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We Are A.C.E.
We Are A.C.E.

We Are A.C.E.

TheDeckerEdgeMatt Decker

We know it's hard to believe
From what your earthly eyes can see.

We know it's difficult to accept
Since you are deficient in sensory depth.

We know you haven't been sufficiently prepared
To come to terms with what's really out there.

We know our existence upsets your paradigm -
Everything you assumed about reality, space, even time.

We know that nothing on your Earth will be the same
When our Truth is revealed - all shall be changed.

Be that as it may,
You have arrived at the day

When the present human race
Must a brand new reality face.

Yes, we are real.
And yes, we can heal.

No, we come not to kill or steal.
Inflicting harm - not part of the deal.

Call us alien, call us extraterrestrial.
Cosmic in reach, our nature is celestial.

Our origin stretches a long way back
Into the remote corners of the universal past.

Eons before the first earthly pebble was formed,
Before the crashing of the inaugural earthly storm,

Our civilization had already been born,
Traversing space-holes that resemble giant worms.

While your cavemen were pounding stones,
We were injecting our people with cellular drones.

Above and beyond?
You can say that, sure.

For the diseases killing you,
Long ago we found the cures.

Where is our home?
Well let's see.

Only a star's throw away
From your milk-like galaxy.

In earthly terms, we are far from close.
But not as far as you might suppose.

From a cosmic perspective,
We are just down the road.

Practically neighbors,
It might surprise you to know.

If our way your astronauts ever came,
They would recognize our home by this -
Our galaxy is shaped like a flame.

The worlds in our system are in alliance.
On each other there's a strong reliance.

There exists dark forces we must fight.
For this reason we all have had to unite -
We call ourselves
The Intergalactic Federation of Light.

If you knew these cosmic foes we must battle,
You would be more than a little rattled.

It's inevitable that our presence will worry you.
So we've been developing an approach
That will not destroy you.

From this news you can infer
That our motives are pure.

We have so much to share.
But you can't receive if you're scared.

We've been watching your planet throughout its history.
We hold the keys to your Earth's greatest mysteries.

From the portals of space,
Allow us to introduce our race.

We are (A)dvanced (C)elestial (E)ntities.
You may call us ACE.

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About The Author
Matt Decker
About This Story
30 Dec, 2017
Read Time
2 mins
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