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Was It Me? Pt. 5
Was It Me? Pt. 5

Was It Me? Pt. 5

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I was terrified at the thought of Mother coming in and seeing this. I was mostly scared because, 1 she never EVER let me have friends over, 2 she had been very mad the other day when she had seen Brother, and 3 she wouldn't like it one bit if they were all together. My friend had the same amount of fear in her eyes as me. I told her that on the count of three, we were gunna run to my room. I slowly counted as Brother went to the door, one, Brother was cleaning his hands on his apron, two, he started to walk to the door, three, he answered the door and me and my friend ran to my room. I heard Mother yelling asking why he was still there, I don't think she saw us.
I told her to get my computer and earbuds which were on the side of the bed where she was. She handed it to me and I opened it and typed in some music I liked to listen to. I put in one earbud and told her to put in the other one. we laid down and just listened to the music, she asked if this was what it was like everyday, I felt my eyes starting to burn with tears. I answered with mostly everyday, and asked if she wanted to out to the back and sit on the bench outside. She answered yes and I grabbed the computer and walked out alongside her.
We sat on the bench and stared out at the neverending forest infront of us. I asked her if she ever wanted to go into it and explore sometime, she said sure with a bright smile on her face. We started talking about weird stuff like we'd always done and made jokes about random stuff. We started sharing music we'd listened to over the years, and what we liked about them. Soon it started getting dark and I asked her if she needed a ride home, she said she might need one and laughed a little. I went and asked Brother and he said sure. As we said bye to her I felt dread wash over me, and I didn't know why.

Author Notes: I was lazy today =-=

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7 Apr, 2020
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