the school, did a quick glance around, and went off to his locker. 
He felt a familiar shove into his locker as Beef made his way by. 
"Nice to have yo back, loser!" Beef taunted. 
The bell rang and everyone went off to class. Except Eli. 
Then, Clare Rose walked around the corner and opened the locker. 
"You NEED to stop getting locked in these!" she teased. 
"And you NEED to stop hanging around after the bell rings!" he joked back. 
Clara Rose looked up into his eyes. 
"Then who would save you from Chester?" 
Chester? Eli thought. He didn't know his name was Chester. Eli laughed but hid it with a cough. 
The second bell rang and Clara Rose turned to leave. 
"Thanks again." Eli said. 
Clara Rose looked at him. 
"Wanna meet in the cafeteria at lunch?" she asked. 
Eli smiled jokingly. 
"Only if you'll be there." he said as he left for class. 
Clara Rose blushed and ran off. 

At lunch Eli ran to the cafeteria doors, stopped, and walked in as if he was 'just passing by'.
Clara Rose sat at one of the tables by the back, in between the 'Jock table' and the 'Nerd table'. 
At the jock table, they had some poor 9th grader standing as they pulled down his pants and wrapped him with duct tape. 
Clara Rose saw Eli and waved him over. 
Eli sat down with a tray of things that he saw were most popular with teenagers these days. 
He had French fries, and a power drink. 
Clara Rose looked at his plate and wrinkled her nose. 
"How can you drink THAT? It's disgusting." she complained. 
Eli opened it and took a swig. He hadn't drank anything but blood for the past 5 years and this was very different for him. It bubbled and slid down his throat, making him cough. So THAT'S why vampires don't eat. 
Clara Rose looked down at her tray. She had a hamburger and a salad. She took a large bite from her burger and started chewing, but glanced up at Eli staring at her with a confused look on his face. 
"What?" she blushed. 
"Nothing." Eli said. "I just think it's funny that you think that this drink is bad and you're eating THAT." he pointed to the greasy mess on her plate. 
They both laughed and continued eating. 
Chewing was very awkward for Eli, because he hadn't eaten anything for a long time. He got through it though. 
Then Eli was jerked forward. Clara Rose got up and yelled, "he can choke if you do that!" 
Eli turned to see Beef hovering over where they were sitting. 

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7 Oct, 2011
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7 mins
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