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Violet Eyes #9

Violet Eyes #9

By Bitter

Clara Rose woke up in her room at 6:30 AM. 
She rubbed her eyes and tried to remember what happened last night. 
Eli. Vampire. Vomit. 
She collapsed back on her pillow and fell back asleep. 

At his locker, Eli sat writing in his book. 
Underneath an entry that only said,
He wrote,
"CR is witch. Knows I'm V."
Eli used codes incase someone got a hold of the book. 
Clara Rose skipped down the hall to meet Eli, but something shot out in front of her, and she fell in a loud heap on the floor. 
Cathy and Mackenzie laughed and walked away, but not before looking back at Eli and smiling. 
Eli shot up and ran to Clara Rose. He helped her up and she limped her way to the bench on the side of the hallway. 
She sat down with Eli and looked at her arm. It was sore, but not broken. 
"Are you okay? That was horrific of those girls to do that. Although, I'm not surprised. Those girls are TRASH." Eli said. 
"Don't worry. It doesn't matter. I have exciting news!" Clara Rose exclaimed. 
She took something out of her bag. She held up to small sheets of paper. 
"…what?" Eli asked. 
Clara Rose beamed and gave one to him. 
"They're tickets to my first show!" she giggled. 
Clara Rose played piano and sang covers to popular songs, and for a whole year, she was working to get a gig.  
Eli smiled and put the ticket in the bag. He hugged her for a couple seconds, and stood up. The bell rang, and Eli waved at Clara Rose, and they headed off to class. 

In history class, Mackenzie and Cathy sat on either sides of Eli. Throughout the lecture, they kept passing notes to him, getting to the point that they were jamming the notes in his desk. 
Eli didn't understand why they were flirting with him all of a sudden.
 In the middle of class, an announcement went on the PA system. 
"Clara Rose Montgomery, report to the main office."
I guess she's not eating lunch with him today, Eli thought. 
The bell rang and Eli walked quickly to his locker. 
There was no point in fake eating anymore since Clara Rose knew he was a vampire, not to mention that she wasn't even here. 
Eli sat down in front of his locker. He took out a book and started reading. 
Then something hit him. He hadn't seen Beef in a while. 
Then something else hit him. But this time, it REALLY hit him. Eli flew a few feet to the right from the punch. 
Beef stood above Eli, cracking his knuckles. 
"YO vampire boy. Ma girls said you been stealin' their notes?" Beef accused. 
Oh. My. God. Those girls accused Eli of 'taking their notes'? They FORCED them on him. Ridiculous. 
"I'll have you know, those girls of your keep 'flirting' with me for some reason," Eli said and then looked back down at his book. 
"Tell them to stop. I'm not interested."
Beef's face turned crimson. 
"YOU are the one dating ma girls behind ma back?!" he yelled. 
Eli rolled his eyes. Eli didn't say anything like that. Beef was so stupid. 
"No, Beef. I-" and then he stopped. 
Beef glowered at him. He had called him 'Beef' to his face. 
Beef wound up to punch Eli- with the hand with the class ring- and Eli dove out of the way. 
Beef's hand smashed against the lockers with a loud thud. 
At that very moment, the principal was walking down the hall. 
He stopped and grabbed Beef. 
"Chester! Ruining school property?! To my office. Now!" he ordered. 
Beef trudged off towards the office. 
The principal turned towards Eli. 
"Mr. Smith. No roughhousing. I'll let you off with a warning." he said sternly. 
Eli smiled when the principal walked away. 

When Eli got home, his parents (once again) were waiting outside on the porch. 
"We have a surprise for you! Remember the Shungter Coven that helped rescue you?" Elizabeth. excitedly announced. 
Out of the front door, stepped the entire Shungter Coven. The last one out, was Scarlet. Today she wore her long dark hair down, and a white vest over her oversized purple t-shirt. 
When their eyes met, Scarlet smiled. 
The rest of the vampires started talking with one another, and Eli walked over to Scarlet. 
"I haven't seen you in forever!" she said. 
She leaned in for a quick hug. Eli hugged her back. 
"Hey, I have to show you something." he said. 
Eli grabbed Scarlet's hand and ran into the house. 
He opened the back door and ran full vampire speed out into the night.             
After the day that Scarlet helped save Eli from the wolves, they had a special bond. 
But still, Eli couldn't figure out if he shared the same feelings that she felt for him. 
Scarlet pulled ahead of Eli and ran backwards in front of him, taunting him with her speed. 
Eli ran to a large pile of boulders, and climbed to the top. At the peak, there was a single candle. He pulled out a lighter, lit the candle, and climbed back down to Scarlet. 
"What are you doing?" Scarlet asked. 
Eli looked at her. 
"This, is the place where Ellie's body was left. It's under the boulders, like a memorial or something." he explained. 
He had worked on this for weeks when he wasn't with Clara Rose. It was worth it. He knew that one day Scarlet would visit, and he would have this for her. 
Scarlet stared in awe. Ellie had been Scarlet's best friend. Scarlet took her death very hard. For days, she stayed in her room, not moving at all. 
Scarlet turned to Eli and used her speed to quickly throw herself into his arms and kiss him. They embraced for a few minutes before Scarlet pulled away and smiled. 
"Thank you." she whispered. 
They took it slow on the way back. They walked and talked about what they've been doing these past weeks. 
Then, they heard talking. 
"Shh… I here something." Eli whispered. He silently ran to a tree and climbed to the top. 
He looked down and saw a fire. 
Three figures were sitting by the fire. Eli squinted his eyes and noticed that it was Beef, Mackenzie, and Cathy. Beside them, there was Beef's truck, and two more figures stepped out from the vehicle. T looked like two more of Beef's jock friends. 
Eli climbed down from the tree and ran back to Scarlet. 
"It's just some guys from my school. No big deal." he said. 
They continued walking. They circled around the campsite to get back to Eli's house. 
About halfway around, Eli stopped paying attention to where he was walking, and stepped on a twig. 
It made a ridiculously loud noise, and he and Scarlet just happened to be right beside where Beef was sitting. 
"Who's there?" Beef jumped up. 
"Chessie, it could have been a raccoon. Like, calm down." Mackenzie complained. 
Scarlet held back a laugh. 
This guy is an idiot, she thought.  
Beef looked over his shoulder and saw Eli in mid-step, directly behind him. 
"What th-" he cried. 
Eli peeled away and kept running, until realizing that he left Scarlet back there. 
He ran back.  
When he got back, Scarlet was standing in front of Beef, who had a terrified look on his face. 
Oh no, Eli thought. What had she done?
He ran and grabbed Scarlet's hand. 
"Scarlet," he whispered, "What did you do?" 
"Dude! She's fast. One second she was there," Beef pointed to the right.
"Then she was here!"
"Dude, don't hurt yourself. She's just… on the track team. She's supposed to be fast!" Eli lied. 
Beef glared at Eli. Then, a smile crept onto his face. 
Eli glanced at Scarlet. 
"Scarlet, run home." he said. 
Then he whispered, 
"Not top speed, just let me handle this."

Scarlet felt weird when she was not running at top speed. She slowed to a jog, which in her case, was a running speed for humans. 
She reached the house and flagged down the adults. 
"Someones got Eli! Help!" she panicked. 
The vampires ran- at top speed this time- to the campfire. The truck was gone. 
Scarlet looked around frantically. Then, she spotted something hanging from a tree. 
She got closer and realized that it was Eli. His arms were tied across his chest and he dangled upside down from the branch, as if he were Dracula.
"Hey." he said as if he were just standing there. 
Scarlet climbed up to help Eli, but he stopped her. 
"I got this." he said as he tore his arms free and untied his legs. 
When he was down, he brushed himself off.
"Who was that guy?" Scarlet asked. 
"Chester. Other known as 'Beef'. He has some bone to pick with me, and I have to pretend that he's actually doing harm. Everyday." Eli explained. 
Scarlet let out a sigh. 
"Good. I thought he was actually hurting you." she laughed. 
Eli looked away. He was relieved to see that Scarlet didn't notice that his eyes turned violet from the class ring. 

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7 Oct, 2011
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8 mins
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