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Waves of War
Waves of War

Waves of War

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Raging waves crashed against our ship that day as we ran to dive from the bombs’ horrific destruction. All we could do was try to stay alive and fight back. Pressing forwards we helplessly tried to shoot the men's alarming planes and sink them before they sunk us.

So many shots were fired at the planes but most missed and fell into the oceans blue quickly intensifying waves. Men were flung overboard in the process of dodging bullets and bombs. I almost fell into the waves myself in the process of saving one of my best friends who suffered the blow of a bullet to his left arm. An immediate emotion of fear came over me as I struggled to swing the soldier's good shoulder over my arm and quickly take cover. Shards of wood were thrown in front of my face. As the soldier wrapped around my neck became weaker. The weight increased and it gradually became harder to move quickly across the ships open field. Tons of men beside him fell to the ground in agony as others ran for cover to get a better angle to shoot the oncoming planes.

When we finally reached cover I positioned my friend up against the solid metal wall as I quickly started to wrap his butchered arm. Tears ran down his face as he screamed out in agony to the touch of my hands tightening around his wounded arm. My ears rang to the sound of yet another bomb hitting the ship once more. The ship shook and continued to slowly descend down into the roaring blue seas.

A fog filled my mind as I turned to the sound of running footsteps coming towards me. Then I came face to face to the very familiar Nazi uniforms. There standing in front of me was a young soldier lifting his gun to shoot me, I reached for my gun but I was too late. The whizzing bullet pierced my soft skin as it plunged itself into my heart.


John sprang to an upright position while beads of sweat ran down his pounding head. With disoriented movements john threw the covers off the bed and stumbled to his feet, reaching out to grab the wall and attempt to steady his trembling body. Looking around the room he saw a bloodstained patch lay over his bare chest. Using his good arm to run his fingers over the bandage he could feel the stitches under the thick sturdy cloth. John flinched when he heard quiet light footsteps coming towards the room. His eyes grew with fear as he saw the door creak slowly open. Glancing in every direction while Bawling his hand into a fist he was prepared for anything to come through that door. When the door swung all the way open a beautiful lady entered the room and immediately rushed to his side telling him to sit down.

With a wave of rolling emotions, he remembered that just last week he was sent back home from the war due to severe injuries. He then realized that this beautiful woman was his wife.

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About This Story
10 Apr, 2019
Read Time
2 mins
5.0 (1 review)

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