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War of the Ages

War of the Ages

By Savage3footer - 1 Review

There are 3 different realms, Egyptians and more evolved beings which were the military. There's also another evolution stage called futuristic. That's where I come in I am part from both. My mom was Egyptian and my dad was military. When I was born it was a secret and eventually, My parents sent me to futuristic. After a few years of living with futuristic, my parents got busted. What happens if you get caught in another realm is you have to die. How they were caught is every month a group of 30 people from each realm is sent to a different. Once they get there they split into 2 groups and search the realm for things from their realm or people from their realm. If they find one of those the one who owns it or is it is sentenced to death. My dad has a secret cellar where he goes every month when they come to search. The only people who know about it if me, my mom, and my dad of course. He did not get to his cellar in time so he got killed and so did my mom for knowing and not telling. So I have lived in the futuristic realm for 3 years now.

My name if Jared Reese and this is my story begins. I have now joined the army of the futuristic and it is very cool they give you these mechanical robots that you have for being in the army and they are so cool looking. Mine is black with some blue flames and it is one of the coolest things you get. You also get a gun called the rail gut which shoots energy pulses when the trigger is pulled. You get these cool drones that follow you around and create a shield for defense when needed. Basically, everything you get is super amazing. In my opinion, if we ever get in a war with the other realms we will win for sure.

I am now on my way home from the training, and out of nowhere, there is this portal from the military world. I always carry my energy pistol with me because if I need to I will use it for self-defense. I ran as fast as I could behind a building and put some energy cells in my pistol just in case, and sent my drone off to warn the guard. As I watched the military people swarm out of the portal the Egyptian people started coming through as well. They all pulled out some kind of a weapon. I came around from the corner and yelled"what are you doing here" They all aimed their weapons at me. Before they could say anything the guards arrived in the armor. Before anyone did anything they all started shooting. Body after body fell to the ground mostly Egyptians. After a while, we started to push back to the castle because they have rocket launchers and our shields can't hold forever.

Once we were there we sent a message to evacuate to the castle. I'm on the bridge trying to shoot as many militaries as I can, but when doing so I'm watching so many innocent people get shot down it was very sad. Eventually, I run out of energy cells so I head back down to the base and grab two energy swords and start running. As I was running I throw out my drone and I see people running with me and then that's when it happened I was shot into the air from a rocket blast. Then threw to the ground, and very injured from the impact of hitting the ground. That's when I blacked out.

Author Notes: Liked this story? I'm in the process of making the second one so stay tuned.

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28 Aug, 2018
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3 mins
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