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War Never Ends
War Never Ends

War Never Ends


A soldier walks the streets of an enemy he had conquered. He looked at disgust at all the rubble and ruin. He was taught all his life that they deserved this. But something in his heart caused him to think. Man is the deadliest weapon that was ever created. A man looks down the sights of his weapon that inflicts the merciless call of death. As he continued walking down the streets he saw a girl shivering and cold. Who are you he asked as she returned the glare. I am the victim of this perilous hell. I am the reaper of so many souls. I am the thing that causes death and growth. I am the tear that falls down your cheek. I am your victory I am your defeat. The greatest of villains Answer my call. The follow me all the day long. With heartbreak and pain. The list can go on. You see sir it is me that will take you when your breath is gone. For I am one with a gruff voice. I am your nightmares. But I like being called death by choice.

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17 Dec, 2019
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