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Walk of a Lifetime

Walk of a Lifetime

By June

Chapter one
It's just another Friday; at least that's what everyone at this simple small town high school thought. What they don't know and probably will know is that the young girl they make fun of and pick on and throw things at will go home and be starved, beaten and raped over and over again by her step-dad Liam. These awful things have been happening to Susan for almost 2 years with no one knowing about it. She hides everything with long sleeves and a fake smile at school. She tries to stay away from home as much as possible. She'll make up and excuse to go to the library just to get away from Liam. She is so scared of him. Every night young Susan goes to bed with the fear of him creeping into her room raping and beating her for no reason. She is so scared that one day she will piss him off bad enough that he is going to kill her. School is the worst. She sits alone, has no friends, and gets made fun of almost every day. She's been pushed into lockers and shoved down stairs by the kids in her school. Her whole body is covered in scars and she doesn't know how to hide them anymore. People are beginning to notice. Starting to ask questions. When she goes to visit her real parents they ask questions. Always trying to find a way to get her out of that house, but with their drug habits I'm surprised she is even allowed to visit. Susan's mother was addicted to meth, father to the moon. How did she turn out like this. Her long brown hair flowing down her back, flawless skin except all the scars, and deep brown eyes that tell a story longer than any other. I admit Susan doesn't have the best life or family, but even though she's been through all of this she still smiles because she finally has someone to live for.
Jason Blane came into Susan's life a mere year ago. He had moved to her small town from Michigan. It was love at first sight when she met him. The way he smiled, the way he walked, talked, carried himself, just everything
about him drove her crazy. At first they were only friends, she didn't thing they could be more, thought he was way out of her league, but for some reason she never spoke up and told him how she felt until her Sophomore year of high school. God was she scared, her hands were shaking, heart was going what felt like a hundred miles an hour, and boy oh boy was her face red. She sat there on the bus so quiet then finally just said it. He smiled that amazing smile and just said "I thought so." Then he just simply walked off. Was that it, he didn't have anything else to say but that he thought so. Susan walked home alone as usual the next day not wanting to face him on the bus. But I guess he had the same idea because while she was walking home she bumped into him. The look on his face when he saw her, she will never forget it. He smiled so big and said I was hoping you were walking home, I looked for you on the bus ad you weren't on so I decided to go look for you. Susan looked down embarrassed because she had worn a jacket all day but took it off forgetting she had a short sleeve on. She quickly covered her arms trying to hide the scars, bruises and blood. Jason looked away fast hoping she didn't notice him staring at her bruises. The longer they stood there the more awkward Susan got, she was hoping that he wouldn't ask her any questions, but yet again she couldn't escape them.

Author Notes: First attempt at a story. Hope you enjoy. More coming soon.

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2 Feb, 2014
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3 mins
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