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Was It Me? Pt. 3
Was It Me? Pt. 3

Was It Me? Pt. 3


Once we started walking inside I felt a wave of fear and anguish wash over me, I heard Mother yell and to not bother her. Then, Brother yelled and said you shouldn't treat your own daughter like that, I froze when I heard Mother get up and start thumping over and down the hallway. When she saw Brother, she just stood there and had a look of pure anger on her face. I scooted over behind Brother because I felt that Mother was going to start yelling out her lungs at me, and sure enough, she started to yell horrible things at me like, how dare I bring him here and why did I bring him into the mess that I caused. I felt tears start to bolt down my cheeks, hot and then cold. I ran past her to my room, she was going to chase after me, but I think I heard her fall, I think Brother pulled her back because I heard more yelling, I cried myself to sleep, again. Well another day another fight, am I right?...

Author Notes: Hey sorry schools ending again, I will make more tommorow!

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17 Mar, 2020
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