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Was It Me? Pt. 2
Was It Me? Pt. 2

Was It Me? Pt. 2

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I had been in that bathroom for my next class, and the one after that. Then the bell rang and it was time for lunch, my stomach growled in the emptiness. I threw my hood over my head, zipped it up, stuffed my hands in my pockets, and sneaked out with my head gazing at my feet, walking slowly across the pavement. I still heard kids snickering and felt them gawking at me, their words pierce throught my heart as walked by. As I waited in line I heard a familier voice... it was my brother that had left us because he couldn't take our parents fighting.

He called me over as I spiraled to look at him. I walked over and he told me he was going to be living with me and Mother. He explained that he'd heard what had happened, I stood there for a couple seconds before hugging him till he hugged me back. He told me that we were going to go back home right then and there, I was overwhelmed with happiness. I leaped right into his car and we drove for while before he asked me if I was doing ok with everything that was going on.

I answered saying that someone had told the entire school about it and kids were bullying me, but other than that I was fine. Which was a lie. Once we got home I stared at our house, how nice and innocent it looks on the out-side, but how chaotic it really was on the in-side. I had already imagined the look Mother would have on her face when she noticed that Brother was there with me...

Author Notes: Hi, school is ending and I needed to turn off my computer soooo... Part three coming soon?

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13 Mar, 2020
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