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We lost them on 9/11

We lost them on 9/11

By lillith123

I'm a little girl 5 years old, Going to work with my mommy. We turn the news on when we get into town. When we hear the news reporter say a plane hit the twin towers we turn around and drive to my dad.

I'm a 16 year old boy, my parents are divorced and my dad works out of town.I'm playin ball with my little bro when my mom tells us to get in the truck. We drive and drive until we reach my dad's work and we see the destruction. I just looked out the window with no words just wordiness in my eyes.

I'm a single mother with twins who lives with her sister. My children love her so. We are listening to the radio and they tell us a plane has hit. I pick them up and leave, we drive until we reach the site.

It doesn't matter who you are, everyone knows or has heard about the 9/11 accident in 2001 R.I.P. for all those who were loved and had their lives taken away in a very crude way we love you all and will never forget this tragett day <3

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11 Sep, 2011
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