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Walk of a Lifetime Chapter 2

Walk of a Lifetime Chapter 2

By June

Chapter 2
While Jason stood there asking Susan questions about what was on her arms and how she got the bruises and things, she began thinking about Liam would do if she was late. She was late once. Only about thirty minutes but he was so angry. He beat her until she couldn't move. She laid in the floor for so long that the blood began to dry on her face. Susan snapped back to reality just as Jason asked if she was okay. She simply replied, "oh yeah, I'm just listening." Jason's face instantly looked shocked. What Susan didn't know was while she was zoned out he had been asking about her scars and how she had gotten that black eye. Susan quickly said, "I'm sorry I really need to get home, Liam will be mad, I'm sorry, goodbye Jason." She ran as fast as her legs would let her go. When she reached the steps to her house Liam was waiting in the door way. No, not standing as he always was, but Liam was sitting. He raised his eyebrow and said, "I've been out here for over an hour you little whore because you took the key! NOW OPEN THE DOOR!" Susan eyes got wide and she ran up the stairs and fumbled for the key, put it in the lock and opened the door. Liam shoved her through the door because he was in a rush to go to the bathroom. She closed the door. Never in her life had she seen him so mad. She rushed to her room, which was really just the old damp basement, grabbed a long sleeve shirt, threw it on and started back up the stairs. Just as she reached the top stair she knew this could be her last time alive. The knob to the door turned before she even touched it, her heart began to race. Liam slung the door open and grabbed her arm. Just before he could push her down the stairs, someone, an angel to Susan, rang the door bell. Liam pulled her up the stairs and said. "pull your dang sleeves and straighten up till I find out who this is." Scared he would hit her she pulled them down right away. He looked like an angel when Liam opened the door. There in her doorway stood the most handsome person in the world, Jason Blane. He stuck his hand out to shake Liam's but, of course, he only stood there. Jason dropped his hand and said, "Hi sir, I'm Jason Blane a friend of Susan's from school," Susan smiled a little, "and we have a chemistry project to do," she didn't recall a project, "well I was hoping that she could come over to my house tonight and help with it." Liam looked at him for a moment and said, "if you let her stay with you tonight, I don't think it's good for her to be here tonight." Susan instantly dropped her jaw. Jason stood there in the doorway smiling and said, "I'm sure my mom wouldn't mind if you don't Susan." When she heard that she looked at Liam and he motioned her to the basement to get clothes. She ran down the fifteen steps to her room and to the black bags of clothes in the corner. She found her nicest clothes because it was a Friday, she was hoping they would hang out. Of course all long sleeves shirts. After finding clothes she realized that she had nothing to sleep in, she figured her regular clothes would be fine to sleep in. As she walked up the stairs she saw Jason and Liam talking. Liam having a normal conversation? What was going on? Susan coughed and said, "I'm ready." Jason said "alright let's go." "Before you go I need to talk to you Susan." Liam pulled her aside leaving a red mark on her arm of course Jason couldn't see it, he told her she better not say anything. "I won't, I promise, what time do you want me home?" No certain time, just remember you owe me a chore and something special when you get back." S fought back the sick feeling and shook her head. Liam, being the sick man he is, grabbed her butt and reminded her that she was his "property". She jumped and walked into the living room. Jason was standing in the doorway, turned and said, "ready to go now sweetheart?" Susan's cheeks turned a bright red and all she could do was shake her head. Liam opened the door reminded her what he said and they walked away.
As soon as they were about a mile away from her house, she said, "why did you come to my house and lie to my step-dad?" Jason didn't answer just grabbed her hand and kept walking. She looked down at their hands, and stopped dead in her tracks and looked at him. Jason pulled at her hand a little bit and said, "keep walking and I'll explain," so she began walking again. "While we were talking earlier I noticed your bruises, I got concerned so I followed you home. I saw your step-dad, Liam, push you and call you an awful name. I was worried but I didn't want to bother so I was about to leave, until I heard a noise inside the house that was really loud, so I decided to get you out." They had finally reached his front door, Jason looked at her and said, "I'll ask more questions later", he leaned down kissed her cheek and said, "how about that chemistry project?" and laughed.

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5 Feb, 2014
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