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We Are Americans
We Are Americans

We Are Americans

MistyJJPAmber Jones

This is a poem,

a poem for the few,

the few that never really knew.

The price that was paid,

of those that came to our aid,

The cry of those that prayed,

For the souls of those that strayed.

Today is a day to never be forgotten,

Our innocence betrayed,

We came together in honor of that which was paid.

We came together in union and loyalty,

Flag-waving and public spirited,

We rose our voices and linked arms,

In allegiance we cried,

"We are Americans!"

In a sense of duty we searched the ruble,

Obligation to those whose voices were smothered,

By smoke,

By debree,

By the outspoken and outrageous act of it all.

As we turned our faces to the sky,

We cried in a sea of unwavering voices,

"We are Americans!

This day shall not be forggoten!

Not by the red, white, or blue

that adorns our walls,

Shall we ever forget this day.

May the heroes be remembered,

May we always honor them,

Raising our voices in respect and in memory,

May our voices be heared,

For we are Americans!"

Not even the wave of grief and sorrow that washed over us that day will ever stop us,

We withstand every bullet,

Every shot,

Every attack.

We are brave,

We are true,

We are strong.

We are Americans.

Author Notes: This is in honor of 9/11...May we always honor and remember this day.

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About The Author
Amber Jones
About This Story
11 Sep, 2019
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1 min
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