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Was It Me? Pt. 4
Was It Me? Pt. 4

Was It Me? Pt. 4


So that night I sat in my bed just laying there and falling asleep slowly but surely. Until I eventually heard all the yelling and arguing cease. Everything went black and I realized I fell asleep because I woke up the next day to Brother laying in bed next to me and the same grayish mist that was always outside my window in he morning. I shook Brother awake and asked him if I was going to go to school after what happened yesterday, he said no. He told me that once me and him got ready, he would make some pancakes with milk.

So he went to Father's room to go change into some cloths and I got dressed as well. Today I dressed a bit quicker than usual. Mostly because I was happy that I finally got to have a some sort of peaceful morning. Brother told me that Mother went out to-what she said- "Clear Her Mind", I was a bit relieved when he said that becuase I knew I would have a decent breakfest for once. Then a couple minutes later I heard a knock at the door, I was terrified it would be Mother...but it wasn't.

It was my friend, it was Maggie. I asked what she was doing there so early and she said that she was worried because she didn't see me in the breakfest line. I asked if her Mom would get mad, but she said no because she told her Mom she was coming. I told her to have a seat and asked Brother to make some extra pancakes. He seemed happy when I asked him, I was guessing he was happy that I had a, nice, awesome, caring friend.

I was also very happy to have a friend like her, we talked for a while. but when Brother put the stack of almost a million pancakes on the table we all put at least three on our plates. Soon enough all the Pancakes were gone, just like that. We talked about random stuff and made some jokes about, again, random stuff, but then. Another knoack at the door, this time I knew it would be Mother.

Author Notes: Well it's break for me, no more school for at least 2 weeks, YAY! Also, more time to read my stories seiries, sadly no likes or comments on them, well, oh well. But I hope you all have an amazing break, despite the little virus. 😋^_^

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19 Mar, 2020
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