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Violet Eyes #8

Violet Eyes #8

By Bitter

Eli smiled at Beef. 
"Yes..?" he joked. 
Beef reached down and grabbed Eli but the shirt. He lifted him up and stood him in front of him. 
"So! Have fun with those losers on Friday?" Beef teased. 
Eli frowned. 
"Oh! You mean the wolv- I mean friends that picked me up the other day." Eli answered. 
"They were… cool."
Beef lifted an eyebrow. 
"Why were they so rough?" he pondered. 
Eli thought fast. 
"Um, they were my brother's friends. They like to hustle me around a lot." he lied. 
"Yo! Bro! We is done! Come on! Let's finish this!" one of Beef's friends yelled from across the room. He was holding the (now fully duct taped) grade 9 over his shoulder. 
"Just a minute!" Beef yelled. 
Eli could see the gears turning in Beef's head. He smiled maliciously, and picked up Eli. 

After tearing himself out from the duct tape constricting him to the large tree, Eli made his way home. 
Before he could leave, the grade 9 whimpered. Eli turned, thought about letting him go, and then walked home. 
Passing through the alley ways near his house, he heard screaming. Eli darted behind a pole and looked out. 
In the distance, he could see Beef and his friends grabbing a small boy. 
The boy let out a shrill scream and Eli realized that it wasn't a boy, it was Clara Rose. 
"Stop moving. We won't hurt you." Beef said. 
"You already did! Now let go!" Clara Rose yelled as she ripped free from his grasp and kicked him in the groin. 
The gang let out an 'Ooooh' in unison as Beef stumbled back. 
He straightened out and yelled, 
"That's it!" and ran straight at her. 
Instead of running, Clara Rose stood and lifted her hand. 
"Freeze!" she yelled. 
By then Eli took off towards her to help fend them off. 
Eli ran in front of her and yelled at the gang to stop. 
There was no reaction. He opened his eyes and saw that they were not moving. 
It was as if they were frozen. Eli turned and looked at Clara Rose. She gathered her things and left. 
"Hey, wait!" Eli called out. 
Clara Rose kept walking. 

Eli got to school the next day and immediately searched out Clara Rose. 
When she saw him, she gave a weak smile. 
"Hey. Are you okay?" Eli asked. 
Clara Rose looked down. 
"Yeah, they didn't do anything."
Eli grabbed her wrist and walked her outside. 
"Clara Rose. What happened yesterday? Why were they frozen?" Eli asked. 
A minute passed and she didn't answer. Finally she said,
"Come to my house after school." 
And she walked away. 

After school, Eli made his way up to Clara Rose's house. Mrs. Montgomery answered the door. 
"You must be Eli. Come right in." 
She showed Eli up to Clara Rose's room and let him in. Clara Rose was sitting on her bed and reading a magazine. 
Clara Rose closed the door and sat back down. 
"So, why did you want-" Eli started, but was interrupted by a book flying by his head. The book stopped in mid-air and turned around. It flew into Clara Rose's hand. 
"I'm a witch."
Eli laughed. 
"No, you're not that bad. Maybe a little rude but-"
Clara Rose rolled her eyes. 
"I meant the one that casts spells and other crap."
Eli looked her in the eyes. 
"Oh! That explains the frozen football team in the alley." Eli laughed. 
"I know, and there was no chance in hiding it after that." she said. 
Then she looked up.
"You CAN'T tell ANYBODY. I'm serious." Clara Rose said. 
"If anybody finds out, I will lose my powers." she warned. 
Weeks passed, and Eli and Clara Rose were together more and more. She showed him most of her spells, and Eli thought about letting her know about HIS secret. 
One day, Eli got home and sat with his parents. 
"Mom. Dad. Can I tell someone that I'm a vampire? I'm really close and I can trust them and she's important to me and-"
"Eli," his mother started. "Of course you can tell her." 
She shifted in her seat. 
"Who is she?"
Eli looked up. 
"Clara Rose Montgomery. She's in two of my classes and we hang out all the time."
His parents looked at each other. 
"Sure." Daniel and Elizabeth shrugged. 
Eli smiled and ran to his room. 

The next day, Clara Rose made her way down the street to Eli's house. 
She came up to a large Victorian mansion with a large yard. 
She walked up the cement path to the porch. She rang the doorbell and waited. 
Eli answered the door. Before she could say anything, he pulled her inside. 
Clara Rose sat down and two other people walked into the room. 
These must be his parents, she thought. 
Eli sat down and looked Clara Rose straight in the eye. 
"I have something to tell you." he said flatly. 
"Well, I…" he started. 
"Oh this is too hard!" he exclaimed and then flashed his fangs at Clara Rose. 
Clara Rose's eyes widened. 
"A-are you… a v-vampire?" she asked. 
Eli nodded. 
"Oh this is so weird! My parents told me about a bunch of other creatures like vampires and werewolves and fairies! It exciting to know about this! Of course, I won't tell ANYBODY! I-" she babbled. 
"Clara Rose? You're babbling." Eli interrupted. 
"So… Do you have special vampiric abilities…?" she asked. 
Eli levitated up to the top of the room for 10 seconds, then dropped back down. 
Clara Rose gaped at him. Then, she lifted her hand, and Eli started levitating again. 
"Hey! Put me down!" Eli laughed. 
Clara Rose laughed and spun Eli around. Eli slowly stopped laughing as Clara Rose spun him around faster. 
"Okay. Stop." Eli yelled as he spun even faster. 
Suddenly, Eli got a weird feeling in his stomach. He felt- for the first time since he was a vampire- weak in his legs. Eli opened his mouth and vomit sprayed the entire room. 
It was the French fries he had again on a lunch date with Clara Rose. 
After cleaning the spray out of her hair, Clara Rose and Eli decided to go to the park. It was almost midnight, but since vampires didn't REALLY have a sleeping schedule, it didn't matter. Although, Clara Rose was exhausted. When they sat on the bench, she was almost asleep. 
"Eli?" she yawned. 
"Do vampires feel pain?"
Eli looked down at Clara Rose. Her head was in his lap, and her body was sprawled down the bench. 
"No. The only pain we feel is from a rock called 'onyx'." Eli said. 
Clara Rose sighed. 
"I know what onyx is, Eli." 
"But, if I were to get punched really hard, it kind of feels like somebody is slightly putting pressure on  my skin."
He looked down. 
"So, all those times that Chester beats you up, you're just faking it?" Clara Rose asked. 
"Yeah, pretty much. Except that one time he punched me." Eli said. 
Clara Rose frowned. 
"What happened?"
"He had an onyx ring on his finger, and it hit my eye." Eli shuddered at the memory. 
But by then, Clara Rose was asleep. 
Eli leaned over her sleeping face, and brushed the hair away from her closed eyes. 
Eli leaned down, and their lips met. 

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7 Oct, 2011
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6 mins
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