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By Sumeet1995

I didnt know what they wanted form me. How much pain they were causing them. I mean did it matter after so long. Does it matter that they even exist. No it didnt. It never will matter. I didnt think they were in there right heads anymore. I mean i waasnt one of them. They no longer held me down. I didnt care who the hell they were or who the hell they thought they were but to me they would laways reamin the same, nothing. I didnt want to feel that way but, what can i say i guess htey just didnt understand. I am not some piece of spoiled food that you cna just eat even though you know you shouldnt. I didnt wan them here. I didnt wan them in my life. It didnt matter to me where they went but, they should never be here, where they are not wanted. But or past always ctches up to our future. It never stays in the shadows it will one day reveal its self and i know for a fact that that da is no longer to far. I have to do soemthing now before everything i had is gone. Before what i made has disappeared. Before i no longer exist. I have to fight not for my self but, for them.

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8 Jun, 2011
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1 min
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