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We Are but Dust and Stars
We Are but Dust and Stars

We Are but Dust and Stars


Once upon a time, there was a star named Aris. Aris watched the world and watched the many other things in the deep universe. The comets, the meteors, the other planets, the other stars. You see stars can seem close together when on earth, but they are very far away. It’s hard for them to reach each other, but their light travels very far, so they share each other’s light for comfort.

There was this one star, which Aris adored more than anything. Their name was Valdis.

One day, while earth was spinning by, another sight approached. They saw Valdis streaking towards the earth.Valdis had become a falling star and had decided to leave earth. Aris wondered about Valdis for a long time.

Stars weren’t meant to move, it’s their job to light the universe up for the others. Aris was jealous of the other parts of the universe. The other parts could create, and travel, and discover. They were free to see things beyond the lights of stars. If a star falls, it becomes disowned. Lost forever to the ground. Never to see the sky again.

But Aris never found much purpose in being a star. Aris wanted to join them. Aris had to decide soon, otherwise earth would be out of the way, and they would have to wait a year if they wanted to join Valdis.

Aris decided to leave.

The comets, the meteors, the other planets, the other stars. Well, Aris was sure that they were visible from earth.

It took all of Aris’ might to move. As soon as Aris started to move out of place, it became hard to stop. The burn of the fall was forceful and is stung.

Aris fell. And fell. And fell.

And finally came to earth.

It was fresh. And the feeling of freedom and new life filled the air. Valdis found Aris amidst the earth.

“What have you done? Why have you followed me?” said Valdis.

“I did not feel I had a rightful place among the stars. And I was hoping to find a place within your heart”

Valdis had too been gazing on Aris in the time when they were both living amongst the stars. They had both lost their light when they fell. But they had their place within the new world. They could share the earth and enjoy the light surrounding them, instead of supplying it to the world who never gave anything back to them.

As time passed, day turned to night. Aris and Valdis hoped to see the other stars. But there weren’t any.

All the stars had started to come to earth. They saw Valdis and Aris being free, and they wanted their freedom. One by one stars arrived on earth. After one year of the earth travelling, collecting all the stars near it, the universe was very dark.

The Sun was the last remaining star. But the Sun grew lonely.

Sadness that everyone had left, dimmed it’s light, so it could no longer reach earth, and reach the fallen stars which they used to share comfort with. There was no light on earth.

They could not see the comets, the meteors, the other planets, each other.

Aris could no longer see Valdis. But they did not spend eternity like this. The universe had wanted to punish the fallen stars for their foolishness. But it was clear the stars had learned from the dark.

So, they took the star dust of every fallen star, and blended it into the earth and into the sun.

Each star had a form, a body. They became…humans. And the Sun shone so bright it’s light reached out into space further than ever. Because the Sun had a piece of all the stars with them, and the Sun did not feel so alone anymore.

The new humans realised they would not live forever. But they did not care. For they could see each other again.They could see the universe. And they felt freedom in the shape of love.

They may not have each other for long, but they had got what they always wanted. To be close with each other.

Aris and Valdis perished after many years. The first two humans to leave the earth. And the first two humans to re-join each other once again, as stars.

One by one, they filled the sky, after living the gift of life.

One by one, humans today fill the sky, shedding light on the universe, after living the gift of life.

Author Notes: I was having huge writers block and I needed to just write a story that didn't have complex senteces or a complex plot line. I basically started this from thin air and I think (I hope) it turned out okay. It's my first story on here so :)

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10 Aug, 2020
Read Time
3 mins
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