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Was This the Way to Happiness?
Was This the Way to Happiness?

Was This the Way to Happiness?


It left with innocence
Initially we were all happy
Ever since birth we'd find joy in it all
Well until we found out too much

Yeah everyone says knowledge is power
people also say power comes with a price
Guess trading oblivious joy for smarts is fair
Its not unreasonable to make that trade

Then we end up on a futile search for happiness
In the bottom of bottles
In drugs and sex
In status and cash
Any sort of material we could possibly get our hands on
Any sort of fancy moniker we could garner that sets us apart
And it doesn't work
It doesn't make us happy
It doesn't give us what we want
Just reminds us of what we lost as the cycle restarts endlessly

Did children have the things adults find 'happiness' in?
When have you seen happy children doing drugs?
When did being the best ever matter to them?
They were happiest with their friends
When they looked at the world and saw possibilities in everything
They found happiness in what they had, not what they didn't

Everyone says the older people are role models
That they set an example for everyone else to follow
They do this or that and it must be cool
Or having these things makes you happy
Interestingly enough we never think that perhaps we're wrong
That we have this whole thing backwards and should be looking at our youth

I don't know about you but I'm getting sick of jamming a square peg in a round hole
Freaking toddlers got it figured out so what am I doing wrong?
We ought to just sit back and reevaluate what matters
Why are we walking these roads?
Was it because we wanted to?
Or was it because we gave up on our desires?

Now innocence will eventually be lost
Its a given just as we're born and will die
There's no escaping the truth
Even so we can still find happiness
It won't come from material things
You won't find it in prestigious achievements
No amount of popularity will ever give you this
But the simple things will.

Take a look at the children around you
They found happiness in each other and their passions
Their actions are our greatest guidelines on this quest
Will you listen to them?
Or will you ignore them saying that they're just kids, what do they know?

Your call

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About The Author
About This Story
31 May, 2019
Read Time
2 mins
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