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Watching From Afar part.1
Watching From Afar part.1

Watching From Afar part.1

BookNerd123Black Sheep
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(Draco's pov.)

I watch as he walks into the classroom, late as always. His hair a mess, deep emerald green eyes. He looks down at his hands knitted together in his lap. I jolt awake at the whisper of my name.I turn to look at Pansy, my best friend.

"What?" I asked annoyed. She grins, totally unfazed,"you were staring. Again." She exaggerates on the last word dragging it out. I feel my pale skin turn a feiry red, she laughs. Blaise shoots me a smirk, Blaise is also my friend.

________________________________ Great _______Hall______________________________________

"If you do not stop he will notice," Blaise says. Staring over at Ronald Weasley."Join the club." His face goes pink and I gleam with satisfaction.

Pansy shoves my shoulder,"he is looking at you." I smile, "really?" "No," she says busting into a fit of snorting giggles. I poke her in the side, making her laugh even harder.

Author Notes: Tell me what you think, this is the first time I have ever posted fanfiction

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28 Aug, 2020
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