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Watching From Afar the Final Destination
Watching From Afar the Final Destination

Watching From Afar the Final Destination


(Harry's pov)

Draco leans against the windowseal of the R.O.R; head resting against the window pane, arms lis, and eyes closed. I feel queasy like my insides are moving all around and will not stop.

"I have wanted to talk to you for awhile now but I was nervous. The thought of telling you these making me squirm with unease but I quess it is time for you to know. I like you and I have liked you for awhile. I understand if you do not return my feeling and want you to know that will be okay." His voice sounds strong but his hands are clasped. His eyes shut so tight the probably hurt.

"I-I like you too," When I first began to push the words out I could not breath but know I feel as if I hold the world in the palms of my hands.

His head snaps up; hands unclench, eyes open brimming with tears, and a huge smile playing out over his mouth.



Author Notes: I know this was short but I hope it was still a nice piece of work.

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1 Sep, 2020
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