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We Have Hope

We Have Hope

By Strangertoearth

The world is blind to the insecurities of even itself, looking right past others just to find a reflexion to see yourself once more as if it would't be there the next day. We walk past strangers with the saddest eyes because we are confused as to what to say, but if it were you with the sad eyes you'd hope someone would stop and give you the time of day.

The problem goes round and round like record player on a loop. We wake up, we choose or don't choose how we feel that day, we go through the day with tunnel vision. Everyone's problem is bigger than someone elses'...

Then just once you see her or him helping, talking, sharing, being the one that gives them the time of day. It was around the corner in the spot that no one can really see, it was the one that spoke the least, it was the one that everyone teased, or maybe the bully turned bully no more, see it doesn't matter who, maybe it could even be you.

We have hope.

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17 Nov, 2019
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